This has to be the worst case of one nation betraying an ally in modern history. Obama just said that Israel must end its "occupation of Palestinian lands". This is extremely huge because it is clearly Obama taking the side of the terrorists against an ally but the betrayal gets much worse.

Next Obama declassified more than 380 pages of top secret documents proving Israel has nukes. This is meant for several reasons. First, this is clearly meant to provide Obama with a justification for Iran having nukes. But even worse than that, it is the biggest threat ever to Israel's national security, Obama releasing top secret Israeli military information. You see, Obama is clearly trying to make himself the biggest possible threat to Israel's national security, more than anything or anyone else so more people will believe Obama when Obama tries to blame Israel for trying to assassinate Obama by nuking Chicago to remove the Obama threat to Israel's national security. Obama has placed Israel's very existence at stake in one move.

By betraying Israel in this manner, Obama has been successful at achieving this goal because even Mark Levin has stated that Obama is now the greatest threat to Israel, even greater than Iran. Don't be surprised to see Obama betray Israel even more by releasing more Israeli military secrets.

This isn't just a shoe storm any more, it is a boot storm with really big, heavy boots hitting the ground. Obama making such huge and damaging moves like this at one time should tell you that Obama is prepping the battle field to make his move to grab power in the US. Obama has his nukes and all we need now is the formal ball for the upper class trash. Keep an eye on Chicago.

Remember that Obama announced recently that he would not use his veto power in the UN to protect Israel from false allegations?

It has started. At Arutz Sheva, an article by Ari Yashar stated, "A Paris-based leftist group, International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), claimed on Friday that Israel's counter-terror Operation Protective Edge against Hamas in Gaza last summer included 'war crimes' and 'crimes against humanity.'"

You know they will try to bring war crimes charges against Netanyahu and other top Israeli officials. When Israel refuses to extradite these people for a kangaroo show trial in the French commie courts, in which they will definitely be convicted by the commies, Obama will use that as an excuse for more extensive actions against Israel. Obama is trying to achieve a point to where Israel must get rid of Obama to save Israel.

Obama has very quickly brought this situation to critical mass and it will only get worse.

BTW, in doing more research, I have found that Obama has placed Muslims at the very top of both the Department of Homeland Security and the CIA. These Muslims won't have to kill anyone to seize control of those agencies, they already have control. Also, them having control of those agencies caused me to think, "Who will have to smuggle any nukes into the US?"

You see, DHS is over all federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies and a Muslim is in charge putting that Muslim in charge of all of the rest of those agencies with another Muslim in charge of the CIA. Obama won't have to smuggle his nukes into this country, he can just drive them in on flatbed trucks with big yellow nuke warning signs on them in broad daylight.

Who is going to stop them?

You should also know that the reason why these "negotiations" are taking so long is because Iran still has not finished filling Obama's order for 10k nukes. Hey, it takes time to put that many nukes together.

Then I realized, "Hold it, does this mean that Obama and his Muslim pals are going to also be nuking cities in other nations, you know, like London, Paris, and Rome? Is their planned delivery system for all of these nukes going to be something like ancient works of art instead of missiles?"

There is another thing for all of you liberal commie traitors out there to think about. Remember that I have been telling you that Obama and his Muslim pals are going to purge the liberal commie white cracker traitors? With Obama appointing Muslims to the top positions in our government, who is he replacing?

Answer: Liberal commie traitors who used to have those jobs before Obama removed them and gave those jobs to his Muslim pals in the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is already throwing you liberal commie traitors under the bus and purging you before he even makes his final power grab and NONE of the liberal commie traitors have figured it out in spite of the fact it is now so obvious. Obama has now almost finished his coup of the US government. He only has a few more major moves left to make.

BTW, Obama is trying to scare us with statements that the sea levels will rise because of global warming and then he buys beachfront property in Hawaii?

He clearly doesn't believe his own lies.

Remember that I have been telling you that we are being punished for our sins and turning our back, as a nation, on God?

The Bible teaches us this but, hey, don't take my word for it, Rev. Graham said that America has turned its back on God and when nations do this, their end is near.

Gee, kind of looks like what is going on, doesn't it?

We let the pagans talk us into tolerance of their paganism and sins, they used our tolerance to seduce more people into paganism until they had enough pagans to take over the US, and now our republic has been destroyed and they are in the process of setting up their dictatorship while increasingly persecuting Christians.

So, how can we stop this mess?

Repent of our sins or paganism and turn back to God so He will make it possible for us to save ourselves.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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