Bird Flu III

As usual, it looks like my estimates and predictions were very conservative. I just saw on the news that they have found the Bird Flu in western Russia. They are predicting that the Bird Flu will reach most of Europe this coming fall with the annual bird migration. They are preparing to fight to keep it out of the domestic bird populations as much as possible. These very liberal and conservation oriented people are talking about killing off entire populations of wild birds to keep the disease from killing off large populations of domestic birds and causing considerable economic damage along with increasing the potential of the disease jumping to the human population. To put it simply, they are scared to death.

At this point, even the most conservative estimates would say that, if the Bird Flu reaches most of Europe this fall, it should be spread throughout all of Europe within one year. If this disease begins jumping to the human population on even a moderate scale, it could easily result in the deaths of huge numbers of Europeans.

What about the rest of the uncontaminated world? If you know anything about the migratory patterns to the Americas and Africa in relation to currently contaminated areas, you should know that it will only take the migration this fall or, at the very latest, next fall, to spread the disease to and throughout Africa and all of the Americas.

I expect this migration to carry the disease from Russia down through the Middle East to Africa this fall. Most people don't know that the Middle East is one of the largest bird migration routes in the world connecting Africa to the Middle East, Western Asia, and Europe. Africa is a grossly undeveloped area which will mean the mortality rates will be very high when the disease jumps to humans.

Every fall, birds migrate south from the east coast of Russia, Alaska, and Canada to Central and South America. The annual bird migrations tend to be along the west and east coasts of the US and Mexico. This means that the disease should travel down the west coasts of Canada, the US, and Mexico but it will be transmitted to the east coast birds in Central America because the land mass is so narrow and shared by all the birds. This will carry the disease throughout all of South America and then back up along the US east coast and center next spring.

Understanding all of these things, it is very likely that the entire planet will have the Bird Flu within one or two years. It will be at that time that we all begin to battle the inevitable jump to the human populations. When and where the disease breaks loose in the human populations, there will be a massive and deadly pandemic resulting in a human die off that could easily exceed half the populations in many countries, especially the less developed countries where medical treatment is very limited if existent at all. With a currently estimated mortality rate of 87%, it would not be unexpected to see some countries loose almost their entire populations, especially in their larger cities. We could easily see ghost towns spring up around the world on a massive scale within just a few years. It would even be expected for at least some of the smaller and less developed countries to cease functioning and even existing as countries becoming a menagerie of small, scattered tribes or city states. Economies will die and even cease to exist beyond the barter state. This could easily develop into the worst disaster for mankind since the global flood.

What are your best chances for surviving this pandemic? First, pray like hell. Like I said, it will literally become survival of the fittest in most cases. The healthier people will survive the best with those having less fit and weaker immune systems dying completely off, very quickly. I expect to see almost the entire liberal populations wiped out where the disease does break loose in the populations because of their previously mentioned self inflicted stresses on the immune systems. Conservative athletes, outdoors men, farmers, and ranchers, and soldiers would tend to survive the best as long as there is no drug abuse because they will have the strongest immune systems.

This is not something I am looking forward to but have been warning you about for years. It seems to be very close and almost certain from what the scientists are saying. It will definitely change the world in incredible ways. Many may not want to survive the pandemic. I suggest that you get right with God quickly.

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