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Decades ago, before the Internet, I had a subscription to a magazine called "Biblical Archaeology" for several decades, which looked at finds by archaeologists who used the Bible to find ancient archaeological sites, many of whom were not Christians or even Hebrews but because they knew that the Bible is proven to be the most accurate ancient text known to man. There were scientists, some who were atheists, who used the Bible to find ancient sites that prove the Bible to be true.

You have to understand that all other ancient texts were intentionally written inaccurately to embellish their leaders to make them look like perfect gods and to keep from losing their heads to those leaders. Because of that, they are not very accurate and are filled with exaggerations and lies.

On the other hand, the Bible shows the humanity and imperfections of the leaders and even admonished them, proving its accuracy. The Bible shows that the leaders were human just like you and not gods.

After I got on YouTube, I found a number of channels that do the same, but most of them are by archaeologists who are Christians and Hebrews.

These archaeologists have amassed a massive amount of evidence proving the Bible to be true and very accurate and I want to share some of them with you so I had to look up some of them. You would be amazed at how many time capsules God left for us proving the accuracy of the Bible and that Yahweh/Jesus is God and He has left other time capsules I have told you He has shown me about.

Let's start with Noah's Ark because Ron Wyatt and his offspring say he found it in some rolling hills at least 20 to 30 miles from where the Bible says it should be, you know, on Mt. Ararat, where God used the Flood to leave it just like the Bible says.

When I first saw Ron Wyatt's crap, I saw right through it and knew that his racket was to pretend to be trying to prove the Bible is accurate, while very subtly proving it is not accurate, to fool even Christians. "Oh look, it isn't where the Bible says it should be so the Bible isn't accurate and can't be trusted." The lefty media have helped him promote his fake disproofs of the Bible.

Listen, if I were a member of any other religion and wanted to prove the Bible is not accurate and can't be trusted or believed, while knowing it is very accurate, I would play the saboteur, pretending to be a Christian so the Christians would be more likely to accept my very subtle disproofs of the Bible as just "minor technicalities". "Oh, so it is here in these rolling hills and not on Mt. Ararat like God said so God lied to us, but it kind of sort of proves the Bible."

People, if you convince non Christians that the Bible isn't accurate and can't be believed, they will not accept Jesus as their savior and will spend eternity burning in the Lake of Fire just like Satan wants. Think about that because those very subtle disproofs of the Bible will mean a lot to non Christians, you know, their eternity.

And a lot of Christians stupidly fell for that because Ron did a really great job of playing the saboteur just like Satan often does.

I found a series of three videos, where the person actually went to Mt. Ararat and the locals know right where the Ark is so they gave him a tour of the Ark that he video recorded, proving the Bible is very accurate. He tells you that even the Government of Turkey knows where it is.

What? Ron Wyatt couldn't do this?

Being in that area, you can bet he knew about it.

In this first video you can see it is covered with a lot of snow and rubble from the mountain and he tells you that you have to get permits from the Government of Turkey to visit and record it. This very brief video is the introduction to two better and longer videos.

Now remember that I told you years ago that NASA took satellite pictures of that "building" or Noah's Ark on Mt Ararat but the lefties made them stop proving the Bible is true to keep their funding. I believe that one thing God is going to do with the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be that someone, probably Christian Russia, Israel, Armenia, or maybe some rich turkey like me (I wish) will take control of that area and use modern technology to bring the Ark down for everyone to see that God didn't lie. There really was a global Flood that deposited a huge ship on a tall mountain 4,400 years ago.

Boy, I would love to be part of doing that. Keep an eye on that.

Listen, even if the Muslims maintain control of Mt. Ararat following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, I just realized I could persuade them to bring the Ark down from the mountain because the Koran talks about Noah a number of times.

The second video shows more and better quality pictures looking at the second floor of the Ark. Note it tells you that, in this video, he visited the Ark in 2014, only 10 years ago, so it is still there, one of God's many time capsules. He also tells you that the Ark is at 14,000 feet, higher than most mountains and not down in rolling hills like Ron told you.

He shows you the wooden peg or dowel system Noah and his sons used to build the Ark using hand tools. He tells you that it could never have been built where it rests today.

The only way that very large boat could have gotten so high on such a steep mountain is with a global flood leaving it there just like the Bible says.

