I Told You So 627

US War

Remember that I told you years ago that God told me in a number of dreams that we are going to have a war in the US?

I didn't think about it that much until just now because I know the war starts after the Nation of Islam/Mahdi Obama make their move so I have been more focused on that move but the conservatives in this country are showing me they are already mad enough to fight that war. Every day we get one day closer.

This is just one more sign that things are about to come together and happen like I have been warning you. You better get ready.

When they nuke Chicago, it will cause those conservatives to back off and secure their red zones in a Mexican standoff to prepare for the war just like God showed me. After the Nation of Islam takes their army to invade Israel and gets defeated, our war will start and God told me the red states or Republicans will defeat the blue states or Democrats AGAIN. Deja vu, baby.

This is going to be a really wild war because we will have to fight an enemy within our gates and from outside our gates at the same time. The Irish would call this a super duper Donny Brook. This is NOT just going to be you fighting the lefties but you will also have to fight an army of people from other nations, many of whom are already inside the US.

You will be fighting on our streets and you will either take it to them on their streets in their blue cities or they will bring it to you on your streets in your red cities. You better get ready for this.

You know that the lefties are getting ready to stage their insurrection very soon because they are very desperately trying to take your guns away from you.

You really should want to pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

This is really big. I just found out that the National Guard troops defending the US border are prepared to disobey ANY orders from Afghan Joe to protect the border. If even just part of the US Military joins sides with them, it will be a massive move.

I heard previously that the Border Patrol is refusing to cut the razor wire on the border.

Now, all we need is for the FBI, US Marshals, and CIA to join in that commitment to protect this nation from the left's insurrection and destruction of our Republic.

Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam infiltrated its people into the US Government and created the deep state?

You think not?

A large number of US Government employees are threatening a hunger strike if Afghan Joe doesn't take direct steps to stop Israel from killing off Hamas. It is getting more obvious all of the time so keep an eye on this.

Those people in our government taking the side of the terrorists who butchered men, women, and children in Israel on October 7 are Muslims and most are members of the Nation of Islam. That should tell you how many people and to what level the Nation of Islam has infiltrated into the US Government, you know, up to the President of the United States of America.

Increasing numbers of people are really going after Afghan Joe to stop him and get rid of him. The things the puppet masters are making Afghan Joe do are screwing things up worse and worse so that I am increasingly convinced his puppet masters will be forced to kill him, blame Israel, and stage an insurrection "to save you". Keep an eye on it.

The lefties have dug themselves into a number of holes and just keep digging deeper and deeper. That will make it easier to bury them.

Here is something you better think about. What Putin is doing, when he is saying that the sale of Alaska to the US was invalid, is he is justifying to his Russian people him invading Alaska to get Alaska back so the Russian people will support his invasion.

That should tell you that Putin is getting ready to invade Alaska like I have been telling you for years and it won't be long now.

You better pay attention because Putin and his allies are getting ready to invade Europe and North America because of our insane, greedy, power mad, upper class trash Royal lunatics. I would not be surprised if two thirds to three fourths of the people in Europe and North America die in this war. I also would not be surprised to find out that Putin has already made a deal with African leaders that all of the Euro-American Royals and their puppets involved in this mess and survive will end up as slaves in Africa because, after all, they inherited the money their ancestors made by using African slaves, especially with Putin building his own African army.

I hope they take the lefty college professors, media, and others who cause this mess with them.

The US is currently considering placing its own nukes in the UK because they know they have caused WWIII and that it will be a nuclear war but you know Putin is watching and will know where to strike to get a handful of nukes.

You have to understand that the US putting nukes in the UK is to protect the UK and Europe and not the US because most of the nukes launched between the US and Russia will go over the North Pole because that is the shortest distance between the US and Russia. All of the nukes coming into the US from the Atlantic and Pacific will be coming from ships and subs and not directly from Russia.

Keep an eye on this.


They are not letting Jordan get away with her lies. Everyone, including the US Pentagon, is now saying that 3 US soldiers were killed in Jordan and not in Syria.

What? You mean Jordan lied again?

I am getting the feeling that actually killing those 3 US soldiers was an accident by the Iranian proxy, which has put Afghan Joe, Mahdi Obama, and the Nation of Islam in a really tough spot. Now they are being heavily pressured to attack their proxy, Iran.

