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I find it absolutely amazing and hypocritical that the liberal pagan (AKA secular) God hating scientists work so hard disproving the Biblical miracles while professing we humans should be able to do the same things using science. God has taught me that proofs for many scientific theories are clearly obvious in the scriptures and that, if we would just study the scriptures from a scientific perspective, we would learn a lot about what we could do using science.

In this essay, I want to show that by examining some of the Biblical miracles from a scientific bases or doing a scientific analysis of those miracles.

Sub Atomic Nuclear Sorting

The first thing I want to analyze is God instantly turning Lot's wife into a column of salt or what I call sub atomic nuclear sorting. If you study nuclear physics or chemistry you will learn that all matter consists of just two tiny particles, electrons and protons. If you look at the Periodic Table listing all elements, it becomes very clear that the only difference between the different elements is the number of electrons and protons contained by each element.

For example hydrogen (H) has only one electron and one proton, helium (He) has two electrons and two protons, carbon (C) has 6 electrons and 6 protons, oxygen (O) has 8 electrons and 8 protons, and sodium or table salt (Na) has 11 electrons and 11 protons.

You also have to understand that, even with the largest and most dense atoms, better than 98% of the space taken up by that atom is just empty space through which other electrons and protons can easily pass without striking any of the electrons and protons making up that atom.

Therefore, to turn hydrogen into sodium, all you have to do is combine eleven hydrogen atoms to have enough electrons and protons to make up one sodium atom. In the human body, to turn the entire body into sodium, you would only need to sort the electrons and protons between all of the existing atoms so that each resulting atom would have 11 electrons and 11 protons. You wouldn't have to move even one electron across the entire body but just a tiny space to a neighboring atom so this could be done very quickly, within an instant.

When God turned Lot's wife into a pillar of salt or sodium, He showed us that such things as sub atomic nuclear sorting can be done and He also did it without releasing any energy which would normally be done when splitting or combining atoms. This should tell you two things; 1) Yahweh has such fine control of matter than He can do this process on a massive scale instantly and 2) He also has such control over energy that he can carry out this process without an uncontrolled release of energy.

If our liberal pagan scientists would quit making up fairy tales about things like evolution in a vain effort to prove this being does not exist and start studying the science illustrated in the Bible via the miracles, they would learn they could easily heal any disease, ailment, or injury by simply sorting the electrons and protons to create the required atoms in the right places in order to create the right molecules in the right places in order to have the right structures in the right places to have a healthy body.

This science would be the ultimate and end game medicine and would make it possible to instantly heal any medical problems we could have. Harmful protists or single cell organisms such as viruses and bacteria could quickly and easily be destroyed without harmful chemicals or invasive surgeries. This simple process, clearly used by God and Jesus to heal many people, could advance our current medicine by hundreds of years if the liberal pagan God hating scientists would learn from the Bible and direct their scientific research in this direction.

Also, when you learn to understand this science, you realize that the current direction their scientific research is going is in the wrong direction and will delay man from achieving this science. Also, understanding this science makes it much easier to understand the rest of the miracles in the Bible which is why I chose to explain this science first.

They refuse to learn from God because they don't want to believe this being exists and, therefore, reject the science this incredible being is teaching us in the Bible.

Hating God has its price, we die for it every day.

The Creation

Using the above science, the act of creation as described in the Bible becomes very easy to understand. The scriptures tell us that the first thing God did was create light but what it is really telling us is that He created all forms of radiation energy and not just visible light. Then Yahweh wrote the formula E=MC2 (He later taught it to Einstein) and used that formula to convert a tiny fraction of His own energy (He tells us that all power or energy comes from Him, God) to electrons and protons and sorted those electrons and protons into a huge ball of water to store those electrons and protons as His ball of clay for the creation. Then, when He created the different planets, stars, and other structures in space and everything on planet earth, all Yahweh had to do was use sub atomic nuclear sorting to change those water molecules into whatever atoms He needed to create whatever molecules He needed to create whatever structures He needed to create those objects. It is very complex but the theory is quite simple and easy to understand.

