I Told You So 109

Remember that I told you that Pharaoh Obama said he would set up his Citizen Security Force? They are actually calling it their Citizen National Security Force, the CNSF.

Remember that I told you that Pharaoh Obama said he would empty our prisons and he would empty those criminals into his CNSF?

Now, what do you think Pharaoh Obama is doing by releasing all "non violent" criminals?

You better bet that most really are violent. You can also bet there is a string attached to them being released, you know, the criminals have to join Pharaoh Obama's CNSF. This is not something I am predicting in the future, this is something which is going on right now and something I warned you would happen years ago.

Now the "non violent" criminals will be about 2/3 of the total number of criminals in our prisons and will be millions of new troops for Pharaoh Obama's CNSF. I am thinking that, most likely, Pharaoh Obama will wait to empty out the violent criminals until after Pharaoh Obama has established his dictatorship over the US because Pharaoh Obama will get too much resistance for releasing all of the violent criminals and he will have to be in a position of absolute power, you know, Pharaoh of the US.

Remember that I told you Pharaoh Obama will use his glorious CNSF to replace all government law enforcement agencies and the US military so Pharaoh Obama will have absolute control over the nation, you know, the way Hitler did with his Gestapo and SS?

Remember the stories about a handful of irresponsible Secret Service agents the liberal media ran with and made the entire Secret Service look irresponsible? Remember the IRS corruption stories the liberal media used to make the entire IRS look corrupt? Remember the Snowden and the NSA spying scandal I told you was a nothing event but the media used to make the entire NSA look bad? Remember the INS corruption stories the media used to make all INS agents look bad? Remember all of the stories about the incompetence of the TSA? Remember all of the bad stories the liberal media ran wild with about US military soldiers and officers not being responsible, going rogue, PTSD, and everything else the liberal media ran with to make the US military look as bad as possible and then the things the liberals have done to devastate the US military? Remember all of the stories and videos circulating on the internet making it look like all cops are bad and out of control?

Let's do a little math, I like math.

Pharaoh Obama says that he is going to set up his glorious CNSF which should be at least as powerful as the US military, Pharaoh Obama says he is going to empty our prisons, Pharaoh Obama is now emptying the prisons of all "non violent" criminals, Pharaoh Obama will use all of those stories making our government law enforcement and military look bad as justification to replace them all with Pharaoh Obama's special security force made up of US "citizens", you know, black Muslims, liberal activists, and, oh yea, criminals. The sales pitch will be that "you know we citizens will do a better job of protecting our country". Get the picture yet?

Oh yeah, did you notice that Pharaoh Obama has most of what is left of our military scattered all over the world so they can't fight to protect us here at home?

Did you notice that Reid kept his word that he would win the battle with Bundy? All he had to do was use his lying liberal media to do a little character assassination to establish Bundy as being racist to drive the militia away from Bundy for fear of being called racists and now the BLM will move in and easily take Bundy's land and cattle. This is also a huge win for the liberal commie traitors because the militia were publically humiliated and will think twice before responding to help anyone else. That hesitation will be all the tyrants will need to win the fight.

Oh yeah, remember all of those billions of rounds of ammunition the different government agencies have been buying up? Remember all of those bullet proof vests, military weapons and vehicles, and other military equipment all those government agencies and the local police have being buying up? Oops, you mean all those bullets were not for those government agents to use against us but for all those black Muslims, liberal activists, and criminals in Pharaoh Obama's CNSF which will replace those government agents and the US military to use against us? Get the picture yet?

Pharaoh Obama has been building his glorious CNSF piece meal, one piece here, one piece there and another piece somewhere else until he has all of the pieces he needs and then all Pharaoh Obama has to do is bring all those pieces together and he will have a very violent and loyal force which will be much larger and at least as well equipped as the US military and all the other government agencies, including local cops, combined! Did you ever stop to think that the reason Pharaoh Obama has been buying billions of rounds of ammunition is because he will have a force of tens of millions of black Muslims, liberal activists, and criminals who will need a lot of ammunition and much of that ammunition and those weapons will be used to invade Israel with a massively overwhelming force so Pharaoh Obama can establish he is the Muslim Mahdi and combine his CNSF with his Caliphate forces of hundreds of millions of Muslims from around the world to finish conquering the world?

And it is all happening right now! You know, just like I told you it would.

What should all of this tell you?

Pharaoh Obama is very close to staging his red flag event so he can declare martial law and set up his dictatorship with him as Pharaoh Obama, you know, just like I have been telling you. That is why Pharaoh Obama is now putting together the pieces for his CNSF. Get the picture yet?

Keep an eye on Chicago.

