Call to Arms

On July 25, 2012 I woke up from a dream I call a "Call to Arms". In that dream God made it known that we must arm, train, prepare, and organize to defend and protect ourselves, our families, and especially the children from the coming war that the liberals and Muslims are about to force on us.

We must first turn to God in prayer for guidance and work for Christian revival. That is the most important part. Then we must let God guide us to the good people in the military and law enforcement who can help us prepare to defend ourselves, our cities, and our families from these monsters. You must be armed and learn to use those arms properly, then you must be organized into neighborhood and city militias which can quickly defend and protect the group as a whole. God assured me that, if we do what God has told us to do, we will prevail but only after a very bloody fight.

You need to know that the liberals and black Muslims have been preparing for this coming war for decades, about half a century. The liberals have been using their bloated big government and non profit organizations to hire, train, equip, and hide their shadow army of liberal activists.

Think not? Did you know that better than 90% of the occupiers in these protests are salaried while sitting on their butts in those city parks for months, marching through the streets, and damaging and looting businesses? Now who do you think would pay people to sit on their butts in parks for months and cause all of that trouble?

I don't know of one business which would pay those people for not working for months at a time. The only possibility is that the liberals have used the bloated big government and non profit corporations to hire, train, and arm those people. I have been watching them do this for more than a quarter of a century by taking over government agencies and non profit corporations and bloating them to huge sizes of employees who do very little or anything except attend clinics, camps, and meetings while putting our liberal propaganda.

In 1992 the FBI reported that all black gangs in the US were Muslim under the leadership of Louis Farrakhan and that these gangs had used the money they made by selling dope to liberals to smuggle in enough military weapons and munitions to wage a non stop war against the US military for at least 10 years. That was 20 years ago and they are still buying military weapons and munitions. I also found out from law enforcement and military intelligence that the black Muslims have been infiltrating people into all the different government agencies such as military, law enforcement, and intelligence since the 1970's to get training and experience and then those very well trained and experienced people would get out of the service and build up just as professional of organizations for the black Muslims. They have their own shadow government including military, law enforcement, and intelligence. These people have been working full time for the black gangs, National of Islam, the New Black Panthers, and other such organizations for decades paid for with drug money from selling liberals dope. If you think the drug wars in Mexico are bad, wait until you see what these people can do.

I found out the liberals have been doing the same thing to a lesser degree while working for government agencies and non profit corporations and using your tax dollars and donations to non profit corporations to fund their operations and preparations to wage war against, enslave, and slaughter you. The Muslims have done the better job which is why my money is on the Muslims when it comes down to the fight for consolidation of power after they both have seized control of the US.

God has told me that you have to also get prepared for this coming war the liberals and Muslims will wage against you and you will need the help of the good guys in the military, law enforcement, and intelligence. You need to organize into neighborhood militias working with the US military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies, especially to protect the children. If trained properly, you will be a very good asset for them because you will be able to do things which will free more of them up to do the real fighting.

Also, I feel that men should not be the only ones trained to defend themselves and protect the children. Women should also be trained for self defense and fighting in this coming war and even older children who are mature enough should be trained to at least protect themselves and younger children. Even smaller children can be taught to do miniel jobs which will help everyone. So, arm yourselves, train, organize, and prepare because the fight is coming soon and you don't have a choice. This is a call to arms.

God has also informed me in several other dreams that the liberals will use all of the occult such as black magic and witchcraft as weapons against you. You are about to find out that these powers are very real and deadly and that the liberals have been lying to you about everything including there being good witches. Watch and you will see that, when these evil witches come against you with their super natural powers, not one witch will show up to fight for you against these evil witches trying to murder and enslave you. They will all fight against you.

God is drawing a line and separating the good guys from the bad guys by letting these bad guys gain enough control that they feel safe and confident in coming out of the closet and exposing themselves so you can see they are not good at all and are all very evil. These people will show you themselves how evil they are when they start murdering you and your families. You will learn the hard way that everything they have been telling you about them being the good guys and Christians being the bad guys is wrong. They will prove it to you by them showing you they are the bad guys and then the Christians coming to your aid.

Think about it, the occult admit they worship the dark forces or the dark side and the scriptures call God the light or the light side. You do the math on who is good and who is evil.

God has shown me that, when the liberals turn their occult leaders loose on you with their super natual powers, you will take a real beating with many being injured and killed until enough of you turn to God for Him to save you from these monsters. The scriptures say that, if you call on the name of God, He will hear you, He will come, and He will save you. When enough of you call on God to save you from the powers of the occult, God has and will send a secret army of very powerful prophets he has been building up for decades who will quickly take care of these occult monsters and killers. I have no idea how many of these prophets God has prepared for this coming war but you can bet it will be enough to get the job done. I prefer to think of these prophets as Knights of the Messiah who will fight for God and good people but they will only come when you ask God to send them. You do need to know that, when things get really bad, these people are there waiting to help you win the fight. When the occult come to wage war against you, all Hell will break loose but when God's prophets come to wage war for you, all Heaven will break loose. Put your faith and trust in God and obey Him and He will take care of you.

Remember that before God will come to your aid you must KNOW you need Him to save you, must WANT Him to save you, and must ASK Him to save you. If you do not do those three things, then He will not come to your aid. It is only common sense. Do you go to the aid of people who don't need your help? Of course not. Do you go to the aid of people who don't want your help? Of course not. Then why should you expect God to? You only go to the help of people who need, want, and ask for your help.

You are about to see some really incredible things. Some will be very, very bad and others will be very, very good. Your strategy should be to survive the bad things so you can work and enjoy the good things.

Prepare because the liberals and Muslims will be bringing their war to your neighborhood soon. You need to be able to defend yourselves and protect the children from these beasts because they are coming to slaughter or enslave all of you.

It is always time to...

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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