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In espionage, they teach you that you create the big picture by putting together a lot of little pieces just like in a jigsaw puzzle. In the trade, they call this connecting the dots and reading between the lines. The first thing you have to learn is which dots to connect because not all dots will make up the true picture, especially with so much miss information being put out by the enemy. I just got very important information from an ultra liberal which is a very significant dot in drawing our picture along with other dots I have been collecting in the news. I think it is time to connect these dots and see what the picture really looks like.

First, remember that, some time ago, I told you about an ultra liberal college professor, who had figured out he wasn't going to be among the chose few, told me that the left intends to wipe out all but a MAXIMUM of 500 million people in the world so they can have the entire world to themselves. These upper class trash natural elites don't want to have to share "their planet" with the rest of us. Also remember that I didn't have the actual target number so I had to make a conservative guess of about 50 to 100 million based on their maximum as to what their real goal is for eventual global population. I just found out from an ultra liberal that their true goal is only 10 million people globally. Again, my estimate was very conservative. Just like I told you, they intend to wipe out almost all liberals including most of their activist who have all been promised to be among the chosen few to survive the global slaughter so they can set up their glorious communist dictatorship and live happily ever after. You know, just laying around smoking dope and screwing.

With over 60 million liberals just here in the US, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that they plan to wipe out all but no more than 2 million people in the US or at least 58 million liberals along with everyone else. But hold it, economics teach us that better than 95% of those people will have to be the intended slaves for the true chosen natural elites to be able to continue to live in their current level of luxury. This means there will only be a maximum of about 500 thousand chosen liberals globally and the rest will be worker slaves providing food and luxury for the chosen very few upper class trash liberals. This should tell you that even most of the rich and powerful liberals, especially the politicians, bureaucrats, judges, college professors, media, and others working to achieve this goal are all scheduled for extermination by the chosen few inner core of the upper class trash natural elites. After all, this is because these upper class trash natural elites don't want to share "their planet" with others and they will only share it with those they really must share it with to maintain their standard of living. If they don't need you any more, then they will execute you.

This should tell you that, if you are not among the secret inner circle of the true chosen few (you will be very wealthy and will know who they are, if you are) or you don't have a skill or trade necessary to sustain the upper class trash natural elites life of luxury such as building or fixing their luxury cars, planes, boats, homes, and resorts, then you are scheduled for extermination along with the rest of us. So, if you don't fit into either of those two categories, you are dead meat. Kiss your butt goodbye because they are now in the process of killing all of the rest of us off and you liberals will be next.

Think not? Just watch this.

Before they can begin their slaughter, they must first destroy the US and Israel because we are both so powerful and can help prevent or provide relief for such things as famines. As I have told you, they have already done that and the US is just not finished kicking yet plus they are working towards destroying Israel at the same time. Millions of you have already lost your jobs, homes, families, and even lives.

With the current continuing economic mess that they are intentionally making worse but covering up with their smoke and mirrors, millions more of you will soon lose your jobs, homes, families, and lives. The economy is tanking worse than it did during the great depression with at least 25% real unemployment and probably worse, the housing industry has lost 34% of its value in just 3 years with it being expected to lose at least another 2% by the end of this year when the housing industry only lost 31% of its value during the Great Depression in 13 years, the price of gas is going through the roof, the price of food is going through the roof, they are decreasing the number of electrical power plants while increasing demand with electric cars which will drive electricity through the roof, and they are killing the value of the dollar by printing hundreds of billions of dollars which will mean that, while everything will get more expensive, you will be able to buy less with what you are making.

But the really bad thing is that they are going to use the global food supply to kill us all off. I have recently learned that the food situation is so bad that 44 million more people were forced into poverty in the last year and it is expected to get much worse. It is even being said that, in the near future, there will be times in which there simply won't be food at any price so that even most of the wealthy will starve. A large part of the problem is that the biofuel thing is using up so much of the grains that it is creating a global shortage, just like I told you it would.

Gee, could it be this was intentional? Of course it was. Please keep in mind that many countries around the world already had food shortages before the liberal commie's began forcing their biofuel program on us. They had to be incredibly stupid to not know this would exacerbate the global food shortage to a catastrophic level. In other words, they have been planning for decades to starve everyone to death while pretending it was the fault of failed capitalism to prevent a global revolution against them and they are already well into that phase of the plan.

Now they have clearly infiltrated the different military and law enforcement agencies having also fooled those people into believe they will be among the select few to survive this catastrophe but they are also clearly planning on replacing our military and law enforcement agencies with their Communist Strike Force (CSF) which should tell you that even most of their infiltrators in the different government agencies including the military and law enforcement are also planned for extermination. If those military and law enforcement infiltrators pull their heads out of their butts and question the lies they have been sold, then it will be possible for them to stage a coup, kill off all the liberal socialist behind this, and save your butts but don't bet on it.

