I keep reading about experts thinking (that always scares me) that Israel could easily solve this nuke problem with Iran by using an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack against Iran to send Iran "back to the stone ages". Their attitude is, "That will teach those dirty, murdering Iranians". Really?

The one thing these experts are telling me is that they really don't know what they are talking about when it comes to military stuff or Israel. Their simplistic and flawed logic is that all Israel will have to do is detonate one nuke (as if nukes come in a "one-fits-all size") high in the air and it will take out everything electronic and electrical within Iran and only within Iran with minimum nuclear fall out. Ta da, problem solved! The world is so simple for experts.

How incredibly simple minded and ignorant can experts get? It is mind boggling. First, right, the EMP attack will take out everything electrical and electronic within the range of that particular nuke based on throw weight and distance to horizon including anything within range which just happens to be in other countries. Oops! Nukes don't recognize countries' borders.

Yes, this will temporarily deny the electricity to the Iranian nuclear development facilities required for those facilities to continue working towards developing nuclear weapons BUT all Iran will have to do to get those facilities back online would be to fly in generators for those facilities, especially if those facilities are shielded against an EMP attack. Oops, I guess the EMP attack won't magically stop Iran's nuke development program. :-P Phbt!!!

What an EMP attack will do is destroy the country's ability to function economically, financially, socially, and other wise. They won't be able to get food and water into the cities or waste out of the cities so that at least hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of women and children will either die from thirst or hunger within weeks. Then the people won't be able to maintain a society so that roving gangs will quickly take over the country and you better bet these gangs will be roving Muslim terrorist gangs which will only cause the problem to get worse and not better. Basically, the different Muslim terrorist organizations will fight for turf in Iran and then bring in the technology required to do whatever it is they want to do. I seriously doubt Israel will go for this option for any reason except as a last resort to save Israel from getting nuked.

Gee, that didn't make anything better, did it? Well, so much for experts thinking. :-P Phbt!!!!

Israel has to have three basic targets in Iran. That is a minimum and not a maximum. First, Israel has to completely destroy Iran's nuclear development facilities and, since many of them are hardened, underground facilities, the only way Israel can be assured of success is with nukes using hardened, penetration warheads with delayed detonation devices. These explosions will take place deep underground to get those hardened facilities which will mean even less nuclear fall out than an EMP attack, there will be almost none but you can bet our lying liberal commie media will be screaming nuclear winter.

This has to be Israel's primary target and even the US doesn't have conventional weapons which can guarantee success without repeated attacks, therefore, nukes must be used by Israel. Israel has been putting off the attack as long as she can because she doesn't want to use nukes because the US lying liberal commie media will use Israel using nukes to make Israel look like the bad guy. If the US helps out, then we can use conventional weapons by staging repeated attacks over a period of weeks and months. Israel doesn't have that luxury of time by herself and Obama won't help Israel with the attack so Israel is going to be forced to use nukes soon, especially if it looks like Obama is going to be reelected.

Second, Israel has to take out the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and other radical Iranian forces which are loyal to the current government to 1) prevent Iran from using those forces to attack Israel and 2)make it possible for the Iranian regular Army to stage a military coup overthrowing the current government. Since Israel will already be using nukes, she can easily do this using cruise missiles armed with 200k or less throw weight nukes on each target. Please note that Israel doesn't want to leave the country completely defenseless to keep terrorist organizations from taking over the country...again.

Then Israel has to also take out all of the terrorist camps in Iran because these are an offensive weapon system Iran will use to wage war against Israel. Terrorists are not a defensive weapon system. Again, Israel can easily do this using a few nuke armed cruise missiles.

Please note that this is the nut shell version and it still isn't as simple as the whacko experts make it out to be. There will be many other things Israel will have to deal with to solve this nuclear weapons problem with Iran and her proxy armies around Israel. When this thing happens, it is going to be a very complex mess which will have to be extremely well designed and coordinated, which Israel has shown she can do.

Also note that, after this attack, the crazy liberal commie media will be screaming nuclear winter to make Israel look like the bad guy for using nukes to prevent a nuke attack on Israel. This is in spite of the fact that there will be less nuclear fall out from this attack than there was from all the experimental nuclear detonations globally during the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's. What nuclear winter?

Also, you need to be aware of something I have been learning more about recently. The liberals keep saying they are supporting our troops in this war but it is only lip service. While they are saying they are supporting our troops, they are tying our troops hands more and more behind their backs, especially by making the rules of engagement worse and worse giving the terrorists increasing advantages against our troops and causing the injury and deaths of increasing numbers of our troops. These acts of treason are primarily being carried out by the State Department under the directions of Hillary and Obama and are being covered up by our lying liberal commie media. It turns out that the lying liberal commie traitors are screwing our soldiers today worse than they did during Viet Nam. If Obama is reelected, things will get insanely worse for our soldiers. Fight for our soldiers because they are fighting for you.

Mean while I am going back to watching the shoe storm waiting for key shoes to hit the floor. Everything is pretty much going the way I have already told you it would go so it doesn't seem necessary to keep repeating myself. All you have to do, for now, is read back through my site so see that the country and the economy continue to die with the government and media using smoke and mirrors to cover up their mischief. Don't worry, in the coming months, there will be much more to write about. It won't be much longer now.

BTW, in studying history, I have learned that this planet has never had a shortage of insane, power mad, greedy butt holes. We seem to have always had a bumper crop of butt holes and we seem to have the largest number of butt holes running things now than we have ever had before. But don't forget, man plans, God laughs.

Every day it becomes more important to...

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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