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I got this from Arutz Sheva by Marcy Oster:

"US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been awarded a $1 million prize given annually to a thinker whose ideas 'have profoundly shaped human understanding and advancement.'

The 2019 Berggruen Prize for Philosophy & Culture was announced on Wednesday. The prize, first awarded in 2016, is given by the Berggruen Institute, a Los Angeles-based research organization dedicated to improving governance and cross-cultural understanding. The recipients direct the prize money to the non-profit organization of their choice."

People, this is wrong because NO JUDGE should ever be allowed to receive any kind of reward for the way they think or judicate because it will encourage them and other judges to judicate in the same manner in hopes of receiving that reward. In effect, this is bribing judges to judicate in a specific manner. It should be illegal.


I got this from Newsmax By Jason Devaney:

"Two leading Democrats ripped the Department of Justice probe into the origins of the Russia investigation, calling it "political revenge" for President Donald Trump."

Nice try, twits, using this lame excuse to try and stop the investigation because they are terrified the investigation will uncover their criminal activities.

Think not?

This video is saying the same thing.

Nah, these criminals are not desperate, are they? Isn't this impeding an investigation, which is a crime, and means they should be impeached?

Hey, if you are innocent, you do like Trump; let them investigate and prove you are innocent but, if you are guilty, you try to interfere with the investigation because you know it will prove you are guilty. That is normal human behavior.

Gee, Trump didn't try to stop the investigation into him and even demanded those investigations be made open and public but the lefties all try to stop or discourage the investigations into them.

What should that tell you?

Trump is clean and the lefties are all criminals and they know it. This is all but a confession by the left and possibly also some RINOs.

Nadler, Schiff, running scared, are we?

Remember that desperate people will do desperate things and these people have proved me right with the desperate things they have already done.


Hey, cops, remember that I told you that the lefty upper class trash and their political whores are going to shove your butts under ye ole commie bus and make you their slaves too, after they set up their dictatorship and you help them disarm the people?

Think I am wrong? Then why do they keep persecuting you while you are protecting them and following their orders? Why have the lefties started trying to disarm cops while having special camps to teach their thugs like Antifa how to use firearms? Why do they keep investigating, trying, and attempting to punish you for doing your jobs and protecting them?

It doesn't sound to me like they are on your side even though at least some of you are on their side. Think about it.


I got this from Newsmax By Todd Beamon and it is very telling:

"Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro declared Thursday that 'I don't want to make our country anything again.'"

Of course they don't want to make America anything again, they are trying to destroy America to set up their global dictatorship and a great America can stop them from setting up their glorious Marxist global dictatorship.

Oops, let that cat out of that bag, did we?


As God continues to open eyes to the fact that our public school system is no longer an educational system but is an institution for lefty brainwashing, there is a sudden and increasing movement of parents pulling their kids out of the public school system and home schooling them. The parents are realizing that they can do a better job than most overpaid school teachers, especially the lefties.

You think the public school teachers are not overpaid?

Anyone who is being paid to brainwash your children is overpaid.

Evil Marxist Globalists

You think the pagan lefty Marxist globalists are not evil?

Take a look at this video and pay attention to the peaceful indigenous sea people. They don't care about your Marxism and only want to be left alone to live and make a living from the sea but your upper class trash globalists insist on setting up their Marxist global dictatorship so the globalists can have power over these people so the globalists can "depopulate" or murder them, even the children, so the globalists don't have to share their planet with these peaceful people.

You still believe the lefties are not evil?

They are planning and already carrying out worse butchery, slaughter, and crimes against humanity than Hitler, Linen, Stalin, and Mao combined. They are the worst and most evil criminals in history.


A few days ago I was thinking about Obama and his Muslim pals nuking Chicago and God said, "Hey, stupid, what about this" and stupid listened. It isn't just going to be Obama and his Muslim pals doing this. I feel I should share this with you.

I looked it up and there are at least 2 million federal government employees in the US Federal Government, excluding Postal Service people. God told me that 20% of them are the bad guy commie/Muslim convert infiltrators, which is 400,000 members of the lefty deep state we now know have infiltrated every department of the US Federal Government including but not limited to the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, Secret Service, State Department, and others.

Know this, these people are trained AND experience at successfully planning and staging very complex operations and they KNOW how to successfully stage the violent removal of Trump and Pence in order to get Obama back into power, especially with them working from within our government, where they can easily run interference to cover their operation.

They KNOW how to smuggle a 10K nuke into the US, they KNOW how to steal private aircraft (more than 200 private aircraft are stolen every year, mostly to smuggle drugs into the US) and rig them to carry a 10K nuke where the plane's unneeded electronics will be (that plane won't need radar, communications, avionics, or any of the other stuff they keep in the nose of a twin engine aircraft and they know how to make that plane lighter while maintaining the balance of the aircraft for maximum maneuverability by replacing those electronics in the nose with the nuke), and they KNOW what Trump and Pence's schedules are so that they KNOW when, where, and how to kill both of them and get Obama back in power because they have proved that they KNOW from the inside how the system works and how to make the system work to get what they want and are willing to do it.

And you think these commie traitor people who have already violated their government oaths by committing treason in staging a coup to remove Trump from office and are currently under investigation for their crimes won't murder a million people to save their own evil butts and achieve their evil goals? Really?