We have reached a point to where the only person who can and will save our butts is the being Yahweh, the God of the Bible, Jews, Christians, and all creation. And, if you still think we are not being punished for turning away from Him after He made us the most prosperous people in the history of the world, then think again.

As a people, not individually, we chose liberal pagan socialism over God because of their great sounding lies, misinformation, and propaganda. So God has let us have what we wanted and has given us over into the hands of these monsters for them to destroy us buuuuuuuuuuuut, if we repent and ask for the mercy and salvation of God, then He and only He can and will save our stupid butts from ourselves and these evil monsters. We are in the last moments before we will all be wiped from the face of the earth and the entire planet will be taken over by these evil liberal socialist pagans. It is "get on your knees and beg God for mercy" time.

We are rapidly approaching what God showed me in the dream about the socialist funding for things like Welfare and the amount of food money will buy will decrease so that more and more people will be able to buy less and less food. In that dream, God told me that people will soon start killing each other for food, that I should stock up on food to get through this mess long enough for when God has planned to put an end to it, and to warn you.

Buy what you can while you can in packaged goods such as cans and other packages. Put the food items in softer packages such as cardboard and paper in containers you can close tightly which are strong enough rodents and insects can't eat through them. If you have a freezer, fill it full of things like meat, bread, and other perishables. Between now and when the fecal matter hits the fan, rotate your stock every time that you go to the store, putting the new stuff in the back and using the older stuff, so that the food will last longer. Your strategy should be to only take from your stores as you need to in order to survive and buy what you can when you can. It should only be as a last resort that you would want to depend completely on your stored foods because, then, when they run out, you eat weeds and stray dogs or starve.

Some people are saying they are growing things in their yard gardens to help out but that will only help fulfill a prophesy or warning by God about the things which will happen when God punishes His people. One of the things He warns us about is He says,"You will not harvest or eat the things you grow." We tend to think of this as being invading armies taking our food from our farms and gardens but what this means mostly is that you will plant things in your yards to eat and, when you are either asleep or not home, your starving neighbors will steal that food from you before it is ripe enough that you would pick it. There will be starving people who will search for homes with gardens to steal from in order to have food to eat or sell. God was warning us that you can't depend on your gardens.

A survival hint is that dandelions are one of the few plants for which you can eat every part of the plant including the roots, stems, leaves, and flowers and few people will steal them from your yard or "garden", especially if it doesn't look like a garden but a yard full of weeds. Don't ask me how to fix them. My first thought is salad. :-) You can also eat young tumble weeds when they are still tender by boiling them like spinach and mesquite beans boiled like regular beans. Most plants are extremely deadly (better than 90%) such as the extremely beautiful Lantana Camara for which eating any part of it will kill you within 3 to 4 days and there is no treatment or cure for it. The only thing you can eat from a potato plant is the potato. Get a good book such as an Army survival manual which tells you which plants and which parts of the plants you can eat. The American Indians lived by eating our weeds long before the Europeans arrived here.

You should also note that you can't put your faith in your food stores but must keep your faith in God to get you through this mess. Putting your faith in your food stores instead of God will be a disaster but you can bet all the pagans will do just that ignoring what God told us about putting our faith in such things instead of in God. We don't want to put our faith in things which the moth does corrupt and thieves can steal. We must pray and keep our faith in God to get us through this and I am only telling you to stock up on food because God told me to tell you to stock up on food. You will still need God to protect that food from the thieves.

Another thing is that you can't tell anyone you are storing food, not even friends and family because they or others they might "accidentally" tell will wait until you are either asleep or not home to steal it from you. Your food stores will become more valuable than anything else in your house and you will see starving people selling and trading anything and everything, including their children, to get food. People will kill you to get your food, if they know you have stored food. The Bible teaches us that, if pagans get hungry enough, they will even eat their kids.

People have been hoarding such things as gold, silver, and precious gems for when things get really bad but they will gladly give you their gold to get your food. Many wealthy people will pay so much for food that they will become impoverished. So many people will be giving away what ever they have to get food or the money to buy food that you won't be able to sell anything for a reasonable price or even at all.

Now, mean while, the upper class trash natural elite socialists have been cramming all your money into their pockets they can steal from your governments to be able to survive this crisis they have created to kill you off. What they have not planned on is that even money will become worthless when people get hungry enough because the people will prefer food over money decreasing the demand for money and increasing the demand for food. This means that many of these upper class trash will also go broke and end up either starving to death or being carted off to their "relocation" death camps. Men plan, God laughs.

The most important thing you will need during such times will be lots of prayers, so...

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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