Bogus Science

I am going to teach you some dirty little secrets about bogus science. When I studied science in college in the late 1960s and early 1970s, they taught scientific integrity and that your integrity was your most valuable asset. Today, among government funded scientists, there is required to be almost no integrity. Among scientists whose work and income are dependent on government grants, there can be no integrity unless you like eating your work.

How did this happen?

It all began with NASA back when we were putting people on the moon and doing scientific research on the moon. During a Congressional hearing one year for additional funding for NASA and continued space research, a liberal Congress person asked the NASA scientist testifying before the committee if they had found ANY proof of evolution on the moon. That scientist very honestly answered that they had found absolutely no evidence supporting evolution on the moon. Government funding for NASA to do scientific research with space exploration was cut off for the next 20 years. That is the real reason why we suddenly stopped going to the moon and quit doing space exploration.

Everyone in the scientific community got the message that, if you wanted government funding for your scientific research projects and to pay your salary, you had to play the whore and tell whatever lies the liberals wanted you to tell to promote their agendas, especially evolution, or you could end up turning hamburgers some where with a Ph.D. in science.

During that 20 years of drought for NASA, universities began teaching that bringing home the bacon for your research projects, universities, and other government dependent research organizations was more important than integrity and science students were taught to play the whore for the liberal agenda. After the scientists in NASA, who had integrity, had been replaced with enough scientists who would play the liberal whore, NASA started getting research money for space exploration from the government under the condition that they would report to the media that they had discovered evidence with each project which could prove evolution. This condition became a standard requirement throughout science.

This has gotten so bad and is so well organized by the liberals that they have professional monitors who monitor certain science classes and public information releases by scientists and their organizations. If those college professors and scientists don't teach what the liberals want them to teach, regardless of the truth, those monitors put those college professors and scientist on a black list which prevents those college professors and scientists from getting government funding to pay their salaries. During science classes I took in the late 1990s, I met or, rather, was introduced to a few of these liberal monitors and they are not nice people.

A few years ago, I knew a young man who was getting his Ph.D. in Astrophysics who kept complaining about the lies he was being taught he had to tell to get government funding for research in astrophysics. He said that the other astrophysicists would sit around making jokes about the lies and talking about the fact that the people paying for that research with their taxes were not being told the truth the astrophysicists were learning in astrophysics. He became so angry and fed up with the idea that he would have to sell his soul to the liberal devil, play the liberal whore, and lie about what they know in astrophysics that he changed his major to something where he would not be required to lie so much. Only the astrophysicists know the real truth about what they are finding in the stars because the liberals extort those astrophysicists to lie in order to "prove" evolution.

This is extortion, a federal felony, fraud, another federal felony, and censorship on a massive scale and has been going on in this country for more than 40 years. The major criminals involved are the liberal media, monitors, non profit corporations (most of the monitors and other liberal activists work for those nice, warm, fuzzy non profit corporations you keep donating to, they are using your donations to enslave you), beaurocrats, and politicians and they are getting away with these blatant crimes because they own our government and won't be prosecuted for their crimes.

My question to these unscrupulous scientists is, "what good is hidden knowledge which people can not use to better understand our existence and improve our lives?" Gaining knowledge through research and then hiding it under a rock because the fanatical religious pagan evolutionists don't want people to know the truth is just returning that knowledge to being unknown. Your work bares no fruit because it is taken at its birth by the liberal pagan predators and religious fanatics. Your knowledge is just as wasted as the knowledge of the Alexandrian Library, smoke being carried by the wind. (For those who don't know, the Alexandrian Library and almost all of its cumulated knowledge was burned by the Muslims when they conquered Egypt.)

What should the scientists do?

They should unite, organize, stand up to, and expose these criminals for their crimes and then press charges against and sue these criminals for damages. The scientists should cry out with their hearts, "Enough of this censoring and hiding scientific knowledge and truth!!" When these scientists expose these liberal rats for the liberal rats' crimes, these liberal rats will be forced to flee back into the darkness to hide and the scientists will be able to stop playing the whore and regain their integrity as scientists. What the liberals are doing is even worse than what the Pope did to Galileo and Newton.

Now, you should ask, "if science proves evolution, why are the liberals extorting and censoring scientist to not tell the truth and to tell lies to prove evolution?"

The truth is that the liberals realized a long time ago, at least by the 1970s, that science was not only not proving evolution and disproving creation but was actually disproving evolution and proving creation. So they organized to suppress the truths science was revealing so they could continue to teach their flawed pagan religion of evolution. It should only be common sense that, if science were proving evolution and disproving creation, the liberals would not want to censor science but just let it gradually destroy creation. The very fact that the liberals are censoring and extorting scientists PROVES they know that evolution is a lie and creation is the truth and that they don't want you to know the truth so they commit their crimes of extortion and censorship.

You see these same crimes today more openly being committed by the liberal pagans openly extorting, censoring, and even threatening imprisonment to anyone who dares deny global warming even though the evidence is overwhelming in disproving the planet is warming up right now. Again, these animals have such control over the media, government, and every other aspect of controlling us that they feel arrogant enough to even barely try to hide their criminal activities. They openly threaten and do character assassinations against scientists who dare to oppose their global warming agenda.

But the global warming thing is so preposterous and the liberal agenda is so dangerous the scientists have organized and are standing up against the liberals. It is now that the scientists are organized that the scientists should stand up against the liberals for the rest of the liberal agendas and lies to expose all of the bogus science the liberals have been forcing on us. The scientists need to turn the light of truth on the rats.

This global warming thing is NOT the first bogus science the liberals have forced on us. The ugly truth is that everything which has to do with science and the liberals have been pounding into our minds is bogus science. Everything else, including conservation, is nothing but bogus science. It is becoming clear that the liberal conservation con was set up to steal land from the people so the government could have better control of the people by forcing everyone to live in big crowded cities. Did you know that less than 2% of the land in the US has been developed but the liberals make it look like there is almost no land left for plants and animals? Did you know that the liberal animal rights people are trying to make it illegal for you to eat meat so they can force you to eat nothing but their factory concocted synthetic foods? (Think Soylent Green.)

The truth is that everything which comes out of the mouth of a liberal which has to do with science is bogus science designed to enslave and control you. It is all about control, power, wealth, and you being their slaves so they don't have to work for a living. You do the work and they get the fruit. Get the picture yet?

Now that our scientists are finally organized, it is time for our scientists to expose and put an end to ALL of the liberal bogus science. It is time for the people to know the truth because the truth will set you free.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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