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I have been watching and listening to all of the scientifically ignorant bull crap about abortion for decades and, since both Mark and Arthur sent me links to sites about abortion on the same day, I decide to write concerning the science about abortion.

Note that Arthur said something that you might want to keep an eye on, "Look for riots now that Roe vs Wade has been overturned. Good excuse to suspend the midterm elections". That is still quite a ways off but I would not put something like this past the left, especially after the BLM riots of just a few years ago.

First, as soon as the sperm unites with the egg, called "conception", it creates an organism called the zygote. It is a single cell organism that we have known for more than 60 years is an independent living organism that is NOT part of the female body and it is just like any other single cell living organism or protist. It is scientifically and biologically alive.

Second, we have also known for more than 60 years that this living organism is genetically 100% human because, upon conception, the zygote contains 100% of the genetic code for a human, which means that, biologically, it is a separate living human and CANNOT be part of the mother's body.

This means that the lefty mantra "my body, my choice" is a biological and scientific lie. The zygote is NOT the female's body or even part of her body but is a COMPLETELY SEPARATE human body that is living within the human body of the female that HELPED conceive the zygote and place it insider her body. Therefore, it should never be the choice of the woman as to whether or not she can murder that other human. It is NOT her body and, therefore, is NOT her choice as to whether to murder that other human.

If you think I am wrong, just keep in mind that these "pro choice" people are also advocating for "post birth abortion" so they can murder the children AFTER they have been born and could in no way be part of the mother's body, you know, so the pagans can begin to openly sacrificing their children to their false pagan gods.

All they care about is having "the right" to murder children and some of them were fighting to be able to murder children up to several years AFTER they have been born.

You need to ask, "Just how long after they have been born do these pagan human demons want the right to murder people?"

If they get the right to sacrifice anyone of any age they want to their false pagan gods, you could be next.

End of debate.

I just wish that the attorneys, judges, politicians, and media who play such a huge role in helping people decide concerning the legality and morality of abortion would shut up until they actually study biology and learn the truth about that tiny living human so many think is alright to murder because it is helpless. They are all absolutely clueless concerning what they are talking and deciding about; CLUELESS. Almost always, what they say is just their ignorance based opinions.

On Judgment Day, they will all find out to their horror that they were involved in the murder of one or more other humans and will be held accountable for murdering that helpless human child when they will be confronted by that child or the children they were complicit in their murder. You will meet them on Judgment Day.

BTW, science has proved the Bible correct because the Bible says that God knew us when He formed us in the womb, you know, as a zygote and that it really is a living human that God knew.

BTW, now that Roe vs Wade has been overturned so that abortion is no longer legal at the national level, the evil of abortion only falls on the blue zones that continue abortion along with God's judgment for that evil. This may be the reprieve that most of the nation will get by being permitted to win a war for control of most of the nation.

Then I found this video the next day and it shows some interesting things.

First, God is using this change in the abortion law to draw clear lines between blue and red zones with some lefties now leaving red zones because they are shutting down abortion clinics and the conservatives leaving the blue zones because of more rioting. The battle lines for this escalating war are being firmly set.

Second, the left is escalating their insurrection and accelerating their violence because they didn't get what they want, you know, throwing a tantrum. Turley makes it very clear the left is right now calling for and staging an insurrection with many leaders openly calling for the insurrection or treason. You can bet that few, if any, of them will be arrested and prosecuted because lefties are above the law.

If you miss the left's true colors with this insurrection, you are willfully ignoring the ugly truth the left is showing you. They are telling you with their actions just how evil they are.

Do you believe me yet that we are already at war and it is the left waging the war against you?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because God is hearing your prayers and the fight is on.

Note that he also points out that the left's ideology is their religion and it is purely satanic paganism. They are a fanatical cult and very dangerous.

BTW, the rioting because of Roe vs Wade being overturned is taking place in and causing damage to blue cities. They are most likely to cause harm to or kill Commierat voters. According to this video the left is still ramping up and literally calling for war and insurrection. Be careful, especially in blue zones.


I got this from The Patriot Project by Richard Moorhead:

"Chicago's wealthiest man is saying farewell to the Democrat-governed state of Illinois.

Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin is moving his company to the state of Florida.

Griffin, whose net worth is almost $29 billion, announced that he had personally moved his residence from Illinois to the Republican-governed Sunshine State in a Thursday letter to his employees."

According to his close associates, it is because of the increasing crime in Chicago has gotten so bad that he personally knows a number of people who were robbed at gun point or stabbed, you know, other rich people.

I guess their criminals have figured out that they can steal more from the upper class than from the middle and lower classes.

I see this as God moving his business and people out of Chicago to save them from what is coming.

Also, you know this is going to significantly hurt Chicago's economy and cause others to leave soon.

Then, after I wrote that, I found out that Caterpillar and Boeing both left Chicago within the last month.

God is moving people out of Chicago to save them from what is coming.

I am also seeing God moving people out of Los Angeles to save them from the super earth quake storm He told me will happen there.


I find the timing of this video and the crime(s) very interesting. This is a very telling video and things may have just been started in motion.

Questions: Why have we not heard about the person(s) in the other car that was totaled? Was it just parked alongside the road in the middle of nowhere? Were one or more other people in that car injured or killed? Has a much more serious crime been committed and it is being covered up, which is a crime? Is Nancy involved in any of such crimes like the cover-up? So, who will be the new Speaker of the House?

I found out from another news source that there were probably injuries to other people but that information is being withheld. There is obviously a significant cover up and even some of the media are obviously helping. For example, some of the media state that the other driver "crashed into Paul's car" to make it look like it was the other person's fault in spite of the fact that Paul was the one arrested for DUI.

Keep an eye on this.


This video shows some of Obama's corruption and it was pretty bad. The government is doing its best to keep this covered up.

Keep an eye on it.


It looks like Russia is calling another Western bluff and the leaders in Lithuania are getting scared, you know, asking for a NATO battalion to be stationed in Lithuania as is shown in this video.

Maybe Lithuanian should not have obeyed risky orders by EU leaders who had nothing to lose if this goes south? Maybe they should leave the EU and go neutral? Maybe they should learn to speak Russian because those EU leaders will not risk going to war with Russia to save little Lithuania? When are they going to learn to quit bluffing Russia?

The answer: never.


Remember that I have been warning you that Iran could cut off oil flow through the Strait of Hormuz heading to the West to cripple the West?

I have been watching this for more than a decade and this video shows Iranian naval craft harassing a US Naval ship and you can bet these boats will be much more aggressive against oil tankers than naval ships that can fight back. Plus you have to keep in mind that the Strait of Hormuz is narrow enough that Iran can attack oil ships from shore with things like missiles and aircraft.

When that part of the war starts, you won't get many oil tankers through the Strait of Hormuz and your tanks, planes, and ships will need oil to fight and not just good feelings.

Keep an eye on this.

Chemical Industry

Remember that I have been telling you how corrupt the chemical industry is?

This video shows you a tiny bit about how corrupt they are. They pretty much own the government and it isn't good. This shows that the FDA is a worthless tool for the drug companies and they don't work for you but you pay their salaries and expenses. That crap has to stop.

It makes you wonder who sold you out to corrupt the FDA that way?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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