Now, if you think a few rogue cops, military soldiers, or federal agents were bad, just wait until all of your law enforcement and military combined into the CNSF is a bunch of released criminals. Why? They are criminals because they don't abide by the law, respect others, and always commit crimes against law biding citizens, you know, you. When Pharaoh Obama replaces all of those government agents, cops, and military with his CNSF and gives those released criminals all of that power and authority, things are going to get very nasty very quickly. It will be just like when the Vandals sacked Rome. Just about everyone will get robbed or know someone who did get robbed, get raped, and many will be murdered by your glorious "CNSF protectors", especially the released criminals that Pharaoh Obama is right now releasing. And you better bet the black Muslims and liberal activists will join in all that fun, at your expense, of course.

Remember that Pharaoh Obama told you, before he was ever elected, that, if push comes to shove, he will chose Islam over communism?

It should tell you that, when Pharaoh Obama sets up his dictatorship, he will impose Shiria Law on the US.


Because, under Shiria Law and with Pharaoh Obama as the absolute leader, if anyone disobeys him, even another Muslim, it is automatically the death penalty and the black Muslims will be permitted to just kill you on the spot without even a trial and, if any of you non Muslims resist the Muslims in anyway, they can kill you on the spot. Shiria Law gives the top leader the best ever absolute power over everyone.

Before I continue, I am going to share an e-mail sent to me by the one and only reader of this site in which he put things very well. If you are reading this and didn't send me this e-mail, then I have two site readers.

When you look at history, especially Marxist history, the Marxists actually kill all of their big supporters and the media when they gain power. That way they are not beholding to them. What was the first thing Lenin (or Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, etc.) did when he gained power? Purge. The News media was the first to go. The intellectuals next. Diplomats, scientists, journalists, and dissenters shared the same fate—execution by pistol, firing squad, disembowelment, beheading, torture, hanging, etc. It was meant to inflict terror on the "proletariat." This is what the upper class trash is in for if socialism is forced on us. Socialism is for the people, not the socialists as we can see by the lavish lifestyle of King and Queen Obama.

He said that quite well. The first thing Pharaoh Obama will do when he sets up his dictatorship will be to PURGE! You know, just like every commie dictator before him. Pharaoh Obama will immediately establish Shiria Law and nationalize EVERYTHING! This will make it possible to control and micro manage everything, especially the media to keep people from figuring out he is purging. He will replace all journalists, especially the liberal commie traitors, with Muslim puppets who will obey every command and tell every lie Pharaoh Obama gives them. He will kill all of the political leaders, replacing them with his Muslim leaders down to and including at the city level. They will run absolutely everything and you can bet Valerie, Farrakhan, and others have planned out exactly who will control what. They will kill ALL of the rich liberal commie traitor upper class trash and nationalize all of their wealth so Pharaoh Obama will have complete control of that wealth for conquering the world and so Pharaoh Obama will go from being the upper class trash puppet to being the puppet master. They will also replace all judges with Muslims who will religiously enforce Shiria Law on all of us. Pharaoh Obama will consolidate ALL US power under him for absolute control.

You have to understand that, in order to succeed at their treason, the liberal commie traitor organization has to be extremely well organized. In order to achieve this, the traitors have to have a data base with every liberal commie traitor in the nation showing their position in the organization, where they live, where they work, their phone numbers, and everything else. You know that Pharaoh Obama and Valerie have this data base and have used it to create a kill list of every person in this nation they need to purge from the highest level to the lowest level. You know Pharaoh Obama and Valerie have prioritized their kills to make sure they get the most important people first and they won't be doing just random killing. Teams of CNSF thugs will be assigned to kill every person on Pharaoh Obama's kill list and each kill team will have a prioritized list for that team to kill, all within a reasonable area. Immediately following the red flag event, there will be chaos in this nation for a week or two after the red flag event, you know, just like happened with 9/11, and Pharaoh Obama and Valerie will use that chaos to mask their initial purging by sending their CNSF thugs to kill the rest of the most important traitors, especially the media, and, based on the information God gave me in dreams, they will even use the red flag event to purge the most important of those people including the puppet masters and top journalists.

According to a dream God gave me shortly after Pharaoh Obama was first elected, Pharaoh Obama will not purge the low end liberal commie traitor activists but will keep them in his CNSF and use them as cannon fodder for invading Israel to save on his black Muslim forces. What he will do is put the liberal commie traitor activists on the front line and use them to clear the mine fields and absorb bullets so Pharaoh Obama's Muslims can get closer to the Israeli forces before the Muslims begin to get killed. Iran regularly did this while fighting Iraq, they placed young boys and old men on the front lines to clear the mines and absorb the bullets from the machine guns. If there are any liberal commie traitor activists left, Pharaoh Obama will purge them immediately after they help him conquer Israel and establish himself as the Muslim Mahdi. They deserve it, so don't feel sorry for them.

I hate to be the one to tell you this but Rome II is right now in the process of being conquered and sacked by Pharaoh Obama, our glorious Vandal in Chief.

It should be very obvious that it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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