Bird Flu IV

I have realized that most of you seem to not be getting concerned enough about the threat of the Bird Flu probably because you don't realize how serious the threat is. I believe this is probably because I have noticed that the media don't really seem to be getting a clue at just how significant the threat of the Bird Flu is and is therefore sending a level of concern to you which should be much higher. I want to do a little comparative analysis here to show you just how significant this threat really is to all of us.

The media have most people in the US terrified of the disease Ebola with many thinking that the mortality rate for the disease is 100%. The truth is that the mortality rate for Ebola is only about 90% with one in ten people who get the disease surviving. The mortality rate for the Bird Flu is currently at 87.2% which is only 2.8% better than Ebola. Then it has to be realized that among sick people, weak people, people with stressed immune systems, and people who have medium to poor health, such a disease can have a mortality rate of 100%. If infected, you are almost as likely to die from the Bird Flu as you are from Ebola.

Ebola is spread between primates such as monkeys and man and is much easier to contain than the Bird Flu because monkeys don't migrate thousands of miles every six months and we have advanced to the point to where we can control most people's movements well enough to quarantine a disease like Ebola to relatively small areas. About the only way someone living in the US could get Ebola would be if some one smuggled in a primate to some animal lover, illegal aliens bringing the disease in, or some infected person bringing it in before the outbreak is realized getting it past a quarantine. Therefore, the true threat of Ebola is relatively remote but will probably eventually make it to the US, but even then, the containment will be relatively easy.

On the other hand, the Bird Flu is primarily spread by birds which migrate thousands of miles across national borders and past any potential for quarantine twice each year. Plus it is also spread by the overlapping ranges of birds when they are at their wintering and summering habitats. These normal migrating activities should have spread the Bird Flu to almost every country on the planet within at least the next two years.

These infected birds can easily spread the disease to farm birds, zoo birds, birds in privately owned aviaries, bird watchers, hunters, people who find sick or dead birds, and in many other ways such as nesting in or near your home or place of work. We all come close to or in contact with birds on a daily basis such as with pigeons and sparrows at outdoor restaurants. The potential for infection by the Bird Flu is very high and then the big question becomes how fast will the health organizations be able to recognize, react to, and contain an infection when it occurs?

This is critical because the expected die off from the disease is largely determined by the rate of infection in relation to the mortality rate. If the infection rate is 20% of the population or about 60 million Americans and the mortality rate remains at 87.2%, then we can have an expected die off in the US of about 52.32 million people. If the infection rate increases or the mortality rate increases, the die off increases.

With the much greater potential for infection and such a high mortality rate, within the next three to five years you will be much more likely to die from the Bird Flu than anything else including cancer, drunk drivers, guns, and terrorists. It is possible that it will eventually kill more humans than everything else combined. From what I have seen, the disease is so debilitating that all you will be able to do is lie in bed and wait to die. The doctors and hospitals can only provide you with fluids, IV's, oxygen, and basic care with no current cures or preventive inoculation.

As stated before, the liberals will have the greatest potential for infection with their free sex, dope parties, and other more physically interactive behaviors and higher mobility than most conservatives. I can just see dope pushers who already have flu like symptoms from using drugs like cocaine not knowing they are ill while cutting, packaging, and selling your drugs contaminating everything with the Bird Flu. They will unknowingly cut the virus into your drugs and contaminate the outside of the package along with contamination of your hands or transferring it by breathing with you just thinking they are a doper and not ill because you see people who have flu like symptoms every day because of their drug use.

Next, you will either contaminate your hands and transfer the disease from your hands to your face while preparing your drugs or just snort the virus up your nose. Be sure to enjoy your drug high because it may be the last thing you enjoy.

With such a high infection potential and stressed immune systems, I expect the mortality rate in many liberal communities to reach 100% with there being entire liberal communities turning into ghost towns, especially in the more liberal major cities like San Francisco, Hollywood, New York, and Boston.

Conservatives have a lower potential infection rate but also have some problems with weakened immune systems from such things as tobacco and alcohol use and a general lack of fitness due to a lack of exercise though many conservatives do work harder physically and should be more healthy in that respect. Of late, many more conservatives have gotten over weight and that won't help their mortality rate any.

It should also be pointed out that such a high expected die off will almost destroy the economy. Even a die off of only one or two million people will severely effect our economy and the way our economy goes, so goes the global economy. Most people will become afraid to travel and nature trips will become very uncommon especially if some place like Yellow Stone National Park is known to have infected birds in it. I expect our behavior to change radically with anyone with even just allergy symptoms being expected or even required to wear a mask to prevent contamination of others and even most people wearing such masks because of fear of contamination. Drug use will drop either due to an increased death rate among users or just from fear. Free sex, pick up bars, and prostitution will drop off radically. It will become a very different world and I expect it to become much, much more conservative within from months to a few years at most. Even most surviving liberals will voluntarily become much more conservative in behavior after they realize the increased risk of the liberal behavior.

My suggestion at this point is to pray long and hard because God is the only being in existence who is capable of stopping the spread of the disease or prevent you from being infected. Other than that, all you can do is minimalize the potential for infection by changing behavior like not being liberal and increase your potential for survival by working on getting healthy and in shape. I also suggest that you get right with God in short order and accept Jesus as your savior because you are very likely to need salvation in the near future.

The Bird Flu is increasingly looking like the disease that I have been telling you will eventually hit the human population and the die off should be enormous. It won't be nice with the only people benefiting in any way being hospitals, morticians, and cemeteries with very high mortality rates in the first two. It will probably get so bad in many areas that they will just start stacking and burning bodies and burn all contaminated structures like they did during the Black Plague.

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