Big Bad Joke

I just read an article in the news which shows just how stupid these liberal commie's really are. They are absolutely clue less. I think their brains are made out of antimatter if any matter at all.

In the House, they were discussing whether to permit Bush's tax cuts to expire at the end of this year. Pelosi said, "Our position has been that we support middle-income tax cuts. The tax cuts at the high end have increased the deficit enormously." Oh no, it could not possibly be that it was her incessant commie spending of trillions of dollars that was causing the deficit to increase enormously, it had to be not getting in enough tax money to pay for that stupid spending.

I would hate to be her personal accountant. Her budget management logic is absolutely backwards. If you want to control you deficit, don't cut back on spending, just increase your income. It is the not increasing your income which is increasing your debt and not the run-away spending. What a twit. Infinite stupidity, definitely.

This brain dead "leader" wants to take a huge amount of money out of a dying economy so she can just keep spending like a spoiled rich commie brat whose Daddy will always pay the bill no matter how large it gets. She is completely clue less as to the affect that will have on this economy, especially by taking the money from the rich who have to start hiring people to put an end to this depression the commie's keep calling a "recovering economy."

Then the twits can't figure out why those rich people won't start hiring people and bring the country out of a depression. Let me give you a clue, sweet heart, THEY ARE HOLDING ONTO THAT MONEY SO THEY CAN PAY THE INCREASED TAXES YOU WILL HAVE TO CHARGE THEM SOONER OR LATER TO PAY FOR ALL YOU STUPID COMMIE SPENDING!!! Why would they start hiring people knowing they would just have to lay those people off to pay your stupid commie upper class taxes, stupid commie brat?

You upper class people need to teach your children fiscal discipline by not paying for and buying everything they want or need. You give them an allowance from which THEY have to pay for everything they want so they learn to buy stuff by saving and not pay for stuff by paying off debt all of the time. You need to quit pulling out the credit card to buy your children everything they want. It teaches very bad habits and fiscal behavior. Obviously, the commie brats' parents failed to do this.

Then there was this item, "At the center of the debate among Democrats is whether economic stimulus (spending) or deficit reduction (taxing) should be the top policy priority." I would say learning something about economics would be the first thing they should do. Until then, they shouldn't even be permitted to say anything about economics in public.

Report after report has shown that their commie big government "stimulus" spending has failed to have any significant affect on the economy but the twits won't listen and insist in believing that they must spend their way out of this bad economy but they are so stupid they can't figure out how to deal with the deficit they are causing with their spending and think the deficit is being caused by not taxing enough which would destroy the economy even more. Is that mind boggling stupidity or what?

Just keep drilling those holes in the bottom of the boat and find out, morons!!!

I already told you how to solve this problem by NOT DOING ANYTHING THE COMMIE'S ARE DOING!!! The best thing these stupid commie's can do is crawl off in a corner some where and find something shiny to play with while the intelligent people clean up their messes. I firmly believe the upper class trash has been inbreeding too long and need to stop breeding for a few generations. That would do more to solve our problems than anything else.

Again, stop commie taxes and big government spending and let the economy right itself. That is all they have to do to fix the mess they caused with taxes and big government spending.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!
With the stupid people in control, you are going to need it!

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