By the way, having done some carpentry, I find it very interesting looking at the ancient and stable construction techniques they used to build the Ark.

This video is the third in the series showing the guides know where there are a number of entrances into the Ark.

BTW, with it being so cold and frozen up there, no bacteria will survive to destroy that wood, which is why it lasted so long and why God placed that time capsule where He did. God literally created hundreds of time capsules proving the accuracy of the Bible and Ron Wyatt tried to destroy that accuracy.

He tells you that they now believe the Ark has been broken into at least 3 big parts and why.

Now think about this, that civilization existed for 1,600 years before the Flood so many of the trees would have been huge, producing very long and wide boards like he shows in the videos. It took Noah and his family 120 years to build that big ship using hand tools.

He tells you that the news concerning the discovery of the Ark this century was overshadowed by lies on the Internet that it was a hoax and was a movie set but they would not have done the high quality wood work you see for a temporary movie set. They were just God haters spreading lies to prevent people finding out the truth.

Now, what about Ron's "ark"?

First, you have to understand that Noah's Ark was not the first or only ship built before the Flood. In that 1,600 years, they would have built a number of ships for commerce around the sea coast line and on big lakes and the sudden violence of the water, with massive tsunamis, would have either washed them up on land to be buried by mud or sunken in the waters. It looks like that ship was washed ashore and covered by mud and then the Flood waters to cave the deck down into the hull. When the waters later receded, they washed the mud off from over the ship to expose it.

God had Noah build his boat on dry land in an area where the sudden violence would not have destroyed his boat, allowing the rising sea waters to safely float it. All of the rest of the ships were in or near the waters and were destroyed by the sudden violence of those waters.

Even if other people did make it into boats, they would not have had the food stores to survive at sea for a full year. You have to prepare for something like that to survive it because you can only survive a few months without food, which is probably at least one reason why God caused the Flood to last a full year.

At this channel this Christian man, who grew up in Saudi Arabia, travels around the Middle East visiting finds that prove the Bible and were often found using the Bible. It is a very good and interesting channel.

This channel investigates pre Flood sites built by man and is very interesting.

This channel he travels around talking to Christian archaeologists who show scientific evidence proving the Flood and the Bible.

There is plenty of archaeological evidence proving the accuracy of the Bible and these and other people share that evidence with you.

There are a number of time capsules by God waiting to be opened to further prove the Bible and God and I think some of the most important will be someone finding where Moses actually crossed the Red Sea because there is a massive burial ground on the eastern shore because the Bible tells us that God washed the troops, their chariots, their horses, their weapons, and their armor up on that shore, where they have been buried until today.

Unlike what Ron Wyatt told you, God tells us that He did not leave Pharaoh's army scatter all over the sea floor but washed them up onto the eastern shore, where they are waiting to be found today.

I believe that, after Israel takes from the Euphrates River to the Nile River, west of the Red Sea, that will be possible and very easy to find.

Then there is Noah's Ark still on Mt. Ararat waiting to be brought down and it is even likely that God used the glacier and rock slide forces to break it up into smaller pieces to make it easier to bring down such a huge ship.

Then, when the Temple Institute builds the Third Temple, which I know they already have in prefabricated form on flat bed trucks in warehouses, which will only take them about 3 days to put in place, I know they know where the original Ark of the Covenant, lamp stand, shoe bread table, and other original things for service in the Temple are safely hidden and they will bring those things out to be used once again in Temple services.

Then we have the very interesting city God saved beneath a massive layer of mud He told me about when I was a boy, where God preserved life for an entire pre Flood city just as they lived it with all of the plants and animals they shared life with that will be a massive eye opener.

One interesting thing about that city God told me about is that it is round and people believe the City of Atlantis was round so I have been wondering, "Is that the real City of Atlantis that sank beneath the sea during the great Flood?" I think we will soon find out.

From what I am seeing, it looks like all of those time capsules by God will be opened for everyone to see the truth following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

The God haters have spent about 200 years using fake science to disprove the Bible and God and God will soon destroy 200 years of their fake science because man plans, God laughs.

Do you understand why Ron Wyatt's lies and frauds to subtly disprove the accuracy of the Bible, while making millions from the Christians he was deceiving really tick me off?

Wait until after the now escalating Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to see what happens. No one will believe any pagan lies again unless they want to believe those lies.

Me thinks it is about to get very interesting very soon because man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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