Avian Flu 4

I have been thinking about this quite a bit, as I am sure you have noticed by now, and I just realized a very probable means by which the Avian Flu will break into our society on a massive scale. Think about it, where do the dopers grow all of the crops for making their drugs? Answer: in the sticks, you know, where all those wild infected birds will soon be passing through and/or living.

Using common sense and assuming (dangerous but conservative assumption) that the birds won't in any way infect the drug plants, the dope growers will undoubtedly become infected by being around all those infected birds on a regular basis. Do you think they will stop harvesting and packaging their drugs just because they become a little ill in the early stages of the disease? Of course not. They will keep packaging the drugs and contaminating them and the packages they are in so that the criminals who cut and sell the drugs here in the US or anywhere else will become infected. Do you think those criminals will quit cutting, packaging, and selling their drugs just because they get a little sick especially since they and others will tend to think their symptoms are drug caused? Of course not. This means that a very probable introduction of the disease into our cities will be through drugs.

Think about it. The drugs are smuggled into the country or grown in this country so that they don't go through any of the control systems set up by the government, the growers will almost certainly be infected when they spend so much time in the sticks with the sick birds, and the disease will be quickly transmitted to the dopers on a hand to mouth basis. Then the dopers will very quickly spread it around the places where they are in regular contact with large groups such as at parties, raves, night clubs, schools, and work. Did you know that most parents send sick kids to school on a regular basis? Add to this that a lot of dopers regularly have flu like symptoms and you could have an outbreak within just one or two weeks with from thousands to millions exposed by just one dope grower anywhere in the world.

This means that it is very likely that the disease will be introduced into our society by the dopers and it will be introduced directly into the liberal community. With their regular dope use and high level of sexually transmitted diseases, it is very likely that their community will have a much higher mortality rate approaching 100% but they will first infect the rest of us causing many of us to also die. After this happens just once, it probably won't be too popular to be a doper and possibly even just a liberal in this country. From what I have seen so far, I think you could almost bet this will happen quite a few times with different drugs from all over the world.

Question and food for thought: Is God using this disease to cull out a lot of liberal God haters in order to straighten out our countries and get us to move more back towards Him? Probably. Hmmmm, interesting; suddenly things seem to be coming together. And some people don't think God holds us accountable for our actions? Yeah, right.

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