Increasingly, the liberal leaders, media, college professors, and others have been telling us that Capitalism is a terrible and evil thing. They have been telling us that, under capitalism, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Is this true?

First, what is capitalism? Capitalism is derived from the term capital or money. The basic concept is that you take some of your money and time, invest that time and money and manage that investment to get more money in return from your investment than you put into the investment. In other words, you put your money to work making more money for you than you can make on your own with just your physical labor in order to increase your wealth and quality of life.

Some one please convince me that is a bad thing.

The real truth that the lying liberal left doesn't want you to know is very obvious if you just study the history of economics. Over 150 years ago, just before the US Civil War, less than 3% of the people in the US controlled better than 95% of the wealth, there was a very tiny middle class of just about 1% to 2% maximum, and better than 95% of the people in the US lived in poverty and that was with less than 100,000,000 people in the US total. After the last 150 years plus of capitalism, better than 20% of the people in the US control 95% of the wealth, 60% to 70% are middle class, and about 10% to 20% of the people live in what is determined by today's standards to be poverty and that is with over 300,000,000 people in the US today.

That is a 7 fold increase in the percentage of the people controlling better than 95% of the wealth and better than 20 times as many people. It is also from a 30 to 70 fold increase in the percentage of people in middle class and a better than 90 to 200 times increase in the number of people. It is a decrease of 4.75 to 9.5 times in the percentage of people living in poverty and 30 to 60 million fewer people living in poverty with better than 3 times as many people living in the US today.

You have to also keep in mind that almost all of today's poor have more luxuries and a better quality of life than most middle class people did just 50 years ago so that, by the standards of 150 years ago, there are very few people living in poverty in the US today. Plus you have to realize that better than 90% of the people currently classified in the US as being poor would be upper to middle class in most countries around the world.

Almost all of today's middle class and much of today's upper class came out of poverty in the last 150 years. In other words, if you didn't come from an old money family, then your ancestors and you came out of poverty in the last 150 years because of capitalism.

Yep, it sounds like a terrible and evil system and a real failure to me. (/sarc)

Because of capitalism, the US and its people are in the middle of the greatest socio-economic revolution in the history of the world. I predict that, if we can hold off the commie's for just the next 50 years, that anywhere from 30% to as high as 40% of the people will control 95% of the wealth in the US, almost all of the rest will be middle class with very few people living anywhere near poverty.

So why is capitalism such a terrible system? To answer this, you have to look at who is calling it a terrible system. Most of the political leaders who are calling capitalism a terrible system are the old money upper class who used to control 95% of the country's wealth by themselves, the liberal media they own, and the colleges and universities which used to only teach the upper class. These people are having to share less and less of the relative wealth in this country with more and more people. Money is power and the less relative wealth you have, the less power you have. Basically, these people are losing power because of capitalism. Since they are power mad, of course they would hate capitalism. They don't want to share "their power" with you, the people.

Under socialism/communism, you would not be the government as it states in our Constitution. The wealthy people, especially the old money families would be the government and they would get to micro manage your lives to the point that they would decide for you and all of your descendants what work you will do and how much money you would make. This would prevent you and your descendants from ever being able to share in control of 95% of the county's wealth and power.

To sell their socialism to you, they have told one lie after another. The best known is that, after they have set up their socialist dictatorship, they will take the money from the rich and give it to you. Is this true?

The first question I ask is "who are these rich people they are talking about taking their money away from them and giving it to us?" Well, they, the socialist leaders are the richest and majority of the rich.

Then why do they have to set up a socialist government to give their money to you? Why can't they just sit down and start writing checks to us?

Of course they can just sit down and write out checks for millions of their dollars to give all their wealth to us without their socialist government. Since they haven't written any checks to any of us to share in their wealth, then it should be obvious that they really don't intend to share their wealth with us at all and that is just a lie to get us to permit them to set up their socialist dictatorship as a financial control system to oppress us. It is what would best be termed as the latest form of slavery.

But they are having a little problem in selling their plan. As more and more people become wealthier and wealthier, fewer and fewer people are being stupid enough to buy the lies. So they have had to resort to other lies to get elected and stay in power long enough to gradually convert our capitalistic democracy into their socialist dictatorship. These have included things like ecology, conservation, and now global warming by great scientists like Al Gore. (/sarc)

Fortunately, more and more people are seeing through even the best of these lies so the liberals are becoming more and more desperate to regain their lost power. They realize that the longer our wonderful capitalistic system lasts, the less likely they will be able to stop its success at all. Now they are so desperate that they will blatantly commit crimes they have thus far been able to get away with because they were very smart and good at infiltrating their stupid followers into the highest levels of the right parts of our government. It will take decades to purge these stupid jerks from our government and be able to keep improving our wonderful capitalistic democracy.

Because of these reasons, you must be very vigilant in who you vote for to make sure you are not putting liberals back in power, must vote and not permit their phony polls from discouraging you, and ignore the lies of their media who are failing very badly as I predicted years ago. It appears these people are so power crazy they will bankrupt their own media in an effort to regain control of our government and turn it into their socialist dictatorship.

Good, then they won't have the lying propaganda machines to scare the American people with and will have lost much of their own financial wealth in the process. I personally hope their media keep failing and take them all down the tubes with them.

This is probably the most critical time in the history of the US as far as the freedom of its people in the future. If we persevere with this fight and keep our capitalistic system, this country should only get greater. It is very important to understand that, in this fight for our financial futures and freedoms, he who quits last wins. Hang in there.

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