Man plans, God laughs.

I would not be surprised to find out that the drone pilot was told that the target building would be empty but it wasn't.

Everything the pagans do fails. Hey, it is ye ole reprobate mind thingy.

BTW, the Houthis have increased their attacks in the Red Sea to distract us away from the 3 US soldiers killed in Jordan.

I don't see anyone figuring out what is going on. They are just clueless because they have not been paying attention and don't know what I have taught you. They don't even have a clue that, with the help of Mahdi Obama and Afghan Joe, the Nation of Islam has spent more than 60 years infiltrating their people into the US Government, getting them trained, moving them up through our Government, to set up the US "deep state" and is using it to run the US Government from behind their Muslim curtain, with Mahdi Obama and Afghan Joe almost putting on the final touches by promoting members of that deep state into top government positions like in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and Pentagon. The Nation of Islam has almost finished staging a soft insurrection of the US Government and no one gets it.

But, they are now in threat of their soft insurrection failing and I am wondering if the Nation of Islam will now have to kill Afghan Joe and Kruela so Mahdi Obama can rush right in to "save the nation" and take an army to invade Israel to prove he is the Muslim Mahdi. It is possible that they didn't even plan out in advance the nuking of Chicago and will have to do it on the spur of the moment to save their soft insurrection.

They may not have known they were going to nuke Chicago when God told me they were going to nuke Chicago. They also don't know that they are going to cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39; they are just going to cause it, THINKING they will be invading and conquering Israel so they can conquer the world.

They don't know what they are doing. They just THINK they know because man plans, God laughs. God KNOWS what is going to happen and He told me so I told thee.

Something tells me that ye ole fecal matter is about to hit ye ole fan so duck.


This video tells you that a recent decision by Afghan Joe could finish off the EU and NATO. He is cutting off increases in natural gas to Europe during the winter, which will probably force at least some of them to make buds with Russia to get natural gas. That increases the probability of them leaving NATO and the EU, especially nations like Hungary and Romania.

She tells you that the reason Afghan Joe is doing this is to punish Texas for fighting back against Afghan Joe so the idiot is going to destroy the European economies to punish Texas, you know, learn them who is the boss.

Who dreamed that one up? And you still think they are smarter than you because they stole more than you and they can earn? It makes me wonder, "Is planet Earth a space alien mental institution for their greedy, power mad, arrogant Royals?"

Afghan Joe and his bunch are playing checkers, while everyone else is playing chess. My brain hurts.

Afghan Joe has proved again that our allies can't even depend on the US with the lefty upper class trash Royals and their puppets in control.

I just found out that the EU defense ministers are having a meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

Gee, I wonder who they think might invade Europe and why? You don't think that, with them waging war against Russia and Ukraine winding down, they think Russia might do unto them as they did unto Russia, do you?


Remember that I have been telling you that the UK and the US are working against Israel?

The UK is saying they are going to "recognize the Palestinian State", you know, so Israel will have to stop killing Hamas to protect the people of Israel.

And you think the British Royals are allies with Israel? Really?

They are Israel's worst enemy because they just took the side of Israel's enemies against Israel, you know, just like the Nation of Islam run US is doing.

They tell you with their actions who they are and what they are doing.

The only ally Israel has right now is God.

Remember than man plans, God laughs.

So, what do you think is going to happen when they do that to intimidate Israel to stop killing Hamas?

Israel isn't going to stop killing Hamas and then the UK and US will find themselves in the same place Afghan Joe is right now with people pressuring him to attack Iran. It will backfire on them.

Remember that I told you that the US won't attack their proxy, Iran, for killing 3 troops?

He tells you in this video that they are not even going after tier two targets, much less tier one. It is going to be the same crap as before with them attacking used rocket launchers.

Come on, people, it can't get more clear than that as to what is going on between the US and Iran. They just gave it away. It is now blatantly obvious that the US is being run by the Nation of Islam that Mahdi Obama is a part of and is in bed with Iran to wipe out Israel so Mahdi Obama can prove he is the Mahdi of Islam.

They just keep proving me right.

Then I found out that Afghan Joe is copping out by saying, "I am not looking for a wider war in the Middle East", you know, "I ain't attacking our proxy, Iran, and I don't care how many of our troops get killed".

