The Big Picture

In espionage, you are trained to gather information, connect the dots and read between the lines until a picture emerges which makes sense. Most likely the first picture which makes sense is the right picture but you have to keep checking because there can be a second or third picture hidden in those dots.

For years I have been gathering information on Obama and working to connect the dots. I have been working at getting a picture and managed to get most of the picture but there were some things which just didn't make sense. This week some very important dots showed up and now the picture is much more clear.

Obama is a real people user and poser everything. He will pretend to be anything to get what he wants and is very good at posing or pretending. The man is pure fake.

When the Commiecrats lied, stole, and committed other crimes to illegally get Obama in power as the President of the US, they thought he was a real team player for the Commiecrat Party. So, when Obama started appointing all of those Commiecrat czars to all those government positions, the Commiecrats thought he was setting the government up for them all to share power under the new communist dictatorship. Therefore, they didn't question what has turned out to be Obama setting HIMSELF up in a position of absolute power and setting them up to get rid of them, called consolidation of power.

I know I have taught you about consolidation of power where dictators will always get rid of better than 90% of the people who helped the dictators get into power to consolidate and secure their personal power. It always happens following any coup. Actually, Ocommie Bin Laden has been simultaneously setting things up for at least four different phases in his quest to become the first king of America.

The extra dots that came into play involved everything from Ocommie using and dumping the old school white commie crackers like Pelosi, not caring about the bad results from the recent election with Ocommie already working to "make deals" with the Republicans (AKA buy enough of them out to get what he wants) and the last Wikileaks releases.

Oh yes, the Wikileaks thing. You see the first release was a ruse designed to set up the second release. The first set was to make it look like it was a general sabotage of the US government but the second release was clearly aimed at getting rid of Hillary Clinton as a contender for the Commiecrat candidate position for president in the 2012 elections. You see, better than 2/3 of the information Wikileaks got their hands on, was classified information from the State Department which that little nothing of a private in the Army could not possibly have had access to, therefore, those documents had to come from some one else. This also explains why the US Fed's and military have not killed Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, yet. The US Fed's and military want to get their hands on Assange to interrogate him and find out who are the real traitors in the US Government. You can bet that, when Ocommie is through with Assange, Assange will turn up dead.

You can bet it was one of Obama's czars who provided Wikileaks with that information. Why? Because Assange is using that information to call for the resignation of Hillary, which would destroy her political career and ability to challenge Obama for President in 2012. Remember I told you that the Commiecrat puppet masters are grooming her to run for president in 2012 which is a threat to Ocommie. Hint: Ocommie isn't a team player.

The reason why more and more of the Commiecrats in Congress are turning against Ocommie is because they have realized that Ocommie is betraying all of them and is working to take control away from the Commiecrat old school white commie crackers the way they all took power away from you, the American people. In other words, what went around is coming around and they don't like being treated the way they treated you. They are now on the outside looking in, just like you.

So while Ocommie was pretending to be one of the good old boy Commiecrats, he and his new school white commie crackers were already working on getting rid of the old school white commie crackers just as soon as they didn't need those old school white commie crackers any more, like right now. The consolidation of power I warned you about is taking place right now with the new school white commie crackers thinking they will be the new in crowd. Wrong, again, stooges.

I have learned that while Ocommie is playing cards with one hand, you better pay attention to his other hand. When Ocommie first got into office, he started out by appointing the new school white commie crackers into the most powerful positions with few of those appointees being Muslims. While Ocommie was working with the old school white commie crackers to set up a communist dictatorship over you, his new school white commie crackers were "prepping the battle field" to start phase two which was to take control from the old school white commie crackers; AKA consolidation of power.

But, for over a year now, almost all of Ocommie's political appointees have been Muslims and not new school white commie crackers. Guess what his next move is going to be and you can bet those Muslims are already prepping the battle field for that move. A close hint here is that Rahm Emanuel, who was one of the leading new school white commie crackers and Ocommie's right hand man already got the shaft from Ocommie. Oops!!! I bet light bulbs just came on.

Yeah, you got it, phase three will be to do to the new school white commie crackers what those new school white commie crackers are now doing to the old school white commie crackers and that move is already in its early stages with the first casualties already on the road looking for work, on the outside looking in, just like you.

Your first thought at this point is that Ocommie is setting up for the Black Muslims to seize control from the new school white commie crackers turning the communist dictatorship into a Black Muslim dictatorship and you can bet that is what the Black Muslim leaders are also thinking. Wrong, again.

Please notice that almost all of the Muslim appointees for at least the last year have not been Black Muslims, they have been Arab Muslims with increasing numbers of them not even being US citizens but are instead from Saudi Arabia. Oops!

Now, suddenly, it becomes important that Obama is not really an African American but is really an Arab American. He only looks black because of "throw back" genetics from a distant ancestor. He is less than 5% Black, is more than 45% Arab, and is 50% Caucasian. Oops! Also note that both his father and step father were Arab Muslims and not Black Muslims so Obama Bin Laden was raised as an Arab Muslim and not a Black Muslim. It is very important to understand that Arab Muslims are very racist, hate Black Muslims, are currently killing off Black Muslims in the Sudan, and call Black Muslims monkeys. Remember that, in Islam the 3 lowest life forms on earth or pigs, dogs (they call women dogs), and monkeys (they call Blacks monkeys). This also explains why Obama bowed to King Abdullah who is Arab Muslim but not to Farrakhan and Wright, who are Black Muslims. Guess where his loyalties are going to be.

Wanna bet those Arab Muslims Obama Bin Laden appointed are not hiring many if any Black Muslims? Oops, again! Wanna bet they are busy hiring a lot of Arab Muslims from Saudi Arabia to their government agencies?

Mean while, the Black Muslims think Obama Bin Laden is playing for them while the new school white commie crackers think Obama Bin Laden is playing for them and the old school white commie crackers are learning the hard way that Obama was never playing for them. Talk about a pack of power mad fools. They all deserve what they are getting. Obama Bin Laden is playing them all for suckers.

Remember that I told you at the first of this essay that Obama is a real people user and poser everything. It turns out he is a poser US citizen, poser Christian, poser old school commie, poser new school commie, and poser Black Muslim. What Obama really is, is a devout Arab Muslim, just like I told you he was years ago. But he will use the Black Muslims until he doesn't need them any more...either.

Wanna bet that after Obama murders his Black Muslim and poser Christian wife and 2 daughters in the nuke party as an honor killing, that the first new wife will be an Arab Muslim and not a Black Muslim? She will almost certainly be from King Abdullah's family, you know, like almost all of Obama's recent appointees are from Saudi Arabia. This guy is using and throwing away every creep on the planet in order to set up an Arab Muslim dictatorship for himself over the rest of us.

That, my friends, is Obama Bin Laden's big picture.


There is an element of time I am closely watching. If the Commiecrats wait to get rid of Ocommie Bin Laden until after the new members of Congress are sworn in this January, a Republican will be leader of the House and become vice president. It should be obvious that the Commiecrats don't want this except as an absolute last resort because then a Republican would be one slip up, severe illness, or death away from being president.

If Ocommie can keep the wolves at bay until then, then it will be less likely the Commiecrat Party will try to get rid of Ocommie unless they wake up enough to realize what Ocommie is really up to and are smart enough to make a political sacrifice play, which I serious doubt. This will buy Ocommie almost two years in which to finish consolidating his power as Arab Muslim dictator over the US.

If the Commiecrats want to get rid of Ocommie, they better do it at least a week or two before the new members of Congress are sworn in so Pelosi will move up to become vice president.

Keep an eye on this.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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