Caliph Obama

For those of you who are still questioning whether Obama is a Muslim, much less a devout radical Muslim, let me put it to rest for you. Obama told you, verbally, that he is a devout radical Muslim and has proved it with his actions.

Remember when Obama said, "The future should not belong to those who blaspheme the prophet of Islam", meaning Mohammed?

If you have read the Koran and studied Islam, there is an extremely deep meaning to that.

The first question we have to ask is, what in Islam, not what you believe, but IN ISLAM constitutes blaspheming Mohammed?

In Islam, if you reject ANYTHING Mohammed taught, you blaspheme Mohammed. That is an absolute IN ISLAM. This means that, if you ARE NOT a devout radical Muslim, you are blaspheming Mohammed. If you are a Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Luciferian, Celt, atheist, Satanist, pagan, witch, or any other religion, you are blaspheming Mohammed by not believing Mohammed 100% and it requires the death penalty. Even if you are a Muslim but are not a devout radical Muslim so that you don't believe absolutely EVERYTHING Mohammed taught, you are blaspheming Mohammed.

Remember that better than 90% of the Muslims who are killed every year are killed by other Muslims?

The Shiites believe the Sunnis are blaspheming Mohammad and the Sunnis believe the Shiites are blaspheming Mohammad because they don't all believe the same things, so they kill each other and you better believe they will kill non Muslims even faster than a hat can drop.

So, what was Obama really telling you when he said, "The future should not belong to those who blaspheme the prophet of Islam"?

That Obama is a devout radical Muslims because, for him to not be, would be Obama blaspheming Mohammad and Obama believes OBAMA IS THE FUTURE. In his evil mind, there is no doubt about this.

You want proof?

Simple, he not only worships on all Muslim holy days every year but he worships on those Muslim holy days with devout radical Muslims who are involved in terrorism like the Muslim Brotherhood on every holy day. On every Muslim holy day, Obama invites some of the most devout radical Muslims in the world who are known to be involved with terrorism to the White House to worship with him on those Muslim holy days.

You may have not heard the saying that birds of the feather flock together so let me ask you, who do you spend your holy days worshiping with?

Most of you spend your holy days with family and friends because your beliefs are the same or at least similar. Those who don't spend the holy days with family, it is usually because your beliefs are not close enough to each other for you to feel comfortable worshiping together and you will spend those holy days with friends who have the same or similar beliefs so you can feel comfortable in worshiping together. It is not normal human behavior to regularly worship with people you feel uncomfortable worshiping with.

Now, don't you think that, if Obama were not a devout radical Muslim, that he and those devout radical Muslims would feel uncomfortable worshiping together on the Muslim Holy days? Don't you think that the devout radical Muslims would prefer worshiping with other devout radical Muslims on at least the most holy days and would turn down Obama's invitations? Don't you think that, if Obama was not a devout radical Muslim, he would feel uncomfortable worshiping with those devout radical Muslims and would not even invite them to worship with him at least on the most holy of the Muslim holy days?

I mean, after all, they are devout radical Muslims who put their religion before absolutely everything else, even life. Therefore, the fact that Obama worships every Muslim holy day every year with devout radical Muslims is absolute proof that Obama is a devout radical Muslim. I mean, after all, an independent Baptist won't worship every holy day every year with even a Southern Baptist, much less with Catholics, Methodists, or other protestants even though they are all considered to be Christians. The independent Baptist will seek out other independent Baptists to worship with at least most of the time. That is normal human behavior.

Therefore, Obama has told you conclusively with his words that he is a devout radical Muslim and he has proved it conclusively with his actions. Obama says he is a Christian but has NEVER invited any conservative "radical" Christians to worship with him on a Christian holy day at the White House. Get the picture yet?

BTW, remember that I told you that, since Obama has not been able to disarm what is now being called 120 million armed American citizens, he is bringing in huge numbers of Muslims terrorists and soldiers from other Muslim countries as illegal aliens and immigrants to wage war against those armed US citizens? Also remember that, when Obama became president, there were a little less than 12 million illegal aliens in the US and there are now 42.4 million illegal aliens in the US with many of those being young adult male Muslims?

Before Obama became president, there were already millions of Muslims in the US (they said about 17 million) and there were already terrorist training camps spread around the US. You can safely figure that by both legal and illegal means, Obama has brought in at least another 10 to 15 million young adult male Muslims for his CNSF to help him seize control of the US.

Those 100+ million armed US citizens, who are regularly buying more weapons and ammunition, have forced Obama to wait until the last minute to stage his coup by forcing Obama to take the time to infiltrate as many Muslims as possible into the US and infiltrate devout radical Muslims into controlling positions in our government, including as heads of Homeland Security and the CIA earlier this year.

I have read that Obama was a bully in high school and almost all bullies are cowards. They will not pick a fight they MIGHT lose. They will only pick fights they are certain to win. Obama is trying to stack the deck so that he feels he cannot lose this coming fight but, at some time, he must suck it up and fight. He has a little more than one year to stage his coup before he has to give up the power that will make it possible for him to have even the slightest chance of succeeding.

Plus, you know that Obama's devout radical Muslims friends like Valerie and Farrakhan will not permit Obama to squander the only chance THEY have of seizing control of the US and conquering the world. They are too power mad to permit that to happen.

You know that power mad Obama and his friends want to stage their coup as soon as possible, especially with the frustration Obama has been experiencing because of his many setbacks but, with all of these things considered, Obama may be forced to wait until about a year from now to stage his coup, at which time, ready or not, he must just suck it up and go for it or his devout radical Muslim pals will kill him and Obama knows it.

Oh yeah, remember me telling you that Obama will purge the liberals, especially the upper class trash and not just in the US but also simultaneously in Europe and other countries to make sure he gets them all?

I have told you Obama has to because no one can trust a traitor, that he also has to in order to prevent the upper class trash from staging a counter coup, that Obama also has to because power mad people hate sharing power with any more people than they absolutely have to, that Obama also has to because Muslims hate sharing power with other Muslims, much less non Muslims, that Obama also has to because the Koran forbids a Muslim to share power with a non Muslim, that Obama also has to because he made an agreement or contract with the non Muslims (the Luciferians) and the Koran REQUIRES that Obama MUST destroy those non Muslims, the Luciferians, as soon as he can, and you now know that Obama also has to because, by being non Muslims, the Luciferians are blaspheming Mohammed AND we all KNOW that Obama has his secret racist data base or hit list for doing the job.

Is there any doubt that Obama and his Muslim pals have very specific plans to purge or kill off ALL of the Euro-American liberal commie traitor white cracker Luciferians, especially the upper class trash?

After all, as a devout radical Muslim, Obama has to and that is why it is very important to know whether Obama is a Muslim.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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