In creating everything in place via sub atomic nuclear sorting, Yahweh showed us the infinite control He has over energy and matter and how massive His power is. To Yahweh, the entire creation was just a few days work. In those few days, He created our entire existence.

Telepathic Communication

I have already shown you in the scriptures where God said that he will choose a prophet and communicate to him by visions and dream. In today's scientific terminology we would call this a form of telepathic communication. This shows very clearly that God does communicate with us telepathically, also including by way of inspiration.

I find it very interesting and hypocritical that most of the pagan God haters (AKA secularists) mock the idea that God communicates with us by visions and dreams but will turn around and say they believe we humans may be able to communicate telepathically. I am going to teach you the biology and physics behind telepathic communication. Most scientists study either biology or physics and they normally don't study both so they never really put this one together.

In electronics communications you learn that, when electrons flow through anything, that electron flow causes microwave radiation or signals to be given off by that object and the frequency of the microwave signal will depend on the length or wave length of that object. It is also taught that, when a microwave of the proper frequency crosses any item which will conduct electrons, the microwave will cause electron flow through that object. It is also important to understand that the object can be a "multiple" of the wave length and doesn't have to be the exact wave length to transmit or receive a given frequency. For example, any object which is a multiple of a 1,000 hertz or cycle wave will transmit or receive a 1,000 hertz wave length. Any object which is 500 hertz, 250 hertz, 2,000 hertz, or any other multiple will transmit or receive a 1,000 hertz signal. This is the essence of wireless communication, a microwave signal is transmitted by one antenna and received by another antenna when that signal crosses the antenna. All you have to do to communicate with some one else via microwave radiation is to be transmitting and receiving on the same frequency they are transmitting and receiving on.

But you have to also realize that it takes more than being able to transmit and receive the signal. As with wireless communications, your brain has to also have the circuitry to process the signal when it is received and a circuit to properly process a signal before sending the signal. A radio which doesn't have a circuit to properly process a signal before sending that signal so the receiver can process the signal to understand what is being sent will just be sending "noise". Also, a radio which doesn't have the circuitry to process a received signal so it can be understood by the receiver will just be receiving noise. To understand and use that signal you must be able to process the signal correctly.

In biology, more specifically, neurology, we know that there is electron flow through brain cells and have learned that the electron flow through those cells causes microwave radiation. We have been using that microwave radiation to study the function of the brain for decades. They are currently doing research to develop the ability to use "brain signals" or messages to cause machines to do work for us.

In the military, we learned that a microwave signal of the right frequency crossing those same brain cells will cause electron flow through those brain cells generating signals inside the brain and can even damage the human brain by causing too much electron flow.

Now, if you combine these two sciences, you will suddenly realize that the same brain cells which transmit microwave signals will also be able to receive microwave signals of the same frequency.

This should tell you that you will be receiving signals which your brain isn't wired to process and those signals will just be seen by your brain circuitry as electronic noise which will interfere with electron flow in your brain causing confusion and irritation. Basically, this explains why people living in large populations tend to be more irritable and aggressive, their brains are being constantly bombarded with noise from so many other brains and, today, so many other sources, but that is another essay.

Because of this, some scientists rightfully think we humans may be capable of telepathic communication and the Bible proves that theory to be true. (Don't you wish pagan scientists would quit rejecting the Bible and study it for the science that is hidden in it?) You should realize that we are at least capable of receiving signals from a transmitting source but those signals must be structured to match the wiring in our brains so we can process and understand those signals. The Bible shows that we humans do have circuitry for processing signals sent by another source but the signals must be structured to match that circuitry or we won't get the picture.

It should only be common sense that a significantly superior being who designed and created us would know about such a circuitry and be able to communicate with us telepathically or by visions, dreams, and inspirations. As a matter of fact, the scriptures provide us with sufficient evidence that God actually built such circuitry in our brains so He could communicate telepathically with us. After all, He said He does.

