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The Obama administration plans to close the last remaining American owned uranium enrichment facility in the United States. This is just another example of Obama and the lefties working to destroy the US military by destroying our nuclear power when plenty of bad guys are building their nuclear power.


Some of the German states just decreased housing standards for the immigrants. That will definitely create slums and is a wrong move. Germany is clearly on its way down and out. The European countries have been sold out by their leaders just like the US.

Mean while they need to segregate Muslim immigrants from Christians because the Muslims are persecuting the Christians, beating, raping, and robbing them. But the liberal politicians are refusing to for a bunch of great sounding idiot reasons. More people are going to have to be hurt before anyone intelligent will do anything./

Muslim immigrants are rioting in the streets of cities in almost all Western nations with it getting worse and more violent by the day. At least in Germany and the US, the conservatives are standing up and fighting back.

Please note that the Christian immigrants are not rioting in the streets. They are thankful for the refuge.


I found this article by John Nolte over at Newsmax on Sep 29, 2015

"Keep in mind that NASA's big announcement is NOT that water has been found on Mars. The news is that NASA has found only SIGNS of water on Mars. And now, probably by accident, "Martian" director Ridley Scott has confirmed that NASA timed the release of this bombshell maybe-news for the week of the movie's release:"

OK, so, contrary to what we have been reading, no water has been found, only signs of possible water and NASA is now lying to promote movies. But those signs could be caused by other things. For example, erosion could have been caused by something like liquid methane or any other liquid.

It is just more liberal pagan lies to sell the liberal pagan fairytale of evolution because they can't scientifically prove their fairytale. If they could scientifically prove evolution, they wouldn't have to keep lying. The very fact that they keep lying is absolute proof they cannot scientifically prove evolution and it is nothing more than a silly pagan fairytale that goes something like this.

The Pagan Fairytale of Evolution

Once upon a time, long, long, long, long, long ago, a fairy dropped some fairy dust on some dirt and the dirt magically came to life. Wha-la!

The magic dirt lived for millions of years until another fairy dropped more fairy dust on it and it changed into more advance living dirt. This continued for three and a half billion years, because we said so and because fairies are really careless with their fairy dust, until we finally ended up with really advanced dirt called humans that was stupid enough to believe the pagan fairy tale of evolution.

Don't ask me where the fairies came from because I can't even tell you where the dirt came from and ignore the fact that no one has ever seen a fairy, well, unless they were stoned.

The End.

BTW, if you are too smart to believe our pagan fairy tale, don't believe the stories in the Bible which have been scientifically proved. In spite of the vast amount of proof provided by science, those stories are just myths and old wives' tales but our pagan fairy tale, proved by our lies, is scientific fact, wink, wink. Hey, look over there, we found water on Mars!!! (/sarc)

Bomb Boy

The liberal idiots are still defending Ahmed Mohamed and his clock in spite of the fact that even Bill Maher proved that it looks like a bomb and the kid didn't invent anything. The device had to be plugged in to work and Ahmed caused the alarm to go off during one of his classes, which meant that he had to plug the device in and set the alarm to go off while plugged in during the class. It was clearly a prank bomb designed to scare people and it got him in trouble. Ahmed clearly knew what he was doing was wrong but made the decision to do it anyway, even with all of this terrorism going on.

I even told you that the kid took to school a device that looked like a bomb and was only missing an explosive in the alarm system to be a bomb.

Think about this, if you call in a false bomb report, it is a crime and you will be arrested. Ahmed took a fake bomb to school and caused the alarm to go off, which is the equivalent of calling in a false bomb report so he should have been arrested and should be facing charges but he probably won't face charges because everyone is too afraid of the tyrannical lying liberal media terrorists.

That fake bomb going off in a class room could have easily caused kids to panic and stampede through the halls with kids getting hurt or kill. 717 people just got killed in a panic driven stampede in Mecca. The fake bomb plugged in and set to go off in a class was worse than yelling fire in a crowded theater when there was no fire because it was like setting off a smoke bomb in a crowded theater making people think there was a fire.

Now, you have a known Muslim, who has already been in trouble at school a number of times for his mischief, carry a fake bomb into a school and set it off, it is amazing no one got hurt.

Ahmed and everyone else involved in the fake bomb prank should be facing appropriate charges and be held accountable for their actions, just like anyone else.


I am tired of these liberal paid protestors. No one should be paid to protest and anyone who is paid to protest and the people paying them should be charged with fraud and the other crimes which already exist for such behavior. If the paid protestors cause any damage or hurt anyone, the protestors and the people who paid them should be charged with crimes against property and people, such as manslaughter.


Bieber said, "I just want to honestly live like Jesus." Yeah, right. I am tired of liberal posers talking the talk and not walking the walk. This is more phony liberal self righteousness and using the name of Jesus to impress others, in this case, to make money.

If you want to live just like Jesus, give up your wealth, go out with a minimum of clothes, and teach the Old Testament, especially the Law, salvation through Jesus, and the soon returning of Jesus on the streets for the next three years without accepting money or selling anything. If you want to live like Jesus, then walk the walk, baby. If you can't walk the walk, then I don't want to hear you talk the talk.


Yep, Putin has taken over the war with ISIS from Obama and is doing things without even letting Obama know. I guess he doesn't trust Obama and I don't blame him. He has set up a federation between Russia, Syria, Iraq, and Iran squeezing the US out.

BTW, we are not even out of Afghanistan and the same thing is already happening in Afghanistan that Obama caused in Iraq with ISIS.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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