Babylon 3

I am going to do the math on why Babylon will be rebuilt to be the political, economic, and religious capitol of the world and why Neom won't be built to be the political, economic, and religious capitol of the world.

To understand what is really going on, you have to study a number of things including the truth about recent history and ancient history in relation to some red flags in the last few decades.

A few years ago, the British Royal Family bragged about being able to trace their family history all of the way back to King Nebuchadnezzar, which can sound just a wee bit farfetched until you study a few different things, then you realize it was no hollow brag but a great big red flag that most people didn't seem to understand.

What you have to do is 1) study relatively recent royal history, 2) study ancient royal history, and 3) connect the dots between here and there.

If you study relatively recent royal history, you learn that all of the European "royal families" are just one great big, power mad, greedy, corrupt inbred family and not a number of different families the way they make it look. Just in Europe this has been going on for more than a thousand years with King A marrying King B's daughter, King B marrying King C's daughter, and so forth for more than 1,000 years, making them all one big happy inbred family. For example, during WWI, the Keiser of Germany was first cousins with the Queen of England and the Czar of Russia was also family with all of the European royalty. Also, Markel, who is about to marry the English prince, is a descendent of an English King so the two betrothed are already family and they will be just inbreeding some more. This soon coming "great royal wedding" is like you marrying your second or third cousin...literally.

But, hey, this has been going on since at least the time of King Solomon and probably before because the Bible makes it very clear that King Solomon marrying an Egyptian princes and becoming part of the international pagan royal family was not that unusual.

I am going to get you to think through this process going at least back to King Nebuchadnezzar so you will better understand what is really going on.

How do you think old Nebby maintained control of a nation, after he conquered it? Do you think he just laid the city waste and walked away with that city usually just recovering and remaining loyal to Nebby, knowing that it would take old Nebby at least months and sometime years to march his army back to conquer that city or nation again, after it rebelled, you know, like he did to Jerusalem?

No, that would be foolish and inefficient. Conquering kings handled this problem in several ways and to understand this, you have to understand that, back then, ALL kings had more than one wife with many children and a very large extended family with lots of brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, in-laws, and others. There would have been hundreds and probably a few thousand of members of King Nebby's family running his government, being leaders in his military, teaching in their schools to train up the royal family children (it wasn't peasants educating those royal brats), the major businesses, and holding positions of high priests within their main religions before he ever went to conquer his first city.

So, when old Nebby conquered a city, he would either leave a local as a puppet ruler, you know, a vassal king or queen, appoint one or more family members to the highest offices in their government, military, and religions, and, sometimes, make them marry a daughter, or just appoint family as the vassal king, who would all send regular reports back to Nebby concerning what that vassal ruler was doing and not doing. The royal family were the puppet masters spread out all through his kingdom who ran all of the governments, churches, businesses, and schools Nebby conquered for the family. Ancient conquest was a family enterprise.

Even with nations and rulers he did not conquer, Nebby would swap daughters to make those rulers family and for the daughters to report back to daddy about what was going on in that kingdom AND other members of Nebby's family would move or migrate to those areas and work into powerful positions to eventually take over those governments you know, via slow infiltration the way today's upper class trash have taken over our governments, setup businesses, setup schools for their children, and form religious organizations as the high priests.

You also have to understand that all of the Western and Middle Eastern pagan religions can trace their beginnings right back to Babylon. Celtics, witchcraft, black magic, Satan worship, and Sabianism all came out of Babylon because, as the royal family slowly migrated or spread out West, they took their religions and religious leaders, you know, extended family members, with them.

A great example is that, when the Greeks set up colonies in Southeastern Italy, they took their gods with them, the Romans adopted those gods, gave them Roman names, and continued to worship them, founding the Church of Rome, with Sol, the Roman sun god, having his "birthday" celebrated on December 24, the day before today's Christmas. When Constantine "converted" the Church of Rome, now the Catholic Church, to Christianity, it wasn't a true or complete conversion with most of the members of the Church of Rome, including Constantine, just being poser Christians and closet pagans, which is why the Vatican stated a few years ago that they would no longer wait for Jesus to return and would convert back to paganism.

