Putin has thrown his hat into the ring with President Rice and Olmert to prove he is the stupidest person on the planet. He has recently started beefing up the air defenses for Iran and Syria but mostly for Iran to protect their nuclear program and has just accelerated that project.

He has clearly done one of the two worst things any non-Muslim could do with any Muslim entity. He has formed a military alliance with Iran to help conquer the West. He has begun to rebuild his cold war machine and is preparing for war. He recently deployed his largest and best aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean Sea and just tested a new multiple warhead missile. He has taken the gloves off and the truce is over. He has even stated such.

The big thing here is that he is working to protect Iran's efforts to acquire nuclear missiles. He has provided enriched uranium which will save processing time and speed up the development of nuclear weapons, he has added new defenses specifically for the nuclear processing sites, and has backed Bush down on going against Iran to take out Iran's nuclear program.

This should tell us a number of things. First, intelligence has told us that Iran should have its first bomb by either the end of 2008 or in 2009. That isn't very far away and that estimate was before Russia provide Iran with fissionable material.

Second, Russia supplying Iran with the fissionable material and arming Iran to protect the processing sites should tell you that Iran is very close to developing their first weapon. It is very possible that Iran is now only months away from their stated goal.

Third, Putin, like the rest of the fools in the West, has not read the Koran and is also trying to deal with the Muslims based on Western logic, morals, and values. If he had read the Koran, the three last things he would want to do would be to 1) make a military alliance with any Muslim entity, 2) sign a peace treaty with any Muslim entity, and 3) arm any Muslim entity with any kind of WMD, especially one that close to home. He might as well be putting a loaded gun to his own head and pulling the trigger.

Putin and the rest of the West just don't get it and won't until one of them grows enough functioning brain cells to sit down and read the Koran. The Koran REQUIRES that Iran or any other Muslim entity which makes a military alliance with any non-Muslim entity to destroy any other third party, Muslim or non-Muslim, as soon as they have destroyed the third party, must turn on the non-Muslim entity they formed the military alliance with and destroy them as quickly as possible.

What this means is that as soon as Iran has destroyed Israel and cowed the west with their nukes, they MUST nuke Moscow as soon as possible. Iran doesn't even have to wait until they have finished off the rest of the West to nuke Moscow. Iran can nuke Moscow while in the process of finishing off the West. And believe me, Iran will nuke Moscow even if it results in the destruction of Iran in hopes that it will cause the rest of Islam to rise up and finish off Russia.

Muslims do not think or reason like the West because their logic is NOTHING like Western logic. It is totally backwards to us and defies understanding until you have read the Koran. Then and only then can you understand Islamic logic and reasoning. I point that out on my site about the Koran.

WE WORSHIP LIFE AND THEY WORSHIP DEATH!!! Learn it and deal with it!

But will Russia hardening the defenses of Iran's nuclear sites deter an attack!

By the US and the rest of the West, yes; by Israel, no.

What will happen is that it will force Israel to attack sooner. She knows that some one, if no one else, her, must destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program or Iran will destroy Israel and then attack Europe. Israel MUST destroy Iran's nuclear program just to survive.

With Putin stepping up his efforts to protect Iran's nuclear sites, Israel is being forced in a position to where she MUST attack those sites before they become so hardened that Israel can't penetrate the defenses and destroy the nuclear sites. So Israel KNOWS that the faster Putin hardens the defenses for Iran's nuclear sites, the sooner Israel must strike to destroy those sites before they become so hardened that Israel can't destroy Iran's nuclear program.

Putin is forcing Israel to attack sooner than she had previously desired to attack and she will be alone. Also, this almost certainly requires that Israel use nukes to take out Iran's nukes which will turn the world against her even more. This will force the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39. We don't have long now. It is getting very close.

It might be a good idea to find Christ as your Saviour. You might need it really soon.

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