Civil War 3

EVERYBODY is telling the story that Hamas and Fatah are gearing up for a civil war to settle who gets control of the West Bank and Gaza. Are they now?

Let's take a little peek at the matter and see what a little attention and common sense tell us. First, I bet most of you forgot that Hizballah has been formed for an invasion from Lebanon into Israel AFTER their leaders met to coordinate actions with Hamas AND they have been waiting for months for Hamas and the other terrorist organizations to get ready. Did you forget that? In military intelligence, it is crucial to not forget such things.

Second, the news agencies keep telling us about little "confrontations" between the two terrorist organizations. You know, like Fatah "seizing" control of the Palestinian police station in Gaza, holding it for hours, and then walking away? Hold it, what kind of confrontation is that? These armed terrorists took control of the police station and held it for hours without Hamas showing up to fight to "free" it and NO ONE was killed?

Have you noticed that none of these "confrontations" has resulted in the death of one terrorist? Not only that, but ALL of the terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza have been building training camps next to each other, ALL of which have been monitored by Hamas, and there hasn't been ONE gun fight between any two of the camps with many of them within sight of each other. The only people ANY of these terrorist groups have tried to kill are the Israeli's!!! Duh, hello!!!

If you want to see what a real civil war between Fatah and Hamas would look like, travel a few hundred miles to the east to where some of the Suni's are trying to start a civil war with the Shiites in Iraq. EVERY DAY dozens of people are killed with bombs and other means! Every week or so they find from a few dozen to over 70 bodies of either Suni's or Shiites who have been assassinated by members of the other side! And that civil war has not even really begun yet, they are just trying to start one!

Now back to Hamas and Fatah. They are gearing up for a "civil war" buying millions of dollars in weapons they are smuggling into Gaza and the West Bank daily with no opposition from each other and ALL THE TERRORIST GROUPS are openly training new soldiers by the tens of thousands with regular "confrontations" between only Hamas and Fatah (why are all the other terrorist organizations even bothering to train up thousands of troops?) with NO ONE BEING KILLED and all the intelligent people in the world are thinking they are preparing for a civil war with each other?

This civil war POSTURING by Hamas and Fatah is nothing more than a cover for them preparing for an invasion of Israel and, amazingly, it seems that even the Israeli intelligence is buying it. Or could it be that the Israeli intelligence is pretending to buy it while preparing to counter the coming attack against Israel? We will soon see because Hamas, Fatah, and the other terrorists are beginning to mobilize their troops in Gaza and the West Bank as if they are about to start their little "civil war". Fatah recently released an estimated 9 million dollars from its secret Arafat fund to arm its entire army and Hamas has been getting funds from outside sources to do the same; along with all the other 15 plus terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza.

What they are really doing is preparing for the three pronged attack against Israel I told you about months ago. Don't believe me? Wait and see.

Anybody stupid enough to believe the civil war crap, please send me your name, phone number, and address, because, if you are that stupid, I know I can sell you another bridge. :-) ALWAYS REMEMBER that it is the little things which give away the enemy's true strategy. Now watch the idiot liberal media be completely shocked and surprised by the invasion of Israel by Hamas, Fatah, Hizballah, and the other terrorist groups. Don't you love it when it becomes obvious those fools can't see past their noses? If you are stupid enough to believe what you want to believe in this world, you are going to get surprised a lot, bet on it.

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