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Remember that I told you last year that I had found out that the World Monuments Fund had finished the first phase of building modern Babylon, which was to map out old Babylon so no one could build on it because it is a holy site of Shiite Muslims, the second phase of rebuilding old Babylon had been underway since Obama gave the first $2 million in US tax payer money via the US State Department to the World Monuments fund, and that they announced that building modern Babylon was scheduled to begin sometime at the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020?

I was recently thinking about this and realized that the first thing they had to do before they could build modern Babylon next to old Babylon was that they had to dredge the Euphrates River up to where they were going to build the massive port in modern Babylon to handle the massive ships so the massive ships required to bring in tons of building equipment and materials to build modern Babylon could deliver that equipment and materials and then dredge and build the massive port required to handle all of that shipping so the ships could deliver the equipment and materials to build modern Babylon.

Today I was discussing this with my daughter, my daughter quickly did a search, which I want to thank her for, and found the following:

1. An article at dated April 4, 2014 that said, "The Ministry of Water Resources, General Directorate for River Dredging Works, has completed the dredging project in the Kormatt Hassan section of the Euphrates River.

Accumulated sediment was removed from the middle of the river located in Sook Al-Shiokh."

2. An article at Iraq-business news by John Lee dated April 10, 2017 that said, "The Minister of Water Resources, Dr.Hassan Janabi, has met with the Romanian Ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. Lacop Prada and the Economic Officer of the Embassy.

During the meeting, they discussed cooperation in the area of irrigation, and the possible contribution of Romanian companies in dredging the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and preparing them for navigation."

The first article tells us that they completed dredging the stretch of the Euphrates through the Sook Al-Shiokh district, which is north of the Basra district but about 150 miles south of Babylon, by April 4, 2014, you know, 6 years after Muslim President Obama gave the World Monuments Fund the first $2 million to rebuild Babylon, during the last of his presidency and 5.5 years ago (Gee, what a coincidence.)

Note that this means they had already finished dredging the Euphrates River through the Basra district south of the Sook Al-Shiokh district and had finished dredging the first half of the Euphrates River required to reach Babylon by 2014, you know, 5.5 years ago.

The second article tells that, on April 10, 2017 (2.5 years ago) Iraq was finishing negotiating dredging more (maybe the rest) of the Euphrates River with Romania and please note they said, "preparing them for navigation" (Gee, what a coincidence.)

People, they have already been dredging the Euphrates River to "prepare it for navigation" for years, you know, since Obama was president and should be almost done by now, you know, so they can start dredging the massive harbor modern Babylon will be built around by the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020.

Note that they may have already begun excavations for that harbor so it may be finished by the time they finish dredging the Euphrates River but I have not seen anything on it. If you see something, please let me know so I can share it with others. Thank you.

A big part of the problem in doing searches for construction for Babylon is that the British built a town named "New Babylon" and there is a town in New York, USA named "Babylon" for some weird reason.

As soon as they can finish dredging that harbor and building the docking facilities, they will be able to bring in the massive ships loaded with the massive quantities of equipment and building materials required to build modern Babylon as the political, financial, and religious capital of the world, as per their stated goal, and it is designed to be the most spectacular city in the world, you know, just like the Bible says in the book of Revelation.

They have been working on rebuilding Babylon for MORE than a decade, you know, since Obama started funding it via the US State Department, only 3 months after he first became president, which is STILL sending large sums of US tax payer money every year to help pay to rebuild Babylon.

Hint: it might be a good idea to forget that false Euro-centric end time prophesy crap about Europe being the one world government and the Catholic Church being the one world church dreamed up by the Catholic Church 1,600 years ago and realize that Islam will be the one world government and one world church of the Tribulation (Islam is a theocracy; both a government and a religion), they will rule the world out of the City of modern or Mystery Babylon with their Muslim Caliphate using a council of 10 leaders, you know, the 10 horns, and requiring everyone to have Islam's most holy number of 666 tattooed on the back or their right hand or forehead, just like the Bible says, and IT.IS.HAPPENING.RIGHT.NOW!!!!

Clue: The people who believe that the one world government and one world church will be Rome/Europe and the Catholic Church respectively think the feet of iron mixed with clay in Daniel 2 is the revived Roman Empire but that is only partially true because of the clay. What that is telling us is that the last empire will have parts of both the Roman Empire, the iron, and another empire, the clay. We see this happening today in that the Euro-American upper class trash, the residual of the Roman Empire or the iron, converted to Islam in 2012, are closet Muslims, and are working with the Muslims, the clay, like I told you. It is also shown by the Euro-Americans, including the European Royal Family, major Western businesses like Exxon, and the Catholic Church, buying land where the city of modern Babylon will be built to share in ruling the world with the rest of the Muslims. That is the iron mixed with the clay and it is the Muslim/Marxist global government and religion mentioned in the book of Revelation for the Tribulation.

When the Bible said Babylon, it literally meant Babylon, not Rome, not New York, not Los Angeles, not London, not Paris, not Tokyo, but Babylon. The mystery about Babylon is that it is the only city in the history of the world to be the greatest city in the world, be abandoned, covered up with sand by God to preserve it so it wouldn't be destroyed, forgotten, found, and rebuilt to be the greatest city in the world AGAIN! THAT is Mystery Babylon.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often.

Is this getting interesting or what? Do you believe God yet?

Yahweh didn't lie.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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