Bad Guys 2

I have decided it is time to teach you about bad guys or at least review about them. Forget EVERYTHING you have been taught by all of the liberal x-spurts because 100% of their research is scientifically invalid.


If you study biology and researching animal behavior, you are taught that, in order for your research to be valid, you must have as little affect as possible on their behavior. The ultimate goal is for the species you are observing to not even know you are there, much less watching them. In biology, we KNOW that, if the animals we are watching know we are there, it will affect their behavior and our research becomes significantly less valid, you know, like that woman living with the gorillas she was studying. Officially, her research would be considered invalid because she was openly interacting with them, which would seriously affect their behavior.

Now, what do ALL shrinks do when studying human behavior?

They take the people out of their normal environment and study those humans in the shrinks' white palace environment, which would be like me going to a zoo to study wild life animal behavior. It would be 100% invalid because the sterile environment of the zoo radically affects the behavior of the animals.

The same thing is true with humans. If you take them from their normal environment into the shrink white palace, it will very significantly affect the behavior of the humans.

If you think I am wrong, all you have to do is think of the times your parents took you some place like the shrink white palace and how your parents taught you to behave differently. You did not behave and were taught to not behave the same as you did in your neighborhood; therefore, absolutely ALL shrink white palace research is scientifically invalid.

Then, when you realize that absolutely ALL shrink research into human behavior was done in some form of white palace and not in the normal environment of the humans, especially criminal behavior research, you should also realize that 100% of shrink research is 100% invalid.

Now, I grew up in those neighborhoods, studied psychology and animal behavior in biology so I am trained to do field research in animal behavior AND I later returned to those neighborhoods in a number of different cities for a few years each. None, not one of those criminals knew I had studied psychology and animal behavior field research, that I was studying them and they were my lab rats. To ALL of them, I was just another neighbor and it was the ultimate field research situation for studying human behavior and 100% valid. To them, I was not an outsider intruding on their environment, which would affect their behavior, but was a normal part of their environment, which would have absolutely zero affect on their behavior. I do not know of one other scientist who has done research in human behavior of this quality, not one.

Another important note in this area is that, if you study a species properly for just one year, you are automatically considered to be a leading expert on the behavior of that species. If you study the behavior of a species for just 2 to 5 years, you are almost always considered to be the leading expert for the behavior of that species.

I have studied bad guys, you know, criminals, IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT indifferent cities for a total of at least 15+ years out of the almost 67 years I have been on this planet or about 1/4th of my life. I have also studied middle and upper classes in a number of different cities and cultures for the rest of my life, everything from red necks to liberals. I even studied liberal shrinks without them knowing about it for more than 5 years.

BTW, I did this type of human behavior field research everywhere I went for decades in all classes and numerous cities so that, if you knew me and I knew you, you were my lab rat for human behavior and I was studying you. I still do this today with everyone I meet and they don't know it.

Now, let me teach you the ugly truth about bad guys, whom I have studied IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT, extensively.

I have never known one criminal who became a criminal because he was abused as a child or because he was a victim. Quite the opposite, all of the criminals I knew grew up as either neglected children who rarely, if ever, got a spanking and were no one's victims or they were actually trained to be criminals by the criminal male head of the family. That is right, when you feel sowwy for a poor wittle criminal and turn him loose, he will return home and teach the kids in his family to become criminals, you know, those kids you were taught grow up without a father figure. Surprise, surprise.

Get it straight, criminals are not victims of society, society is their victim.

If you have ever had a really tough, knockdown, drag out fist fight where you are trading blows hard and heavy, usually with a little blood flow, especially if you know you are winning, when your hard fist sinks into that soft human flesh with a good solid contact, you get a massive adrenaline rush that is a real high comparable to scoring a touchdown in football, having really great sex, and I have heard it compared to a really great high with drugs. You just feel so really fantastic when your fist sinks into that soft flesh and you know you did some damage. It is a massive power rush because, briefly, you have power and control over another person.

Then you add to that the feelings and peer pressure of winning that fight so that you have that feeling of power, a feeling of accomplishment, the social prestige of beating someone's butt and you being considered by your friends to be tough and really bad, and other benefits that can come from really beating someone up. Just look how we look up to tough guys in the movies and that is how tough guys on the street are looked up to by their friends, to their criminal friends, they are heroes and the toughest are even treated like gods.

Bad guys fall in love with that rush, decide they want more no matter who it hurts, become addicted to that rush, and choose to turn to the dark side to get more. Yes, they are evil, cruel, and mean just like Hitler and his Nazis, the same kind of savages for the same reasons, just with less power so they can't do as much harm to as many people. That is the biggest difference between a street punk and Hitler, the amount of power, which determines how many people they can control and hurt.

