Avian Flu 6

I have been considering the methods the liberal God haters are employing to try and stop the Avian Flu and it boarders on hilarious or insane pending your perspective. They are lying to us to prevent us from panicking and they are already panicking big time.

Consider the European leaders who have been looking down their noses at the conservative Americans because the Euro's consider us stupid for not following their superior ideas on ecology and conservation. They consider themselves to be the great ecological leaders of the world and that they know what is best for the rest of the world.

And their answer for controlling the Avian Flu? Wipe out all the birds in the infected areas!!! Yeah, that is ecologically sound. Just kill off all the birds in the world!!! The European motto is "if it flies, it dies!"

Think about how many insects birds eat every day, how many birds live in Europe, and what Europe will look like two to three years from now when Europe gets over run by insects. Those ecological geniuses wouldn't know ecology if it bit them in the butt. How can they know what is best for the rest of us when they don't even know what is best for themselves? You think our leaders have not already panicked? Think again. They are terrified senseless.

Come on all you hunters; get your 410 shotguns and let's go to Europe for the biggest bird hunt in the history of the world. Let's cover the entire continent knee deep in shotgun BB's! :-) Then we can go back and sell the fools a few billion tons of Raid in about two to three years to kill off all the insects. Then who knows what they will decide to kill off in three to five years but we can help the clowns wipe out all life on their continent. They would be better off to just wipe out all human life in Europe and save themselves the trouble and expense. This Avian Flu thing is turning into a huge circus with the God haters looking really brilliant.

I would like to make some suggestions for consideration for this pandemic. First, the leaders are going to have to decide right now on whether to give the troops responsible for the quarantines the order to shoot to kill for anyone who puts everyone else's lives at risk by trying to break quarantine. I believe they should and will, especially as scared as they are.

When the medical systems become overwhelmed, they need to decide in advance who will get priorities for treatment. In other words, they will have to decide who will get treatment when they can't treat everyone and have to use triage to start deciding who has the best chance for survival and those people get first treatment. For example, the people I have shown who will have a considerably decreased potential for survival because of health based in part on their prior behavior, should be relegated to a lower level.

They also need to start stockpiling on medical supplies for the treatment of this bug such as IV's because a lot of the workers who are currently producing these products will become incapacitated and the production will drop off creating a shortage in the critical supplies.

Also, the people who survive the nasty little critter will have blood rich in antibodies and their blood will be like gold. If you take an ill patient like a baby who has diminished chances for survival, remove a small about of their blood and replace it with the blood from a prior survivor, it should increase their chances for survival because it will be like giving their immune system a boost. In taking out some of the baby's blood, you will also be taking out some of the virus decreasing the total number of viral organisms the antibodies will have to destroy and you will be increasing the total number of antibodies to kill the remaining viruses. It may be just enough to help the baby survive and we must try to save as many babies as we can even though they are a high risk because we will need a future generation.

Along the same lines, if we can develop a machine similar to a kidney dialysis machine which will filter out even just most of the viruses in a persons blood and not also take out the antibodies, then we can run a person's blood through the machine and back to their body to decrease the number of viruses in their body while keeping the antibody count as high as possible. You might even be able to inject antibodies from someone else's blood into the returning blood for an additional boost to the immune system.

We may not have time to develop these things now but may be able to use them to help people in a year or two. It should save at least some lives.

Right now, we need to think and not panic and over react or we can make things much worse.

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