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Duck and Cover

I keep seeing people mocking the 1950s Duck and Cover drills they had in schools for nuclear warfare. This is because of the false assumptions by liberals that a nuke war would just kill everyone, therefore, Duck and Cover was meaningless.

I have already explained how this liberal assumption isn't true and that, even in an all out nuke war, more than half the people in the US would have survived. This should tell you that, even in an all out nuke war, the least probable form of nuke war, most schools would not have been close enough to a nuke detonation to be destroyed or the students killed but many would have still been close enough for the explosion to blow class room windows in on the students.

This was very important because most public schools had a lot of windows which would have turned into millions of tiny, sharp shotgun pellets traveling through the class rooms at considerable speed. If the students remained in their seats, these tiny bits of shrapnel would have killed every child in every class. The scientists knew this so they developed Duck and Cover.

The idea of Duck and Cover was to get the kids under their desks and below the flying glass with their heads covered to save them from being shredded by the flying glass. So there was purpose and logic to Duck and Cover which would have saved millions of children's lives in any nuke war.

The laughter by the liberals about Duck and Cover just shows their ignorance about nuke warfare as with many other things they ridicule.


They are still looking for the man, Anis Amri, who drove the truck in the German truck attack but they have also just arrested four other suspects involved in the attack.

Gee, you think it was a planned Muslim terrorist attack and was not just a lone wolf gone Jihadi?

The German people are now saying that Merkel must go. I think they have had enough of her wickedness. She has failed them miserably. Something tells me she probably won't win the next German election unless it is extremely rigged.

A few days later, the driver was shot and killed in Italy by a cop, after shooting another cop.

The x-spurts are wondering how he was able to travel so freely through Europe.

Uh, the EU open borders thingy? Gee, that wasn't so tough to figure out, was it?

And I don't even have a right degree from a right university.


Prince Charles said he wants everyone to "think about Muhammad" this Christmas and he condemned "aggressive populism".

Did you know that no law can be passed in Britain without the approval of their queen?

Every law which has been passed since her reign began was approved by her before it became law, including the laws taking guns away from the people so they can't protect themselves and allowing all of these Muslim immigrants into Britain.

So, how long do you think it will take the people of Britain to realize that the Royal Family of Britain is a very big part of their problem and they decide to once and for all do away with the Royal Family, who have sold them out?

BTW, the number of people in Britain who believe in God dropped 10 percentage points in the last two years and now there are more atheists than Christians in Britain. You know this won't help things in Britain. I guess they will have to pray to their pagan un-god for help.


Mean while, there was a car bomb attack against a Christian organization in Australia. The terrorist drove his van into the side of a building used by a Christian organization and blew it up but the only person who was harmed was the driver, who died in the explosion.

I am still waiting to find the details about the attack. It sounds an awful lot like a Muslim car bomb attack.


In Italy, the people, especially Christians, are fighting back against homosexuality, homosexual marriage, and homosexual adoption of children. This is a growing movement and eyes are opening.

Keep an eye on it.


Obama's ISIS forces, for which he provided more than one billion dollars to rearm and released from Mosul and another Iraqi city are showing results in a number of areas. First, they are still fighting and holding most of the ground they took against Syrian forces in their Palmyra offensive and also just took ground just a little to the north of the Syrian forces fighting back. They are clearly trying to spread the Syrian/Russian forces thin enough for ISIS to take more ground.

Also, those ISIS forces just took land from Turkey near Al-Bab and caused the Turkish proxy army to mostly flee leaving almost only the true Turkish forces. In spite of the Turkish Air Force providing significant air support, ISIS is continuing to take more ground from Turkey.

Obviously, Obama equipped his ISIS terrorists very well before turning them loose in Syria.

In spite of all of the false allegations by the Western upper class trash for war crimes and such against Putin and Assad, the people of Aleppo celebrated the liberation of Aleppo in mass.


The State of Illinois lost more people than any other state for the third year in a row. People are getting tired of the corruption and a mass exodus is taking place out of Illinois along with other liberal run areas. Eyes are opening and people are choosing to get away from the extreme liberal corruption and stupidity.


And if you still believe the liberal fairy tale that liberals actually care about anyone other than themselves, liberal Senator Chuck Schumer just fired a bunch of his liberal staff just before the Christmas holidays.

Yep, he really cares about those liberals who have been doing his work for him, doesn't he?

I have been warning you liberal minions that your overlords will purge you when they no longer need you, you know, just like Chucky boy just did.

So, you liberals think your big socialist governments will protect you from bad people? Yeah, why don't you ask the Europeans how that is working out?

Their bloated socialist governments doesn't protect them and fail them every time there is another terrorist attack.

You liberals wanted it, you got it, and it doesn't work.

BTW, did you notice that the Muslim truck driver didn't get out of his truck and ask the people before he ran them down whether they were liberals or conservatives?


Remember that I warned you that Obama could do the US a lot of damage in the last few months he was in office?

I got this over at by a staff writer:

"The United States has given its biggest rebuke in recent history to longstanding ally Israel, allowing the U.N. Security Council to condemn its settlements and continuing construction in Palestinian territory as a 'flagrant violation' of international law.

Instead of casting a veto to support Israel, as it almost always does on council resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the U.S. abstained."

Plus Israel is reporting that Obama worked with the Palestinians to draw up the UN resolution condemning Israel and saying Israel is breaking international laws.

Suddenly, Obama returns to causing trouble for Israel, more trouble than any US president has ever caused Israel. Gee, what a coincidence.

I got this over at Breitbart by Steven Capozzola:

"So President Obama has gone and done it.

In a rather vindictive move, his Interior Department's Office of Surface Mining (OSM) is out with a broad new 'stream rule' that could potentially designate as much as two-thirds of U.S. coal reserves off-limits to mining. In fact, a study of the rule suggests that at least one-third of America's remaining coal jobs could be put at risk due to the restrictive nature of the rule.

The president has certainly chosen one heck of a last-minute Christmas present. The rule will actually take effect exactly one day before Donald Trump's inauguration-thereby imposing a very late obstacle to the new administration's quest to craft a more pragmatic energy policy."

Remember that I told you we are not out of the woods yet and are not even to the edge of the woods?

Obama is doing all of the damage he can while he can in hopes of finishing off the US.


Mean while, on Bazzaro World, Biden said that ,"Hillary never figured out why she was running."

To be president so she could steal more money from us?

I want to know what funny farm this guy escaped from.


Remember that I told you that Trump appointing retire military officers to key positions looked like Trump was going to purge Obama's Muslims from our government?

I just saw a story which confirmed this. Basically, the story said that Trump is working to purge all of Obama's Islamists Obama put into office.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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