Empire Falls

For a long time the conservatives have preached the need for a powerful military for defense with the liberals saying we don't need more than a minimal defense, if any. They have kept saying that such things as entitlement programs, public education, and health care were more important and should have more money instead of the military getting that money to protect our country.

The conservatives kept saying, "If your military can't defend your country because you insisted that entitlement programs, public education, health care, and other socialists programs were more important, you will eventually be taken over by another country or power because of a weakened military and that country or power will take away all of those programs and your military leaving you with nothing but impoverished slavery. Besides, the liberals have done very poorly at their big government managing all those programs even with constantly increasing socialist budgets taking away from the military.

I just read an article on the Telegraph.co.uk site by Thomas Harding, Defense Correspondent, which is proving the conservatives to be right....again. The head line said, "Britain no longer has the cash to defend itself from every threat, says Liam Fox (Britain's Defense Secretary.)"

You have to understand that Britain is one of the most liberal socialist countries in the world with a thriving communist party. As a matter of fact, Britain is considered to be a roll model by most US commie's. It seems that the commie's have bankrupted Britain to the point that she can no longer afford the military required to defend herself against every potential threat.

The article went on to say, "In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Dr Fox said the dire state of the public finances meant the Armed Forces could no longer be equipped to cover every conceivable danger." Basically, they are selling out the ability to defend themselves for those precious entitlement programs which have bankrupted Britain.

Then the article concluded with, '"It is very difficult for someone like me who is a fiscal hawk and hawkish on defence policy to arrive here at a time when the previous government have bankrupted us," Dr Fox said. "It is really difficult and we will have to make really hard choices."

"Labour (their commie party) have left us with such a car crash that next year the interest on the national debt will be nearly one and half times the defence budget. That is not sustainable."'

So the big question now is, "Which threat that she can't defend herself against will be the one that ends British autonomy by bring self rule for the once great empire to an end?"

Then Dr. Fox makes a serious mistake when he said, "But Dr Fox criticised the fleet's (the British Navy) obsession with hi-tech ships such as the Type 45 destroyer, described by BAe Systems, its makers, as the most advanced warship of its kind, or Astute submarines.

"If I had a criticism of the Navy it is that it's been too centred on a high specification end and not had sufficient platform numbers (ships) in a world that requires presence," he explained."

Obviously Dr. Fox is one of too many civilians who doesn't understand that military capability and superiority are tied to quality weapons technology and troop training. He wants to trade quality for quantity and that is never a good trade. Having more ships that can't win battles will just mean that more of your ships will get sunk in the battle. If those people had paid attention to history, they would have learned that the army with the best or most advanced technology and best troop training wins most of the time. All that technology is very important in war. If you want "presence" (AKA numbers), trade all those war ships in for a lot more row boats with shotguns and see just how well that works.

You are witnessing the historic fall of the once great British Empire into ruin caused by the liberals' beloved communism. Pay very close attention because the rest of the Marxist countries are next, including the US. Just as I have been telling you, the liberal upper class trash has bankrupted almost every country on the planet and destroyed the global economy. We will not be alone in our self induced poverty and misery. We will have plenty of company thanks to our intellectually superior liberal friends. I don't like it but deal with it, learn from it, and move on.

Please note that this is at a time when Islam is waging an all out war against the rest of the world and to have these once powerful countries militarily caving because their upper class trash have bankrupted them is the worst thing that could have happened to all of us. Once again, the intellectual superiority of the upper class trash has brought this world to the brink of destruction. Just remember, cream isn't the only thing that floats.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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