Becoming a bad guy is a willful choice and has nothing to do with daddy beating their pet parakeet with a 2x4 or them growing up in poverty, not having a father, or any of the other lame excuses the liberal shrinks teach you. They do the terrible things they do because they love the rush, the power, the peer prestige, and other things that come from doing those terrible things. They are not the victims of society, society is their victim so they can enjoy those things at society's expense.

When you understand these things, suddenly the way liberals tell you to deal with bad guys becomes obviously wrong and you realize the only way to deal with them is via power and death. The only way to deal with them is to take their power away from them so you have complete power over them and, for the ones who have become addicted, you know, the truly evil ones, you have to kill them because they will never "rehabilitate".

Notice that becoming a bad guy is a choice they make of their own free will to gain the desired rush or thrill of doing the things they love to do to their victims. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with them being "made" or "forced" to become bad because they are a victim. It has NOTHING to do with their daddy beating their pet parakeet with a 2x4, poverty, not having a daddy at home, or anything else. They chose to become a bad guy at other people's expense.

The shrinks also teach you that the reason they do things like steal and sell drugs is to buy food for their darling children so they don't starve to death when their neighbors are mostly working to buy the same or less food and their children don't starve to death.

No, it has nothing to do with survival or poverty but is just like the middle and upper classes abusing the power of government to steal from you so they don't have to work for a living, called socialism.

On the street, they have a saying that, "it is all about the fast, easy money." You see, it is faster and easier to put a gun to your head or break into your house and steal from you than it is to get a job and work to earn the money. The lower class criminals commit their crimes for the same reason the middle and upper class criminals commit their crimes. It is faster and easier to steal from you than to work and earn the money. It is all about the fast, easy money.

That is why the upper class criminals at ENRON committed their crimes, because they could steal more money faster than they could earn it. It was all about the fast, easy money.

What, you think only the middle and upper classes have lazy people who would rather steal than work? You don't think the lower class also has lazy people who would rather steal than work?

God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Those are the two main reasons why bad guys are bad guys, for the power and for the fast, easy money. It doesn't have anything to do with any of them being a victim of anyone or anything. They are just evil people who chose to be evil because they would rather be evil than be good people and work for a living while treating other people right. That is the ugly truth about bad guys.

How do you deal with them?

You take their power and wealth away from them. You definitely don't let crime pay, which is what common law does. You have to do just like it says in the Bible and make crime cost them more than it can pay.

That is why God said that, if a man steals a sheep, he will pay back three sheep and, if he steals an ox, he will pay back five oxen. That way, God's way, crime will cost them more than it can reward them and the criminals no longer have a reason for stealing. They only steal because, under our common law and liberal Shrinkology, crime pays and pays very well. As long as crime pays, there are people who will turn to crime. When crime costs more than it can pay, it turns people away from crime because it is better to get a job and work to earn the money than to spend years of your life paying back five times what you stole and then still have to earn your own money.

Did you know that during the 40 years of the Hebrews or Jews wondering in the wilderness and for the next 400 years in the land of Israel, they didn't have a prison or even one jail cell for holding criminals but they didn't have a fraction of the crime we have? Why?

Because 1) they were nomadic and couldn't build and maintain a prison and 2) God's Laws deterred people from turning to crime because the punishment was greater than the reward.

"But, gee, the punishments are just so harsh." Yeah, they deter most criminals.

Ready to dump obviously failed pagan common law and build a Biblical theocracy yet?

We will be able to quickly close down almost all of our prisons.

If you understand and treat the bad guys right, they will behave because their mischief will cause a greater punishment than it could possibly cause a reward. Just imagine if the criminals at ENRON had to pay back five times what they stole.

Who would want to steal from the people if they knew they would have to pay back five times what they stole? Would we have an upper class trash?

It would be really small.

And, hey, we could save a lot of money on liberal shrinks who don't know what they are doing.

Or maybe you want to continue with failed pagan common law filling up your prisons so jerks like Obama can turn them loose on you to steal from you and kill you?

Your choice, common sense or common law.

BTW, if you think I am wrong about almost all "single Welfare mothers" having a man living with them and, therefore, having a father figure for their children, just get a list of 100 randomly selected single mothers on Welfare in any city, drop in on them between 8 am and 10 am, and you will find that almost all of them do have a man living with them proving all of the nonsense about fatherless children being more likely to turn to crime wrong.

The reason you want to check between 8 am and 10 am is because these people tend to stay up late, get up late, hang around the house for a few hours and then go out between 10 am and noon to "take care of business." You are more likely to catch the males at home between 8 am and 10 am, though some have other schedules.

But, hey, don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself but be careful because you will find out that almost all of those men have criminal records and tend to be just a wee bit violent. You might want to tell them you are doing research about something else, which won't pose a threat to them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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