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I thought I would give you a little update on my cat field research project plus some more stuff.

First, the last bird kill on the cat feeder scattered the bird seed I had put in the cat feeder all over the ground and I decided to not replace the bird seed. Since then, there have been no signs of new bird kills in my yard further confirming my theory about bird kills by cats. Cats just are not as good at birding as we are being told. Mean while, the cats have continued to hunt and kill bugs and rodents just like I told you they do. Remember that better than 70% of what free roaming feral cats eat is bugs with most of the rest being rodents.

Today, some interesting things happened in the yard. I was sitting on my front porch watching four nine month old cats playing in the yard and chasing a couple of Silver Cardinals which love to taunt and tease the cats. The cardinals will get in one tree and do a lot of branch hopping and calling to get a cat in that tree then use the tree branch system to frustrate the efforts of the cat.

When you look at a tree from the perspective of cats and birds, you will see that it is a system of roads leading to different parts of the tree. I have watched both birds and cats study the branches to determine which branches a cat has to take to get to certain parts of the tree.

The birds will position in a part of the tree, the cat will start up the branch road to reach that part of the tree, the birds will flit to another part of the tree which will require the cat to back track to take another branch path to get to the birds while the birds taunt the cat. After a while, the cat will get frustrated and either sit on a branch and just watch the birds or leave the tree and find something else to do.

I was watching a pair of Silver Cardinals taunt a cat in one tree with the other three cats watching from the ground and a cacophony of other bird sounds from a variety of other birds in and near my yard, many of whom have started migrating here for spring, even with four semi feral cats in the yard, when a Sharp Shinned Hawk flew over the tree with the cat in it and the rest of the yard and landed in the top of another tree on the other side of the yard. ALL of the birds suddenly disappeared and it was instantly dead quiet, not a chirp. It was like they suddenly vaporized or teleported out. "Hawk, we're outta here, zoom, gone!!" Suddenly it was me, four cats, and a hawk.

Note that Sharp Shinned Hawks like to perch hunt where as a Prairie Falcon will hunt on the fly or wing. The Sharp Shinned Hawk will perch in the tops of tall bushes, trees, or telephone poles to find prey and make their kill dive from their perch.

I watched the hawk for a few seconds when I realized the hawk was eyeing the smallest cat in the litter which had her back to him, which means easy kill. There was absolutely nothing else near her the hawk could have been interested in. I got up to intervene but was too far away. I only got about half way to the cat when the hawk made its dive on the cat, the cat heard the hawk's wings unfold and flap to gain speed, she turned to face the hawk, the hawk decided "I don't want to play that game" (you know, face-to-face jaws and claws contest in which the hawk could be hurt or killed), pulled out of his dive, and flew about four feet over the head of the cat and out of the yard to find easier kill while I said a quick prayer of thanks to God knowing that, if that had been a larger hawk or falcon, like the Prairie Falcons which hunt here later in the year, it would have still gone for the kill but a Sharp Shinned Hawk is about 10 pounds lighter than most hawks and falcons.

Conservationists, PBS, Disney, and other libtards like to tell people that raptors (birds of prey) won't hunt dogs and cats. They are clearly full of bull crap. Don't buy that bridge.

One lie the liberals like to tell is that raptors can't possibly hunt dogs and cats because they can't carry half their body weight. Bull crap! Prairie Falcons, which weigh about 30 to 40 pounds, have been documented by biologists as carrying loads of 60+ pounds or 1.5 to 2 times their body weight. A medium size dog weighs 60 pounds as well as small children. There used to be a film on PBS (Propaganda and Bull Crap) which showed a Brazilian eagle snatch a tree sloth, which weighed 1.5 to 2 times what the eagle weighed, out of a tree, drop about one foot, regain that foot, and fly that sloth to its nest for its offspring to eat alive. I have seen video of an American Gold Eagle taking down a full grown female deer and they can and will hunt your children. I have also seen videos of hawks hunting and killing coyotes and wolves. There is a video on the Internet of a European eagle trying to snatch a small child wearing a winter coat (not very far from its parents) but the child slipped within the coat as the eagle lifted the child off the ground, causing the eagle to lose balance and drop the child only a few feet after picking up the child. The lying liberals like to post comments to the video stating that the video has to be Photo shopped because, after all, we know predators won't hunt humans, we're special. Yeah, right, don't buy that bridge either.

Remember what I have taught you about the number rule for predation. ALL predators eat meat, if a predator is high enough on the food chain, you are there, and it is hungry, then you are dinner. That is an absolute fact in biology. Great White Sharks do not think you are seals, they know you are meat and they eat meat so, if you are there when they are hungry, you will soon be a shark turd. Deal with it and forget the lies the lefties tell you. We humans are not special, the predators will eat you, your kids, and your pets, not because they are evil but because they are hungry.

After the hawk left the yard, the birds came back with one and then two Silver Cardinals returning to continue taunting the cats until they realized the cats would not play that game this time so the cardinals left to find other amusement.

What should all of that tell you?

That, contrary to what Disney, PBS, conservationists, the birdie people, and other liberal whackos tell you, cats are not the biggest threat to birds and birds clearly know it. Just like I have been telling you, the biggest threat to birds is...wait for it...other birds and they fall into two basic categories. The first category is the raptors which kill adult birds and the second category is medium to large birds which do nest kills, especially on smaller birds. I have watched a mocking bird attack a virden nest trying to tear it apart to get the young (virden nests are extremely well built). Most of the medium to large size birds regularly do nest kills for eggs and young including, but not limited to, such birds as mocking birds, robins, blue birds, crows, ravens, and others.

And you say,"Oh, but they said on Disney and PBS that birds only eat plants and bugs so they wouldn't eat other birds and eggs. It was on TV so it has to be right." Bull crap!!! Any more, if it is on TV, it is probably a lie. Hey, George Soros and the rest of the upper class trash OWN TV, so you know it can't be true, if it is on TV.

