Upper Class Trash Bullies

I have been trying to understand why the upper class trash are failing and they keep pushing harder and harder, continuing to do the things that are failing only to fail again and again. Just before I went to bed God told me it is because they are bullies and suddenly it became clear as glass.

Remember that I have told you that Putin has his spies everywhere and you know those spies are sending this information back to Putin so it probably didn't take too long for him to figure this out and begin using it against the West.

I quickly understood because I grew up in violent neighborhoods dealing with and fighting bullies, so I had to learn how they think to deal with them, which was God preparing me for dealing with these bullies today. All bullies are the same regardless of whether they are lower, middle, or upper class bullies, they just have different ways of bullying people.

Bullies are mean, selfish, and aggressive people who use violence or the threat of violence to get what they want, while claiming to be victims just like lefties. They lie, steal, beat people up, murder, burn buildings down, sack stores and homes, and terrorize people to "get your lunch money".

When I talked with them on the street and while the lefty shrinks were justifying their criminal actions by calling them "victims of society", you know, just like all lefties are victims, the bullies would laugh at the shrinks, while rubbing their thumbs against their finger tips to signify money, and say, "It is all about the fast easy money," meaning it is faster and easier to get money by stealing from others, who work, than to work and earn it themselves. That is why ALL lower, middle, and upper class criminals steal. It is all about the fast, easy money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

The only difference between a few thugs on the street beating people up for their "lunch money" and great generals like Alexander the Great sacking cities for their "lunch money" is the size of their gang. The bigger the gang, the more people you can beat up and the more money you can steal and that is what the upper class trash and their lefty puppets want and have been doing for thousands of years; they want to have the biggest and only gang in the world so they can beat up everyone and steal everything.

You have to understand how bullies think. They don't think rationally and logically like you think. They would never do a strategic analysis and build their strategies and tactics around that.

One thing they do when looking for trouble on the street is that they do what we used to call on the street "talking up their courage", which is partly what the upper class trash are doing with all of their media lies, misinformation, and propaganda. On the street, bullies looking for trouble, will talk "crap" or "trash" to make themselves and each other feel braver so they will begin to believe they can win a fight against you and to intimidate you into submission so you won't fight back.

The upper class trash bullies are convincing themselves that they can beat Putin in this war they have started and that means they will keep pushing Putin until he is forced to fight, like he did with Ukraine and will soon do with the rest of the West.

The rest of the reason for their media lies is to fool and control you into letting them do what they want. Note that, if you stand up to them, they IMMEDIATELY start bullying you into submission.

The bullies also prefer to scare and intimidate people into submission to get what they want and, when you don't respond with what THEY consider adequate force against them, they think it is because you are afraid of them and that always emboldens them. They develop their strategies and tactics based on your response to their evil actions and not based on military strengths and weaknesses.

When they become emboldened, they will always push harder to scare and intimidate you more, increasing their aggression as they become emboldened because you are not responding in what they consider enough force to be a threat to them and cause them to back down.

You can see this in their actions with Putin.

Putin does not want to go to war and the lefties think that is because he is afraid of them and it emboldens them, which causes them to increase their aggression against Putin.

The left used the CIA to stage a political coup in Ukraine to set up a puppet government they could use to get missiles to the Ukrainian northeastern border so they could attack Moscow to quickly take down Russia to get Russia out of their way so they could set up their evil global dictatorship. The upper class trash bullies are still insanely obsessed with that goal.

When Putin didn't invade Ukraine to get rid of the puppet government, that emboldened the upper class trash bullies but Putin did setup a rebel proxy army of Russians living in Ukraine to free the Donbass area, which caused the upper class trash to back off a little but they continued to test the waters by having Ukrainian Nazi forces shell the Donbass area killing more than 14,000 Ukrainian civilians in 8 years.

Putin just supporting his rebel proxy army for 8 years instead of invading and stopping the Ukrainian forces from killing civilians, caused the upper class trash to once again think that Putin is afraid of them so they began to ramp up the war in Ukraine by sending in weapons and troops and increasing their aggression towards Putin just last year.

What the upper class trash didn't realize is that Putin and the rest of the Eastern Alliance were spending that 8 years preparing for the war they knew was coming.

When Putin responded by sending in a "peace keeping force" to aid the rebel proxy army and stop the shelling, that caused the upper class trash to back off a little but they continued with their shelling so they were now killing Russian troops, which was an act of war by Ukraine against Russia. That caused Putin to invade Ukraine to stop the shelling of the Donbass area.

Putin's stated strategy at the beginning of the war was to destroy the Nazi battalions that had been bombarding the Donbass area killing civilians and kill Zelensky and his cabinet so Putin could replace their illegal government with a Russia friendly government.

But the upper class trash ignored Putin's stated goals because they figured he was lying because they lie all of the time. The upper class trash think everyone thinks the same way the upper class trash think just the same way most people think the upper class trash think the same way most people think. They are both wrong.

Putin invading Ukraine caused the upper class trash bullies to temporarily back off and even pull most of their troops out of Ukraine just like bullies would do.

When Putin moved on Keiv to get Zelensky and his cabinet so Putin could replace their illegal puppet government with a pro Russian government and found that the CIA had gotten them out of Ukraine into Poland and he had not finished off the Nazi battalions in Ukraine, Putin decided to pull a double sucker punch that only half worked.

