Avian Flu 5

I continue to marvel over all the media attention to the check points the government is setting up to prevent the Avian Flu from getting into the US by humans when it is traveling around the world by birds so easily. I know it is mostly PR to keep people from panicking which shows that they are probably panicking behind closed doors. But, if you understand the nature of the virus and how it is being transmitted around the world, then you realize that humans bringing the disease into this country is a concern but should be a much lesser concern than it is being portrayed as.

First, you have to understand that viruses are not classified as actual living organisms because they don't perform any of the normal life functions outside of the host organism. They are 100% dependent on the host organism for all the molecular functions required for reproduction and perpetuation of the species. Outside of the host organism, they go dormant and can lie in the dormant state for thousands of years before a host picks them up. This means that they don't need any molecular fuel or food to sustain life functions and can survive for so long in a dormant state. Think of they as microscopic little smart mines that lie around waiting to be activated by making contact with the right molecular structure on a cell membrane.

Even then, they mostly just float into and through your system like lifeless dust until they make contact with cells which have the right molecular membrane structure to cause the virus to attach itself to the cell and inject the DNA or RNA strand into the host cell reprogramming the cell to begin producing large numbers of the virus. This is why viruses will only attack certain types of organisms. For example, most viruses from dog diseases don't effect humans and vise versa because the molecular structure on our cell membranes are so different that their viruses won't attach to our cell membranes and vise versa. But the cell membranes for the lung cells of humans and birds are close enough that their flu viruses will attach to our cell membranes and invade our cells. Like I said, they are nasty little parasitic critters.

Understanding this, it is easier to understand the many ways you can become infected by this organism directly from the birds. Just being in any area frequented by birds puts you at risk of infection. This would include such places as the sticks; beaches, marinas, and boats where huge numbers of birds like seagulls frequent; parks and inner city areas with a lot of birds; outside bird aviaries; bird sanctuaries; farms with birds; neighborhoods with bird feeders and baths; and any other areas with regular visits by wild birds and humans.

That is why it is so likely that the virus will be introduced into our society on numerous occasions by drugs. There are literally hundreds of thousands of drug farmers in this world and at least thousands will get sick. These thousands of sick drug farmers will infect the thousands of drug smugglers who will infect the tens of thousands of drug dealers who will infect tens of millions of drug users. It is inevitable that this will happen.

Now, with all this in mind, what government control system? It is like trying to dam a raging river with a single brick. The water is going to get through and we are going to get wet. I hope you can swim. Think about it. Get right with God, spend time with your family and friends because we don't know who will still be around after this one, and kiss your butt goodbye while you still can. It is going to happen unless the being Yahweh stops it. He is the only one who can stop this pandemic.

There is an irony here in that the God haters and those who otherwise find God's Law repulsive so that they don't want to give up their sins or crimes against His Laws so they keep making up stories about God not punishing us even though God tells us He clearly does and even provided details on the system He uses. They will either give up their crimes against God's Laws voluntarily by turning back to God and live or they will give up their crimes against His Laws by dying. You can't commit adultery or other crimes in the grave. Your choice; choose wisely and soon. The wrath of God is coming on the wings of the wind.

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