The hidden science in the Bible

Now let's just walk through the Bible randomly looking at different miracles. I find it very interesting that even our religious leaders show a lack of faith in believing what God says He did and it is largely because of their ignorance and peer pressure from the liberal pagan God haters which cause this. A great example is the disbelief they show concerning the miracles associated with the Exodus. The religious leaders make up really lame excuses so they don't have to profess a belief that God did something using super natural powers by trying to show how it happened naturally.

This is an act of blasphemy because it is them saying they don't believe even God could supernaturally do such things as parting the waters of the Red Sea when God said He did so they say the Hebrews actually crossed the much smaller body of water called the Reed Sea instead of believing God. I find this very interesting and hypocritical because, today, scientists theorize that they can levitate matter and have even managed to do so with small amounts of matter. Mean while, in the scriptures, God proves their theories right by telling us that He levitated billions of tons of water to part the Red Sea and millions of tons of mud to create a smooth passage across the Red Sea chasm. As a matter of fact, God proves their theories right four times in the Bible by levitating large amounts of water when the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea and the Jordan River, when Elijah crossed the Jordan River, and when Elisha crossed the Jordan River. Maybe these scientists should stop trying to disprove the Bible and start studying it.

Then we have God turning the entire Nile River to blood. Now you will understand me teaching the sub atomic nuclear sorting first because all God would have had to do was to sort the electrons and protons in the water molecules to turn enough of them into the right atoms in order to have the right molecules in the right places for the water to become blood of any type He wanted, i.e. human, horse, pig, and etc.

The disbelievers try to explain the pandemic of frogs using natural phenomenon but all God had to do was use sub atomic nuclear sorting to create the atoms He needed in order to create the molecules He needed in the right places to create the structures He needed to create tens of millions of frogs and He could have used any matter to achieve this including the river water, soil, and air. Everything made of electrons and protons is really just His clay to create anything He wants any time He wants anywhere He wants. This same process could have easily been used for other plagues such as creating gnats and locusts.

Interestingly, we humans could use this science to live on any other planet the size of earth by sorting atoms from the soil to create the atmosphere, water, plants, animals, and anything else we needed to live on those planets. We could also use this science to recycle waste, especially harmful waste, here on earth or create any elements we needed for anything we needed including clean water and air. Gee, I wonder why our planet is such a mess when we have been rejecting the science God teaches in the Bible. Yahweh's science could solve all of our physical problems.

Then we have scientists who say that, some day, we humans will be able to control weather. Yahweh proves their theories true by controlling weather again and again in the Bible yet these same scientists refuse to believe a superior being could do what they believe they will some day be able to achieve. Let me get this straight, it is impossible for a superior being to do what an inferior being can do? Does that make any sense? That is what they are saying. Go figure.

In the 10 plagues of Egypt, there was a judgment of darkness and light in which the being Yahweh caused all light to cease where the Egyptians lived while the sun light shown where the Hebrews lived just down the road. This shows the control that Yahweh has over light photons and radiation so that he can cause it to cease in one area while permitting it to continue in another nearby area. Our scientists today are experimenting with controlling light (and doing quite well for us) for a variety of reasons and maybe they should be put in a nut house for trying to do what the liberal pagans say is impossible for a superior being to do?

Actually, most of the miracles in the Bible can be easily explained with just a few scientific theories such as sub atomic nuclear sorting, levitation, telepathic communication, controlling the weather, and a few others, all of which our scientists are researching today while refuting the Biblical miracles as being ridiculous. (Maybe we shouldn't be funding their research?) Every healing that Jesus did including causing the blind to see, curing diseases, and even raising the dead along with feeding thousands from a few pieces of bread and fish and changing wine to water can easily be explained using sob atomic nuclear sorting. Walking on water could easily be explained by levitation. Causing a storm to stop is weather control.

All of this shows that this incredible being was much, much more advanced 3,600 years ago than we are today. It also proves what God says, "The wisdom of God is foolishness to the world and the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God." We are the fools.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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