Who Built America

First, I want to repeat and remind you that there are good rich people and there are bad rich people the same as there are good people in the middle and lower classes and bad people in the middle and lower classes. It is the bad and corrupt rich people who I refer to as the upper class trash.

When I was in second grade, I remember reading in a school book in my class and my teacher telling us that the rich upper class built America. You have to understand that the rich own and control the book publishing companies, universities, and media which teach us that they, the rich, built America. I went home and told my father that I had been taught in school that day that the rich people had built America. My father turned to me and said, "They didn't build a damn thing, they paid us to build it for them."

As I thought about that over the years while studying history, business, and government, I realized, first, he was right, then I realized he was more than right, and, finally, I realized he was absolutely right.

I realized my father was right when I studied how the rich did things when it came to building things. Some of them were actually engineers and architects who did design and manage the building of things, but even they hired us to do the building. Others just hired engineers and architects to design those things AND hire the people to build those things while all those rich really did was give the initial orders and approvals and sign the checks. Every one else did the work for those rich people but they have falsely taken credit for the entire building of America in their books, on TV, and in the schools. So the upper class trash lied again.

The first truth came when I realized that all of the actual building was done by the little guys who were paid by the rich to do that building. My father was right and the rich upper class trash were liars.

As my studies continued, I next learned that better than 90% of the businesses in the US were small privately owned businesses and most homes and other buildings were designed, built, and paid for by the little guys and not the rich upper class. The rich were responsible for building less than 10% of America. We, the people built America and all the rich did was help out a little on the way and then take credit for the entire building of America, ramming that lie down our throats. My father was very right.

Then I found out that the government building which the rich took credit for such as dams, highways, and bridges, was built using our tax dollars and our sweat. Even a lot of what they built which was privately owned was either government subsidized and/or paid for by investors and they did almost nothing but get their corrupt political buddies to give them the government contracts and subsidies for building everything. Basically, a lot of them, all they did was sign the checks which means they were so worthless you could have replaced them with a chimpanzee and rubber stamp to sign the checks. That was when I realized that my father was absolutely right.

And the thing which really burns my butt is, after the corrupt upper class trash has falsely taken credit for building the greatest nation in the history of the world, which we, the people really built, they are the corrupt jerks who have destroyed this once great nation with their corruption, lies, and stealing. They, the upper class trash have destroyed what we, the people spent over 200 years building and it took them less than 100 years to do it with their liberal socialism. You can bet they won't take credit for that in their books, universities, media, and such. They will find a way to blame you for it, you know, the people who built this once great nation.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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