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Now everyone is saying what I have been telling you, the immigrants are destroying Europe and the EU. Remember that I told you years ago that the EU must cease to exist because of Bible prophecy.

Well, at least we won't have to worry about the upper class trash one world government. This has gotten so serious that UK PM, David Cameron, is calling for peace in Syria.

You mean the European upper class trash isn't going to be destroying any more other nations because God will hold them accountable for their actions?

Speak about your sins finding you out. The Europeans destroyed those people's nations and now the people fleeing those nations are destroying Europe. Remember, do unto others as you would have God do unto you.

The immigration thing is turning countries in the EU against each other, dividing up the EU and about to cause the EU to blow itself apart. Countries are forming alliances with and against each other and building walls to keep out immigrants. They are even buying walls from Israel. There is rioting in the streets by the immigrants and by the citizens. The EU is ripping itself apart but the intellectually superior upper class trash persist in forcing the immigration, even of Muslims on everyone. The EU is dead and just has not finished kicking yet. I am wondering if any nations will come out of this mess intact...other than Israel.

Just what do these upper class trash think is going to happen when the Muslims take over their nations? Do they really believe the Muslims won't kill them all?

They are arrogant fools who persist in drinking their own Kool-Aid and refuse to believe their lying eyes. Just stop and think how much better life will be for everyone without the upper class trash. They are the problem.

BTW, the European nations forming alliances with and against each other is exactly what led to both WWI and WWII. This is a major deja vu and could cause another European war.

They are now blaming Europe's progressives or liberals for the migrant problems and deaths. Eyes are opening.

They are saying that most of the migrants are Muslim.

My first thought is, "Why are Muslims fleeing Muslims?" What, they don't like being ruled by their own religion? They would rather live in Christian based countries or are they just moving to Christian based countries to destroy them?

Muslims are taking a chapter out of Obama's book and are "converting" to Christianity or becoming poser Christians to gain asylum in Christian based countries. God will sort this out when the time comes. Just keep an eye on it.


People are getting all bent out of shape by ISIS destroying a lot of antiquities but the same people show little to no concern for the thousands of Christians ISIS is torturing and murdering. Nice people. Things and stuff mean more than people.

Saudi Arabia

King Salman of Saudi Arabia just came to the US to buy a navy. He is talking about buying a couple of US frigates and small coastal ships worth more than a billion dollars. I guess he feels a need to upgrade to protect themselves from Iran's growing navy, especially since the US may no longer provide that protection.


Senator Lindsey Graham said that Trump has "consolidated all Republicans who think Obama is a Muslim" and that was meant as an insult to those Republicans but those are the intelligent Republicans.

What, Graham hasn't figured out yet that Obama is a poser Christian and devout Muslim radical? Just how stupid is Graham when it is so very obvious that Obama is a radical Muslim and Graham hasn't figured it out in more than seven years?

If Graham is that stupid, I wouldn't vote for him. If he is not that stupid, then he is a traitor.

Graham claims to be a Christian. If he is, it is a liberal (Satanic) or poser Christian.

BTW, I have been digging around and Graham is a big part of the problem because he is an ultra liberal just like Jebberwocky, we are talking super RINO. He is one of the GOP good old boys screwing things up.


Yep, now we find out that Trump supports Obama's Iran deal. Trump says he would make it a better deal and not repudiate it. Just another lying RINO.


The best I have been able to tell is that Cruz is the only one who might be worth voting for. Keep an eye on him.


It turns out that Hilarious' emails are revealing all sorts of crimes and corruption and not just by her but also by Obama and others. Quite a few people's sins are finding them out.


I hope you realize that the reason God is going to permit Obama to nuke the US is because we are permitting Obama to help Iran try to nuke Israel. Remember that God said, "Do unto others as you would have others (including God) do unto you." God is going to do unto us as we are doing unto Israel.

Remember that I told you that Obama has the maturity of a spoiled rotten two year old brat?

Alan Dershowitz said that Obama Is "Childish, Petty, Vengeful" on Israel. I guess I am not the only one who has realized that Obama has the maturity of a spoiled rotten two year old brat.

Black Panthers

Don't forget that the Black Panthers and #blacklivesmatter are all black Muslims. They are not just black, they are black Muslim and the Muslim part is critical for understanding them. BTW, that radical Muslim group which supports Muslim terrorist organizations, CAIR, just joined #blacklivesmatter. Gee, what a coincidence.


The left's lame excuse for murdering a cop is that he had "creepy perv eyes". This is mind boggling. They insult our intelligence with their sick crap. Unfortunately, there are some, known as liberals, who really are stupid enough to believe this crap. Truly, liberalism is a very serious and deadly form of insanity and it is contagious via ignorance and brainwashing (A.K.A. liberal education). By the time this insanity is over, many people will want all liberals to be branded with a big L stamped in their foreheads with a 20 pound sledge.


A Kentucky county clerk was just sent to jail for refusing to compromise her Christian beliefs by refusing to issue a marriage license for two homosexuals as per Kentucky law and the lefties are happy about it.


Because her religious beliefs are different than their religious beliefs and they are not being tolerant of her religious beliefs.

BTW, it is a crime for anyone to tell someone else to commit a crime, including a judge. Therefore, that judge having the clerk put in jail for not committing a crime is criminal.

Animal deaths

I have been keeping an eye on these mass animal deaths with from thousands to millions of birds, fish, and animals dying at the same time. It is possible and even pretty likely that the left is killing (probably poisoning) these animals to justify their eugenics or slaughter of more than 7 billion people. The scare they are building is that, the reason all of these animals are dying in mass is because there are too many humans and, if we don't murder off 7 billion people, all life on earth will go extinct.

The next question they will pose is, which humans should we slaughter?

Not them, of course. It will be the inferior or non white races. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, they just admitted that earth has 7.5 times the trees they were telling us it has.

Not very good at counting, are they? They only missed about 8 out of every 9 trees they counted...or did they just lie?

My money is on the lie. More liberal commie traitor bogus science, you know, just like us humans also causing global warming. They may even say these mass animal deaths are part of the global warming thingy.


BTW, they are finally admitting that HPV causes tongue and throat cancer when contracted via oral sex. More liberals are now speaking out against oral sex because of it. You need to know that we baby boomers have reached the age at which all of these things mature and start killing us and it is making it very obvious that, if we break God's Laws, we pay with our health and lives. God really meant it when He said, "You shall not commit adultery." It turns out that includes abnormal sex.

They are not telling you all of the truth about STDs. For example, HPV causes other problems too. But, hey, if more of you knew the truth about STDs, more of you would not be willing to commit adultery and it would not be as easy for Satan to control you.

Upper Class Trash

Are you figuring out yet just how sick and demented the academic or intellectual left is? They ARE the problem. They keep dreaming up all of this wickedness.

Increasing numbers of people are becoming furious at the upper class trash and their mischief. They know the liberal upper class trash are destroying our culture and society and are furious about it. Increasing numbers of people are raging about the problems the liberals are causing.

Most are still failing to realize that this mess is being caused by the Luciferian cult and it's do-as-you-will law trying to destroy the West Christianity built. This destruction is intentional and criminal.

Some Vanderbilt feminazis are going to teach about "masculinity". Nothing like a little male hating brainwashing and intimidation by the upper class trash academe feminazis to make things worse.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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