Blog War

We conservatives have been using our blogs to counter the lies, misinformation, and propaganda being put out by the lying liberal media. This has really upset the lying liberals because it has been effectively countering their lies, misinformation, and propaganda. I have just been made aware of one counter the lying liberals are using in an attempt to neutralize the conservative blogs.

What they are doing is trying to put as many liberal blogs on the Internet as possible. The strategy here is to put up so many liberal blogs that it will become very difficult to find conservative blogs and create as much confusion as possible. This is an Internet form of a standard strategy used by liberals in debates and discussions which is to shout down the conservatives so no one can hear us as a form of censorship. After all, if no one can hear you, it is as good as outright censoring you.

It is also meant to create a lot of confusing for those trying to find information on the Internet instead of just trusting the lying liberal media. These are standard strategies and tactics for both liberals and Satan. After all, we know that Satan is both the father of confusion and lies. And to think, there are those who refuse to believe that liberalism is Satanic in spite of the fact they both use the same tactics and strategies.

We conservatives need to develop effective counters to this and other liberal strategies to silence the truth trying to peek out past the lying liberal media. I would like to suggest one strategy for helping to counter their devious and deceitful efforts by making it much easier for everyone to find the conservative blogs among the increasing liberal blogs.

First, every conservative blogger on the Internet should put together a list of nothing but conservative bloggers they recommend, titled "Conservative Bloggers", and MAKE SURE they are conservative bloggers not taking anyone else's word for it. This will provide reasonably safe lists and links to each others' sites cutting out the confusion the lying liberals are trying to create.

Second, EVERY conservative on the Internet should build their own simple web site titled "Conservative Blogs" listing their own favorite conservative blogs with links to those sites. This will counter fire with fire.

If the liberals are using the strategy of trying to set up so many liberal blog sites that it will become very difficult to find the conservative sites, then they are playing a numbers game that will mean it will be MORE LIKELY people will find liberal blogs than conservative blogs. One effective strategy for such a numbers game is to reverse their own strategy and use it against them. If we keep increasing the number of lists of conservative blogs, then we will be increasing the probability of people finding the conservative blogs instead of the liberal blogs.

Finally, we need to think of other strategies to counter this liberal strategy to create confusion AND we need to watch for and quickly counter other strategies the lying liberals will use to try and censure our sites and prevent the truth from getting out. They have made it very clear that they will not just give up and permit us to clean up their messes. They will continue to fight and have already shown that they will use any dirty trick they might get away with to regain power and force their sick socialism/communism on the rest of us.

This is going to be a long fight and we can't just get tired and give up because they are hoping we will. We must win this fight or we will pay a heavy price.

One thing this fight is doing, is forcing the lying liberals to become so desperate they are beginning to show their true and disgusting colors. More and more people will begin to see through their masquerade of pretending they want to do their dastardly dead's for the good of everyone and realize the true and evil nature of liberalism. So hang in there, because their own evil efforts will give them away and begin to turn more against them. Of course, it won't hurt to help people see this by pointing it out.

Pass this around to all conservatives and conservative blogs.

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