People, this situation is easily hundreds of thousands times worse than the situation portrayed in the Kevin Costner movie, "No Way Out", where Costner portrayed a Soviet spy who had infiltrated the Pentagon, the people in the Pentagon found out a spy was inside, and what he did and people he murdered to save his little commie butt.

Right now, we have hundreds of thousands of deep state traitors infiltrated into our government, some of whom are already under investigation for treason in trying to stage a coup, who are pagans and live by Satan's one law of "do as you will" and have no Christian morals, values, and ethics. Many of these evil lefty traitors KNOW how to nuke Chicago to kill Trump and Pence and return Obama to power so Obama can declare a national emergency, suspend the US Constitution, declare martial law, blame Israel, and stage an invasion of Israel and you better bet that, with Obama living and working in Washington DC, Obama is working with these traitors.

The people you need to be most concerned about right now are the deep state traitors already infiltrated into our government and who are trained and experienced at staging much more complex operations than nuking Chicago. You better KNOW that these people can do this and are right now working together and planning to help the left regain power any way they can so they can finish destroying our government to set up their commie dictatorship AND nothing is beneath them because they are altruists who believe that the ends justify the means.

Remember that these are the same people who successfully staged the overthrow of the governments for Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine and tried to overthrow the government of Syria UNDER Obama. They are the same people who helped Obama stab Saudi Arabia in the back and make a bad deal with Iran. They KNOW how to overthrow a government, have considerable experience at doing it and they are RIGHT NOW working to overthrow the US Government to set up their lefty dictatorship.

They KNOW how to do this!!!

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often. We need it.


Israel needs to start an international PR campaign to counter the anti-Semitism against them. They need to focus on all of the good the Israelis have done such as medical and scientific developments they have made that help people, the emergency relief or assistance they have done for people who were victims of earthquakes and storms in other countries, and other things they have done to help people around the world.

Right now the Jew haters, especially lefty college professors and media, are controlling most of the discussion making it look like the Hebrews don't do any good and only cause harm. Israel needs to fight back by teaching everyone the good they do for everyone.

Mass Shootings

The lefties have been staging increasing numbers of mass shootings to scare people into wanting the lefties to take their guns away from them.

Based on my observations, I am getting the feeling that the lefties are staging so many mass shootings that it is backfiring on them. This seems to be happening in several different ways. First, the people are increasingly wanting to keep their weapons so they can defend themselves because it is becoming more and more obvious that the government can't protect them.

Second, the number of mass shootings seems to be causing most people to become used to the mass shootings so that the mass shootings don't seem to be having the shock effect on the people they used to have. This is causing the people to adapt and just take the mass shootings in stride as part of daily life.

It looks like, once again, a great sounding stupid idea by the lefties is failing. Surprise, surprise!


A US special operations unit just took out the founder and leader of the "ISIS Caliphate", which is a big achievement. The mission took place in the Idlib area of Syria, where the airspace is controlled by Russia so Trump had to let Russia know about the mission in advance so Russia would not shoot down the US aircraft, which is standard military operations.

Trump said that Al-Baghdadi was running from the US forces "whimpering, crying, and screaming", which I would believe because many of these terrorist top leaders are cowards. SEAL Team 6 said that, when they killed Bin Laden, he was hiding behind two of his wives.

These terrorist leaders talk the talk and sound really tough and brave sending others out to die fighting for them but are cowards who spend most of their time running and hiding in fear, you know, like Bin Laden and Al-Baghdadi.

Then, with this successful mission making Trump look really good as Commander-in-Chief, the lefties are whining and crying because Trump didn't brief them in advance, which is standard military operations. There is a rule in the military that the fewer people who know about a pending mission, the less likely that mission is to be compromised, causing the failure of the mission and deaths of our troops.

Besides, think about it, would you give classified information about a pending mission to corrupt politicians who are always leaking information, especially with those corrupt politicians, who hate you, knowing that, if the mission succeeds, it will make you look good but, if the mission fails, it will make you look bad?

Of course not, you know they would sabotage the mission, costing the lives of US soldiers and permitting the targeted enemy to get away. Remember that Obama and Biden leaked military information about a mission that got a lot of SEAL Team 6 killed.

Would you want to go on a secret mission into enemy territory knowing those leaking traitors know what is going on and might compromise the mission costing your life for their political reasons?

I wouldn't tell the criminals in Congress, especially the lefties and RINOs, that I was going to take a crap because you know they would send someone to steal the toilet paper.

Get it straight, Trump has no responsibilities or requirements to inform anyone in Congress before any military operation, none. It would be irresponsible and criminal for Trump to inform anyone who did not have a "need to know" about that mission. The "need to know" means they must be in some way involved in the execution of that mission, which leaves out Congress.

I love one headline I saw on Breitbart that said, "Dem Leakers Left in Dark About Raid." That says it all.

But, hey, the lefty commie traitors are trying to dream up some way to use this significant success to make Trump look bad with crazy crap like "the region is now more dangerous" and "Trump put sources at risk."

Yeah, the area is now more dangerous with fewer psychopathic murderers. These psychopathic lefties are so obvious but have no shame because they have no morals, values, or ethics.

Get This

Commiefornia just passed a law making it legal to eat road kill, you know, like deer and stuff.

Here is an easy prediction: Instead of poachers illegally shooting game, they will just drive up and down roads and highways, where they know game regularly crosses the roads, trying to legally run over game so they can pick it up, take it home, and eat it.

That is just common sense human behavior but, hey, lefties don't have any common sense.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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