Bogus Science 2

In my last essay, I introduced you to the fact that liberals have devastated scientific integrity for their fanatical religious pagan agendas. Now I am going to share with you an example of the damage their bogus science has already done and is currently doing to our ecosystem. It is my opinion that liberal conservationists and other liberal do-gooders, like birdie people, have done more damage to our ecosystem than all other groups combined.

First, we are going to look at the lie they have been telling you to scare you into doing what they want you to do. They have been telling you that feral cats are a horrible threat to our ecosystems by pointing out the kills regularly made by house cats in and around our homes. To terrorize you, they itemize the numbers of cute little birdies and cut little mousies the big, evil cats kill in just one day, which, to most of you, seems horrific. But what they don't tell you completely changes the picture and I am about to tell you.

Let's look at the prey of these "horrible, evil, demonic" house cats the liberal liars tell you are murdering off all of our cute little birdies and mousies, will devastate all of our ecosystems, and conquer the world. (I know the plural for mouse is mice, I am just being sarcastic.) Pending the "study" the liberals want you to believe, the house cats kill about half a dozen birds and mice per day, which, without the rest of the biological information, can sound really radical and terrible and is what the liberals want you to think. Let's look at the rest of the information.

There are literally hundreds of species of small birds in this country house cats prey on every year. I am just going to randomly take a few of the more common birds as examples and you will have to multiply it out by thousands to get the entire picture the conservationists and birdie people don't want you to see plus I will also look at field mice, which is another form of cat food the conservationists and birdie people use to terrorize you.

First, let me remind you that two of the most important factors for determining and controlling animal population are food supply and predation. If you increase food supply or decrease predation, you increase the population of the prey species. If you decrease food supply or increase predation, you decrease the population of the prey species. Those are well known facts in zoology which should tell you that the people lying to you, either don't know anything about zoology or know they are lying to you.

House Sparrow

The common house sparrow lays about four to five eggs per clutch but has been recorded laying from one to ten eggs per clutch. She will also lay from at least two to seven clutches per year. Let's be conservative and give the birdie people and conservationists the benefit of the doubt and say that our female house sparrow only lays four eggs per clutch and only two clutches per year. That means that two sparrows, with adequate food, and we all know that there are plenty of bird feeders in this country providing much more than adequate food, will turn into 10 sparrows in the first year, and without predation, the next spring the ten sparrows will turn into 50 sparrows, which will turn into 250 sparrows the following spring and will turn into 1,250 sparrows by the end of the fourth year.

Now keep in mind that this is an extremely conservative estimate because, with the current abundance of bird feeders providing a large abundance of food, one female would normally lay at least five eggs per clutch and at least four to seven clutches per year. Therefore, four eggs per clutch and two clutches per year is very conservative. The real reproduction rate would actually be at least two to five times my estimate or up to more than 6,000 sparrows in just four years from just two sparrows but, for now, we will stick with the 1,250 sparrows.


Pigeons, also known as rock doves, usually lay an average of two eggs per clutch and can have as many as five clutches per year. Let's conservatively say our female pigeon will lay two eggs per clutch and only three clutches per year. At the end of the first season, two pigeons will turn into eight pigeons, the second year they will turn into 32 pigeons, the third year they will turn into 128 pigeons, and the fourth year, they will turn into 512 pigeons. And you have been wondering where all of those pigeons came from.


The normal Robin has two to three clutchs per season and three to five eggs per clutch. Again, we will be conservative and say our female Robin will only have four eggs per clutch and two clutches per season which means two Robins will turn into 10 robins in just one season, which will turn into 50 Robins the second season, 250 Robins the third season, and 1,250 Robins by the fourth season. Of course, with an abundance of food and no predation, the population will be much worse.


The common starling normally lays four or five eggs per clutch and up to three clutches per year. Again, we will be conservative and say our female starling will only lay four eggs per clutch and two clutches per year. In the first season the two starlings will turn into 10 starlings, the second season they will turn into 50 starlings, in the third season they will turn into 250 starlings, and by the fourth season they will turn into 1,250 starlings from just two birds.