Putin faked defeat and quickly withdrew his forces making it look like he was fleeing to the Donbass area to draw the Nazis into a trap and get Zelensky to think he was winning the war so he would return to Ukraine, where Putin could kill him.

This made it possible for Putin to lure the Nazis into his cauldron in the Donbass area, where he is finishing destroying them, and emboldened the upper class trash because they thought Putin was running scared because they really thought Ukraine had beat Putin so that the upper class trash bullies began supplying weapons to Ukraine again with that being partly to make money from the war but also to test Putin to see what he would do.

But the CIA is keeping Zelensky safely in Poland out of Putin's reach and putting out propaganda to make it easier for the West to justify sending weapons and money to Zelensky at your expense and to increase the upper class trash wealth, while testing Putin.

In spite of the fact that Putin is slowly, systematically destroying the Nazi battalions in the east (he is hoping him taking time will embolden Zelensky into returning to Ukraine), Putin not going into Poland to take out Zelensky has convinced the upper class trash even more that Putin is afraid of them so they are continuing to escalate this war and testing Putin.

You have to understand that the upper class trash logic is that they don't need a superior army to defeat Putin if they can bully, bluff, and intimidate Putin into submission...unless Putin fights back.

The upper class trash trying to get Sweden and Finland into NATO and staging "NATO war games" around the Baltic Sea area were testing and intimidating Putin and he responded by sending forces into the area of the NATO war games as a warning but it was not enough because the upper class trash bullies have convinced themselves that Putin is afraid of them and will soon back down, if they just take it far enough. After all, Putin wouldn't dare fight them because they are the superior elites. Their arrogance has them convinced that they are so wonderful and powerful that Putin wouldn't dare fight them because they believe their own bull crap.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall."

That is why the EU wrote a law forcing Lithuania, a member of the EU and NATO, to stop supplies from going through Lithuania to Kaliningrad, a Russian state, in compliance with a treaty between Lithuania and Russia, which is an act of war but Russia taking military actions against Lithuania would be an act of war against the EU and NATO, which the upper class trash don't believe Putin will do, and the West has given Ukraine a "candidate status" (maybe we will but most likely we won't) for joining the EU so that, if the upper class trash do make Ukraine a member of the EU and Russia continues with the war in Ukraine, it will be an act of war against the EU.

Putin responded to the Lithuanian hostility by sending supplies to Kaliningrad by ship via the Baltic Sea, which is just going to embolden the upper class trash even more, you know, Putin wouldn't go into little Lithuania. I think Putin is just buying time.

You see, the upper class trash bullies are trying to bluff and intimidate Putin into backing down and getting out of Ukraine so they can use Ukraine to invade and finish off Russia and it won't work because Putin is not afraid of them, regardless of what they think, he just doesn't want to go to war unless everything else fails and I am sure he is buying time to prepare for the war and I am sure he has realized that the only choice the upper class trash are leaving him now concerning going to war with the West is "when" and "how" because he is clearly preparing for that war but the upper class trash are so arrogant and certain Putin is afraid of them and that they can bluff and intimidate Putin into backing down that they can't consider the possibility that Putin will attack them the way he attacked Ukraine.

Have you noticed during this time how the lefty upper class trash keep having meetings and press conferences to "talk up their courage"?

What just happened with Lithuania and Ukraine has made it so that Putin MUST soon go to war with the West to stop this crap. He has no other choice and he must do it soon because of what the upper class trash bullies just did.

His best strategy is to do the same thing he did with Ukraine and stage a surprise preemptive attack against the West in full force in conjunction with his Eastern Alliance allies.

This also explains what the upper class trash bullies are doing in the US. They have been gradually escalating their war against the American people since it started under Obama in 2012; burning, destroying, sacking, beating people up, and murdering people, and, because the American people have not yet responded with the force they think we should have responded with, they think we are afraid of them and their thugs.

This has emboldened the upper class trash to keep pushing harder and harder in spite of everything they are doing is failing. They just want to get your guns before you decide to stand up to them because they believe that, without your guns, you will be too afraid of them and their thugs to stand up to them.

That is why these bullies keep pushing harder and harder in spite of all of their plans failing. The people are not responding with enough force so the upper class trash keep convincing themselves that the American people are afraid of the upper class trash and their thugs, which just emboldens them to do more and more to further bully and intimidate the American people into submission. "Submit, you lowly peasants!"

The American people not submitting and fighting back has the left in a panic because they just can't imagine the people not being cowards and just submitting to their bulling like the people have in Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Their media are not just trying to fool you to control you but they are also talking up their courage before the fighting can start and they are trying to intimidate you into submission.

The lefties are just overgrown, rich bullies who think you are afraid of them, which emboldens them and causes them to continue with their crimes against you and they have made it very clear that the only thing that will stop them is death. People, the upper class trash and their thugs have been doing this bully crap for thousands of years and they are not going to stop now.

All of the lefty Commierats and RINOs are just rich bullies who belong in prison and, after Judgment Day, God will put them in His eternal prison, the Lake of Fire, to protect you from them forever. The second most important thing about Paradise is that there won't be ANY bullies there. The most important thing is that we will finally get to live with God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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