OK, here is what is going on with the economy.

Remember that I told you that Russia, China and a few other countries had set up BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) international banking system run by them in rebellion to the Euro-American upper class trash trying to economically control everyone and set up the Western global dictatorship? Remember that they even invited Israel and others to join BRICS?

Well, the upper class trash is attempting to crush that rebellion. The power mad upper class trash have crushed Brazil's economy. They have crushed South Africa's economy. They tried to crush Russia's economy but Putin turned to China, Israel, India, and other nations to save Russia's economy so they are now crushing China's economy to get at Putin.

The upper class trash also tried to economically box in Russia by staging a coup of the Ukrainian government and putting in a pro Western puppet government but Putin took Crimea and is in the process of taking Eastern Ukraine. The US also started up ISIS to destroy Syria and depose Assad (a Russian ally) but ISIS went bonkers on us starting their own Muslim Caliphate. The US is now pretending to fight ISIS while supporting Iran in Iraq and just started bombing Assad out of bases in Turkey.

The upper class trash are moving NATO troops to Russia's European borders in preparation to invade Russia and remove Putin from power so they can gain control of Russia in order to force everyone else to fall in line and go along with the upper class trash setting up their beloved global communist dictatorship. Putin is countering by moving massive amounts of troops along those same borders.

Russia, China, and others also know that, after the global dictatorship is set up, they will be killed off by the upper class trash and their eugenics or white supremacist genocide against the rest of the world. Basically, these countries know they are fighting for their lives.

If the upper class trash can destroy BRICS and bring Russia and China in line with the upper class trash program, everyone else will be forced to accept the upper class trash global dictatorship.

I also believe that the upper class trash are using their Muslim terrorist pals to wage war against both Russia and China to weaken them even more, especially since there has been a third major explosion in China in the last few days. This means that China is now embroiled in a civil war with its vast Muslim population while its economy is being destroyed. This civil war and bad economy could destroy China.

To make things even more interesting, Putin is right now sending troops and planes to aid Iran and Assad in Syria. He is sending a number of Mig-29s and other aircraft that will be flown by Russian pilots along with a number of ground troops, advisors, and other forces to Damascus. This completely changes the game in Syria because Putin has committed Russian troops to support Assad in Syria and anyone flying missions against Syrian troops or any forces in Syria will probably find themselves facing Russian pilots in Russian fighter planes. This includes US, British, and French planes flying missions out of Turkey against Assad and supposedly "against ISIS" and Turkey flying missions against the Syrian Kurds in support of ISIS.

This entire mess, brought to you by the evil upper class trash, just became very interesting because, with Russia defending Assad and Syria, anyone violating Syrian air space must deal with Russian fighter pilots defending that air space. Also, since the Kurds are fighting ISIS, which is unintentionally helping Assad, and the US not supporting the Kurds with Turkey waging war against the Kurds in Syria, don't be surprised to see Putin support the Kurds to help defeat Obama's ISIS and it will put Putin in conflict with Turkey. AND, if Israel flies any more missions against Syria or anyone else in Syria for any reason, they will have to deal with Russian forces in direct conflict, A.K.A. war.

I bet that got your attention, especially concerning the prophesy in Ezekiel about God drawing down Gog and Magog from the north and everyone arguing whether that means Russia or Turkey. Right now, the odds just shifted in favor of it being Russia. This is the first time in history that Russia has moved combat forces into this area and that they could be involved in combat against Israel. Think about that one for a minute.

Me thinks Putin isn't going down without a fight. Me also thinks that, right about now, the West is probably wishing they had not used their socialism to destroy their militaries.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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