I Told You So 57

ROFL in tears with both sides hurting!!! I swear that these stupid commie's are going to cause me to die laughing.

Once again, my predictions proved to be right. I told you that, if the temp hiring for Christmas wasn't large enough to off set the temp firing following the November 2 elections, that unemployment would increase for November. Guess which happened. Hint: unemployment just went up to 9.8%. That means the temp hiring for Christmas was lower than the temp firing following the elections.

How is that recovery thing doing? LOL

And, I was right again, the experts were surprised, amazed, and confounded once again. I bet my readers were not surprised.

The experts said that, with the "upward trend", you know, the one created by all that temp hiring, they thought things would only get better. (Excuse me a minute while I get up off the floor.) Experts (x = unknown; spurt is a drip under pressure; do the math), expected 150 thousand new jobs to be created because of all the temp hiring for the previous two months. There were only 39,000 new jobs created. Amazingly, the expert guesses about why the unemployment went up don't even come close to what I told you would cause unemployment to increase.

Wow! What an incredible recovering economy! My farts are smarter than those people. :-)

At Newsmax.com, "Analysts said the data the Labor Department released Friday was actually worse than the disappointing jump in unemployment to 9.8 percent would suggest. Other key indicators - including average weekly hours worked, average hourly earnings, and average weekly earnings - declined as well."

Hey, commie's and experts, when are we going to have all those parades, dancing on the roof tops, and free drugs for the liberal commie's to celebrate the booming economy? :-)

I already told you the rich wouldn't create new jobs because they will need that extra money to pay the increasing taxes this coming year. If anything, they will start firing people this month, December, to save money to pay those increasing taxes plus some rich are taking their money and running. No big surprise here.

Based on what has just happened, I think it is safe to predict that unemployment will rise again for December because of this terrible "recovering economy", the increasing taxes, and other factors I have told you about. I think it is also safe to predict that Ocommie and his Commiecrat pals will try to blame Bush in spite of the fact that they said the "Bush caused recession had ended in June 2009."

I guess this means there won't be any celebrating parades, dancing on the roof tops, and free drugs for all the liberal commie's. And you think this is bad, wait until you see the figures for December when they come out the first week in January 2011. :-P Don't be surprised if unemployment goes over 10% for December and even higher for this coming January. In the early months of next year, this economy is going to get flushed big time. The economic crash that will happen next year will be worse than any economic crash that has happened since the economic crash in Germany following WWI. Don't be surprised if real unemployment (not the fake unemployment the government keeps telling us about) hits 50% within the next one or two years. This is really going to hurt and hurt a lot. You are about to find out the hard way that Marxism under any name simply cannot work.

Oh yeah, don't be surprised to see Ocommie's ratings drop down below the unemployment rate. :-) Of course, if unemployment goes as high as I expect it to go, his ratings are already that low.

Is any one out there stupid enough to believe this economy is recovering and we are not in a full scale depression that is only getting worse? Oh yeah, there are always the liberal commie's and the experts. They are dumb enough they will believe anything. :-) Wahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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