Failing Socialism

I just realized that we are watching an incredible historic moment. We are in the process of watching socialism fail completely. It is dying a very slow and painful death which will leave few believers in Marxism. I have been wondering how God will clear out all these liberal government and union dependent socialist people and He is going to do it by letting the liberal pagan god, socialism, slowly strangle itself to death.

I keep watching, learning, and adding 1 + 1 while waiting for the next shoe to drop for another essay but, obviously, there has been less waiting between essays lately. I recently learned about a union worker who has been out of work for over two years and there are plenty of others who have been out of work for over three years with their numbers growing in this "recovering economy".

This is very important because these workers are drawing half wages and full benefits while sitting on their butts doing nothing. Common sense should tell you that money has to be coming from some where. It is coming from businesses which hire union workers. Those businesses are required to pay money into a fund that is used to keep paying the union workers when they are out of work. You should know that, if the work those businesses are doing is down so much they are having to pay unemployed union workers half wages for years at a time without those workers generating income for those businesses and the number of unemployed workers is increasing, then those businesses have to be losing money. Those businesses can only lose so much money before they either go broke and won't be paying any money into the unions or have to stop hiring union workers and will also stop paying money into the unions in order to survive. This will mean that the unions will start going broke and, to survive, will have to start cutting back on how much they are paying these unemployed workers and/or cutting increasing numbers of unemployed union workers lose with no pay.

This means there will be fewer and fewer union workers as this economy continues to get worse. Also, as unions go broke, more and more union workers will be finding themselves being dumped with absolutely no income and having to find money some where else such as on Welfare, Social Security, and other socialist programs straining them even more when the US and state governments are going broke and having to cut back on those programs.

I have found out that increasing numbers of union workers are planning on voting against Obama in the next election in 2012 regardless of who runs against him against the wishes of their unions. These union workers had established their spending habits and debt payments such as home mortgages based on their full time pay and have now been getting half pay for years causing enormous difficulties for the workers and their families as socialism continues to destroy our economy. Eventually, to survive, the unions themselves are going to have to start voting against socialism because it is capitalism which makes it possible for the unions to function at all. Socialism failing is busting unions.

Also, I recently read an item written by an economist who said that the recovering economy is a "government created myth". Gee, where did we hear that one before? No big surprise on this web site. This economist stated that the current spending and economic numbers related to that spending are being caused by our government going further and further into debt to increase its spending more and more to create the economic smoke and mirrors I have been telling you about which the experts have been using to convince people that the economy is recovering. You know, the numbers I have told you to ignore because they are just smoke and mirrors.

You have to ask yourself, if we are broke and the government is still spending money, where is that money coming from? The answer is not nice. That money comes from our government selling debt or making loans to the rich and other countries in the form of government debt instruments such as government bonds. These government debt instruments have to be paid back every 3 to 12 months, depending on the maturation date for the debt instrument, plus interest and that interest is currently coming from selling more government debt instruments than the government is paying back to pay last year's debt, the interest on that debt, and to cover this year's debt the socialists keep running up with their debt financed socialist government management. Wow, that is really working well, isn't it. :-P phbt!

Common sense should tell you that, sooner or later, this is going to quit working because you are going to run out of money and no one will be able and/or willing to buy more debt when they realize that the US government won't be able to pay back all the debt it currently owes, much less increasing debt which will cause the investors in the government debt instruments to lose all of their money because the US government will be forced to default on its debts. We are already at that point with fewer and fewer people and countries willing to purchase our increasing government debt, increasing numbers of people and countries openly divesting themselves of US and other government financial debt instruments, and our government and economists talking more and more about the inevitable coming government default on debt in increasing countries and states. Please remember that your beloved messiah, Obama, said he was going to do everything FDR did during the great depression and FDR defaulted on government debt after he had run it up so high it couldn't be paid off, which caused the Great Depression to get even worse. Light bulb time....again.

At that point, the US government will run out of cash for cash flow and won't be able to pay anyone anything which will cause the US government to grind to a screeching halt. No money in, no money out. Basic cash flow economics 101.

That is when the death throws of socialism will completely stop and everything socialist will come crashing down. Our various governments will be forced to cut way back on all government paid pensions, retirements, and disabilities forcing all of those government dependent people into the work force to try to survive with jobs, especially government jobs, disappearing even faster than they are now.

God just gave me a dream in which I was feeding a lot of people I didn't even know (think nations). At the next meal, we went to feed everyone leftovers but there wasn't enough leftovers so I went to the cupboard for more food and there wasn't any food left. I think you can figure that one out for yourself.

Sooner or later, you will start to.....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

Nothing drives man to God like poverty.

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