The second biggest threat to birds is rodents such as mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, and others which do mostly nest kills for eggs and young but will kill adult birds when they can catch them, especially at night. Even cute widdle bunny rabbits will do nest kills for ground nesting birds such as quail and doves and even kill adult birds when they can. All of the tree climbing rodents are much better at reaching nests built on tree branches the cats can't get to because the rodents weight less and have wrap around feet to hold onto bending branches cats would fall off of. (I have watched mice climb vertical wires.)

Even snakes and lizards are a much greater threat to birds than cats because the snakes and lizards can reach all of the bird nests the cats can't even get close to.

It turns out that cats are just a wee bit more of a threat to birds than deer (deer do eat birds and do nest kills when they can. Deer will also kill and eat rabbits when they can so Bambi would have eaten Thumper. Deal with it. BTW, road runner birds can only run at 20 mph and coyotes can run at 40+ mph so do the math on that one and deal with it. Beep, beep my butt.)

Rat Pandemic

I recently saw a news item about a rat pandemic in Britain which, the experts say, is being caused by the rats becoming immune to the rat poison. Gee, I guess the rat poison thingy didn't work so well. Mechanical traps are even worse because rats figure them out very quickly making them useless. Rats adapt to poison, mechanical traps, and house cats but house cats also adapt and keep killing.

Why, it couldn't possibly be caused by the liberals convincing people to not let cats roam freely because we know, according to the liberal whackos, that free roaming cats DEVASTATE ecosystems and will conquer the world.

Hold it, cats roamed freely throughout Europe and most of the rest of the world for hundreds of years following the Black Plague and they didn't devastate the ecosystems and conquer the world because we still have birds and rodents and are not being ruled by cats, we're being ruled by whacko liberal commie traitors. Kind of obvious, huh?

So, how are the geniuses working to solve their rodent pandemic in Britain? Are they turning cats loose to bring the rat populations back under control the way they did during the Black Plague hundreds of years ago?

No! They are working to develop more toxic poisons to expose your families to!! Brilliant move.

Don't be surprised to find out that the mega rich chemical companies which make all of those toxic poisons you keep exposing your families to to kill the rodents, are bribing...uh...making campaign donations to the corrupt politicians so those corrupt politicians will continue to trap and kill free roaming cats to increase the rodent populations so you will be forced to spend billions of dollars per year on toxic poisons to get rid of the rodent pandemics they are causing by killing free roaming cats with more of their toxic poisons paid for by your tax dollars. The chemical companies make a fortune killing both the rats and the cats because of your corrupt politicians when all they have to do to get rid of the rodent pandemics all over this planet is quit killing the cats.

Gee, could God have been right when He said, "The love of money is the root of all evil"?

Yep, almost all of the problems we have today have been caused by the greed of the upper class trash. Almost every bad thing you see on the news is caused by the upper class trash greed.


We have all been brainwashed to hate free roaming house cats.

You don't believe me?

Go back and study all of the animated animal cartoons since at least the 1930s. You will find that most of them involve "evil house cats" (usually with white face around their mouths) attacking cute, innocent, warm fuzzy, widdle rodents and birds (which kill thousands of humans every year with their deadly diseases), the rodents and birds bravely fight back and drive off the evil house cats to, I guess, starve to death while the cute widdle rodents and birds celebrate and continue to kill off thousands of people every year with their deadly diseases. That is right, you were being brainwashed to hate house cats while sitting in front of the TV when you were a very little kid. We all were.

Some of the more popular cartoons which brainwashed kids to hate house cats when I was a kid were Tom (the evil house cat) and Jerry (the sweat, innocent, cute widdle mousie), Sylvester (the evil house cat) and Tweedy (the sweat, innocent, cute widdle birdie), Mighty Mouse who always fought to save birds and rodents from evil house cats, and others.

Disney did a huge amount of brainwashing to cause people to hate house cats.

Think not?

"101 Dalmations" had evil house cats, "Lady and the Tramp" had evil house cats, "Cinderella" had an evil house cat named Satan and the cute widdle birds and rodents helped her, and others.

Question: Of Disney's good guy main characters, how many are house cats?

None, not one. There are rodents, Mickey and Minnie, birds, Donald and Daisy, dogs, chipmunks, and others but not one house cat. Get the picture yet?

The media and Hollywood have been brainwashing you to hate house cats and love rodents and birds since you were still wetting your diapers.


You would think that, with Congress finally starting investigations into all of Obama's crimes from the last six years, Obama would be extremely worried and spending every free moment he could with his attorneys, wouldn't you?

Well, with all of Obama's crap hitting the fan, increasing numbers of people testifying against him, it quickly looking like Obama will soon be facing charges for everything including treason and Obama spends an entire weekend playing golf in Florida? Wow, he isn't very worried, is he?

My first thought was, "what ace does he have up his sleave?" He must be getting all of the nukes he purchased from Iran with your $12 billion dollars in tax money to nuke your butts.

Have you wondered why there is a March 31st deadline on this deal? Could it be that everything else, including the formal ball, is set up and ready to go soon?

Remember that I told you that the lefties would soon release all of Obama's sealed info they have been helping Obama hide from us?

By the strangest coincidence, some one just "accidentally" released or leaked Obama's secret passport information. The rest will come out soon, you know, just like I told you it will. I can't wait to see his real birth certificate and what he has been hiding along with his college transcripts. You know the birthers and tin hatters will be proven right. I fully plan to enjoy this.

Everyone who helped this monster become president should be facing charges for treason, fraud, and everything else in the book.

BTW, did you know that Obama's free college means the spoiled rich kids will not have to pay for college?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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