I told you he wouldn't attack Iran, didn't I?

I am so tired of these evil people running things.

Wow, wow, I am so impressed!

Do you know what Afghan Joe did to "make Iran pay" for killing 3 of our soldiers?

He flew B-52s over their proxy bases. Ooooooooooo! It must have been so terrifying. /sarc

If I were your president, those bases would be cratered right now. Listen, I would have parked cruise missiles in the bedrooms of the 20 to 30 most important leaders in Iran at 2 am the next morning. The bull crap would have stopped really fast.

I get so tired of trying to teach people what is going on and I don't see ANYONE who has figured it out because of the US arrogance, especially with our media. They ALL simple-mindedly keep thinking that it is just the US and Iran.

Why, it is not possible that someone could have spent more than 60 years infiltrating their people into key positions in our government to do what the military calls a "soft insurrection" the way we have done with so many other nations. Why, we are just so magnificent and wonderful that it would not be possible for anyone to do that to us.

It is that type of arrogant superiority that would make it very probably for someone to do that to the US because that type of arrogant superiority would keep us from watching to make sure it would not happen, you know, the way they think the left has done to our government.

This video shows that the Syrian Army has now engaged Israel in combat by staging an attack on her over night. Israel just retaliated by striking a Syrian Military base.

Do you believe me yet that Iran, her allies, and her proxies along with the Nation of Islam are determined to destroy Israel and will CAUSE the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

They won't quit and keep expanding the war towards the north of Israel.

BTW, with increasing numbers of nations just ignoring the International Court of Justice decisions, they can't last much longer. The idiots are putting themselves out of business.


Remember that I have been warning you that some African nations, armed and trained by Russia, will invade Europe when Russia and her other allies do?

I just found out that the military unit Putin is putting together in Africa is to replace Wagner in Africa, is being recruited "across Africa", will be armed and trained by Russia, and will be under the command of Russia just like Wagner.

That is the group Putin will have attack into France when he attacks into Poland, after Russia stages its preemptive nuclear attack on Europe.

I told you he was preparing African forces to invade Europe from the South, when Russia, Belarus, and their other allies go into Europe from the east and north.

Keep an eye on it.

US Militias

Remember that I told you decades ago that the US Military was putting people out of the military to form and train militias to help prepare for this mess by our lefties?

This video shows a group they call a vigilante group but he tells you at the beginning that it is run by a number of former US Military officers and it is clearly a militia organization.

Do you believe me yet?


Remember that I told you that, when Putin makes his move to finish off Ukraine, Belarus will invade Ukraine from north to south in the West of Ukraine to keep Poland from invading to take land and that Hungary and Romania are also planning to invade Ukraine?

Close to the Start of this video he tells you that Poland is threatening Hungary to not invade Ukraine to take turf because Poland will "break Hungary's teeth on Ukraine". Hey, Poland wants to have control over those people so Poland can make the tax money from them.

They know that Ukraine has lost the war and they are all planning to grab whatever turf they can like vultures coming in to a kill.

Then he tells you that the US is going to provide Ukraine with a new weapon to test it against Russia's defenses.

It seems that Zalushney refuses to step down from the Ukrainian Military as the leader. He stated that, by Ukrainian law, Z Boy can't legally be in charge of the Ukrainian government past March 31, 2024, at which time Zalushney will take over because he is in control of the military. If Z Boy is in Ukraine on April 1, they could arrest and prosecute him for his crimes.

That should be interesting. I guess Z Boy is about to retire and the West just finally lost the war.

He tells you more about it in this video. As of March 31 Z Boy will be unemployed and it doesn't look like anyone else wants the war to continue.

You know that Putin and his FSB had to know about this and have been in touch with Zalushney so it has me wondering why Putin is grabbing so much land now. My first thought is for a stronger negotiating position, after Zalushney surrenders.

This probably explains why more countries are stopping sending weapons to Ukraine because they just might need those weapons themselves.

Keep an eye on this.

I am absolutely convinced that the lefty upper class trash Royals and their puppets are having an international insanity and stupidity contest and it is really close. Their reprobate minds are so stupid they can't even figure out that they are failing at everything they are doing and that, just maybe, they should quit.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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