The mockingbird, one of my favorite birds, will lay from three to five eggs per clutch and two to four clutches per year. Again, we will be conservative and say our female mockingbird will only lay four eggs per clutch and three clutches per year. In the first year, the two mockingbirds will turn into 14 birds, the second year they will turn into 98 birds, in the third year they will turn into 686 birds, and in the fourth year they will turn into 4,802 birds from just two birds in just four years.

Field Mouse

I am including the field mouse because the liberals regularly use the number of mice killed by house cats to terrorize you. The field mouse will reproduce anywhere from once every 30 days (with an abundance of food) to once every 90 days (with little available food, we are talking major food shortages) and have from two to four pups, again, dependent on food supply. Because of the current abundance of food for mice, we will look at the highest reproduction rate without predation but only for six months out of the year because, in the colder climates, the field mouse will hibernate during the winter unless they are living in your nice, warm house. And keep in mind that rodents eat the same food birds do, therefore, with all of these bird feeders, the field mice will also have an abundance of food.

Producing four pups every 30 days for six months and assuming the mice don't start to reproduce until they are two months old (which is extremely conservative), the population increases per year will be: year 1) 122 mice, year 2) 7,320 mice, year 3) 374,000 mice, and year 4) 23 million mice at the end of the fourth season.

When you consider the current abundance of food and without predation (no feral house cats) that the conservatively estimated populations for just five randomly selected bird species and field mice for starting with only two birds per species and two mice, that in just four limited seasons the populations will be at least five thousand birds and 23 million mice with your neighborhood actually having hundreds times more birds and mice, suddenly feral cats killing half a dozen mice and birds per day doesn't sound as severe as we are lead to believe by the conservationists and birdie people. As a matter of fact, you should realize that we will need more than just one or two feral cats running around your neighborhood to control all of those critter populations, especially when you realize the normal predators which used to control those species populations, such as coyotes, will not cohabitate well with humans, you know, like the house cat does. This is why, with so many people feeding birds and mice and our nation suppressing predation by killing house cats in our country, we now have a severe pandemic of both birds and rodents in our country. Believe me, this pandemic is really bad. You better hope the cat people win the fight with the conservationists and birdie people to protect feral cat populations because that may be the only thing which will prevent the worst biological die off in history, meaning you.

Gee, I wonder why, when the conservationists and birdie people were terrorizing you about cats killing a few birds and mice each day, they didn't tell you about the very large reproductive rates of birds and mice? Get the picture yet?

You have been deceived with bogus science but it gets worse.

The ecological damage caused by the conservationists and birdie people is really severe, especially when you study the feeding habits of both birds and rodents. This is critical because, when a population increases significantly, so does their consumption of food. If a species population gets out of control, it will eventually decrease its food supply causing problems for other species.

For example, the cute little birdies eat seeds and insects, you know, like honey bees and butterflies which pollinate our plants so those plants will bare fruit. I have been quietly watching the scientifically ignorant conservationists and birdie people trying to figure out why our honey bee populations have declined radically with them saying it has been caused by this or that only for research to prove that none of their reasons for the decline of honey bee populations was valid.

Gee, I wonder if a severe pandemic of birds eating our honey bees could have caused that honey bee population to decline radically? You better bet it has. You want to know the real reason why our honey bee populations have been disappearing? It is because our liberal conservationists and birdie people, via over feeding and predation elimination, have caused a severe pandemic of birds eating those honey bees. Another great example is that some bird populations have been squeezing out other bird populations causing the other bird populations, such as the blue bird, to decline.

These and many other ecological problems have all been brought to you by our simple minded liberals forcing on you their bogus science. If they are not stopped soon, they will do much more severe damage to this planet all for their greed, lust for power, laziness, paganism, hatred for God, the Bible, Jews, and Christians, and sexual deviations. Gee, I wonder why God said, "Thou shalt not lie"? You know, like with bogus science.

These liberal idiots, who love to believe they are far more intelligent than they really are, have created such a huge imbalance in our ecosystems no human is intelligent enough to fix. What we are going to have to do is pry their grimy little hands off of the steering wheel of life so God can fix their messes. Liberals have screwed up everything they have touched, especially with their bogus science.

It is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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