Proof of this is that they set up the mass for Christ or Christmas on December 25, the day after the mass for Sol, so Constantine could continue to worship his favorite Roman pagan god, Sol, the sun god, while making it appear that he had converted to Christianity. The rosary beads come from Sabianism, the Christmas tree or Yule log came from Celtic tree worship, they celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus on Easter, the holy day for their fertility goddess, instead of on Passover, they celebrate All Hollow's Eve or Halloween, a pagan religious ritual, they recognize April Fool's Day or All Fools Day, a pagan religious day, and other pagan practices.

You see, most of the European royalty, not all, were poser Christians and closet pagans since the Catholic Church "converted" to Christianity under Constantine.

Therefore, from a religious perspective, the pagans, especially the upper class trash, see Babylon as their religious home and most holy religious sight.

BTW, Islam worships Allah, the Arabic name for the Sabian war god and they also use the prayer beads from Sabianism.

Now, after a few generations, some of the family who settled or conquered areas no longer felt loyalty to the distant extended family, you know, the way the Keiser and Czar of Russia didn't feel any loyalty to the British members of the European royal family, and they would go conquering land held by distant extended family while other family members continued to migrate away from the central areas already held by family to settle more land, create new nations or empires, eventually conquer land held by distant extended family, and eventually destroy those new nations and empires with their unfettered corruption, making them vulnerable to invasion and conquest by other family empires.

That is right, most of the wars we have had for thousands of years were just the same royal family having family spats and sending hundreds of millions of your ancestors off to die fighting each other so one family group could conquer another family group. These wars have mostly been very deadly family spats murdering hundreds of millions of our ancestors because greedy and power mad people, especially inbred people, can never be satiated or satisfied and will always want more power and wealth.

The nutshell version of history is that King Nebby set up the Babylonian Empire, which was conquered by Cyrus, who was undoubtedly family, then the Assyrian family empire conquered the area while more family migrated west to Turkey and Greece to build new nations there, then the Turkish empire conquered that part of the world while more family migrated west to Italy to found new city states and empires, then the Greece family empire conquered the area while more family migrated to Italy and Spain, then the Roman Empire conquered the area, then the family broke up forming dozens of feudal states throughout Europe before they developed their empires or today's nations and now have taken over Europe as the EU and are trying to take over the US and the rest of the planet because their insanity is never ending.

Now, do you really think it will be any different after the upper class trash set up their global dictatorship? Don't you think that some of the family will turn on the rest of the family and start a global war, you know, just like they have done for thousands of years?

In a nutshell, that is how the British Royal Family and the rest of the European royal family and upper class trash can trace their family all the way back to King Nebby, you know, great grandpa Nebby.

You see, Babylon is their family home, their biological home, their political home, their economic home, their religious home, and their educational home. Babylon is their nostalgic home and gives them the warm fuzzies because that is where their family ruled all of the civilized world from 2,500 years ago, worshipped their pagan gods, and they have a very strong desire to return home and rule the entire world from home and worship their pagan gods at home, you know, just like great grandpa Nebby did.

You get the picture yet?

NO ONE is from Neom because Neom never existed, no one has any kind or historical or emotional connection to Neom, and no one wants to return to Neom. That is why Saudi Arabia only has one dedicated contributor, Egypt for $10 billion, to building Neom and the Saudis are right now begging in the US for the funds ($200 billion) to build Neom while Babylon is being funded and rebuilt.

So, which do you think will be built as the global political, economic, and religions capitol of the world? Not a difficult one to figure out, is it?

You see, the pagans, especially the pagan upper class trash want to completely rebuild ancient Babylon as a holy shrine to their family and the most holy site where they will openly resume their pagan religious practices while building a modern mega city around it as their political and economic capitol from which to rule the world, you know, one great big royal family reunion with them ending up ruling the world...again. That is what God will destroy during the Tribulation.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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