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I realized that I need to explain a little more about why I called the "research" concerning the cats and rats in an earlier essay bogus science.

Remember that they said that the cats have almost no effect on the rat population because the rats adapt and hide from the cats, you know, like the cats and the cat's other prey can't also adapt?

Yeah, they're all kind of stupid that way. Only the rats are smart enough to adapt. (/sarc)

About 20 years ago, when I first moved back here, I started a feral cat clan in my yard because there had been a diamond back rattlesnake in my back yard and I kind of didn't want to step on one while walking around my yard in the dark. I was able to use that to do some field research on free roaming feral cats for at least 3 to 4 years before someone, who hates cats, started poisoning them and I was forced to take the last few into my house because I figured that having the cats to stop a snake inside my house wasn't as good as the cats stopping them outside my house but was better than getting bit by a buzz bug in my house, what we Southwestern country people call a rattlesnake. I just really didn't want to die the way my great grandfather Griffin did when a rattlesnake crawled in bed with him to get warm on his farm.

That entire clan died from old age and I got another rattlesnake, a southwestern rattlesnake, which is more lethal than a diamond back, in my house about 5 or 6 years ago (gee, what a coincidence) so I started another clan and have been doing field research on that clan for at least 5 or 6 years.

This means that I have almost a decade of doing field research on free roaming feral cats and have watched 2 different clans of free roaming feral cats grow from inception with one female and one male to a mature cat clan. There are very few scientists on this planet who have done field research on free roaming feral cats for more than 3 to 5 years so that would make me one of the leading experts on free roaming feral cats, easily.

BTW, feral cat sociology is very complex and very fluid. Their structure and behavior can change at any moment. I am still learning something new about feral cat behavior almost every week or so.

Some of the x-spurts tell you that cats only hunt during evenings and mornings.

Is that true?

Uh, sometimes. Doing field research on feral cats here in this high altitude desert has taught me that feral cats change their behavior and sleeping, you know, adapt, based on when their prey is available, you know, when their prey changes their behavior. In other words, feral cats adapt to the behavior of their prey. Feral cat behavior normally changes 4 times a year here because, during the winter, when it is cold, their prey prefer to be out during the day, when it is warm but, during the spring and fall, when the weather is more moderate, their prey prefer to be out in the evening and morning, and, during the summer, when it gets very hot here, often 100 to 115+ F in the shade, their prey prefer to be out at night when it is cooler.

Oh, gee, you mean that, if rats changed their behavior to avoid the cats, the cats would change their behavior to keep killing the rats? Yep, kind of looks that way, doesn't it?

Wow, that shoots the crap out of that "scientific research."

I have found that feral cars are one of the most versatile predators in the world. The reason they sleep so much is so they can be rested and ready to hunt and kill in a moment when they hear of see something to eat. Because of this, you rarely see a feral cat wake up sleepy instead of alert and ready to make a kill right now. Feral cats hunt day or night when prey is available, which is why they sleep so much.

But then there were other red flags in that "analysis" or lie that I have learned to recognize over the last half century. When you watch this crap going on for half a century and are privy to behind-closed-door discussions, see the corruption with your own eyes, and hear it with your own ears, you get to where you can see and smell the human rats. Bad science has a bad smell to it.

For example, they didn't tell you how many rats were in the area they were monitoring, how many rats they chipped and implied they had them all chipped, which no research project would even think of doing that, and they didn't tell you how many cats "moved into the area". Oops!

They said "cats", which is plural, so was it 2 or 3 cats, for which they wouldn't kill that many rats, especially in such a brief "research" period of only 74 days, especially since the "scientists" almost certainly only had from about half a dozen to a maximum of a couple dozen rats chipped for their research, which means the cats were probably more likely to kill rats that were not chipped, which means they probably killed more than 2 rats that the scientists didn't know about. Gee, that analysis has more holes than Swiss Cheese.

Most such research projects, if valid, are funded for a year or more. 74 days or less than 3 months is just barely time to begin your research and ain't even close to valid research, especially on animal behavior.

Then you have to understand that smaller, weaker cats are less likely to try to hunt and kill large and powerful rats; you have to have the bigger, stronger, and more experienced cats for that, baby. Also, the younger and less experienced cats are going to kill fewer rats and most domestic cats turned loose will take at least 3 to 6 months to learn to hunt, you know, just a wee bit longer than 74 days. Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you think they knew that too and turned some domestic cats loose that couldn't hunt well in order to intentionally keep the rat kill low?

I have seen big, experienced cats carrying/dragging full grown black tail jack rabbits much larger than themselves in from the desert and regularly find remains of such critters in my yard but the smaller, less experienced, and weaker cats hunt the smaller rabbits and won't be seen dragging in a full grown jack rabbit.

BTW, an adult jack rabbit can rip a cat's guts out with one kick by those powerful hind legs. I have probably lost more than one young feral cat that way.

They also didn't tell you that better than 70% of a free roaming feral cat's diet is bugs, which we have known for more than half a century. No, they falsely made it look like most of their diet is cute, harmless, stupid, helpless, unadaptive, innocent widdle voles and shrews "that don't hurt nobody" but we know carry deadly diseases to humans.

Gee, the x-spurts didn't tell you any of that stuff, did they? Gee, why would they not tell you about such important things? Maybe because it was intentionally bogus science?

Based on the analysis and having watched this crap go on for about half a century, I can tell you that what almost certainly happened was that the lefties have become concerned that the people are increasingly concerned with the rapidly growing pandemic rat populations in our cities and are demanding that we stop killing free roaming feral cats to bring those pandemic rat populations back under control, which will stop what the lefties need to do to achieve their evil agenda and the lefties need some bogus science to stop that movement.

Remember, people, that this is no conspiracy theory but is conspiracy fact because I have seen this crap with my own eyes and other scientists have told me about it, confirming my observations.

Why didn't I tell anyone?

Who was I going to tell?

The MSM are in on this and, if I had gone to them with the truth they don't want you to know about, they would have tried to make me look like a nutty conspiracy theorist while calling the deep state to shut me up but now I have the Internet and this blog to tell everyone on the planet the truth so listen up, baby. I am telling everyone now. It is whistle blowing time, baby.

What almost certainly happened was some lefty from the lefty deep state came to these scientists the deep state knew were doing research on rat behavior and told those scientists that the deep state needed "research" proving that cats have no significant affect on rat populations. If the scientists did this research and wrote it up the way they were told to write it up, they got a big fat bonus from the deep state, you know, your tax dollars, they could stick in their pockets but, if the scientists didn't do the bogus research, those scientists wouldn't get any more research grants and would have to get jobs turning burgers somewhere, you know, yee ole carrot and stick thingy, a combination of bribery and extortion.

So those scientists took the bribe or carrot instead of the stick to save their careers, went to a local pound, got two or more cats, probably about half a dozen, of which at least some were probably domestic cats who couldn't hunt very well, dumped them in their rat infested area, and wrote their analysis for the deep state just the way the deep state wanted.

This crap goes on all of the time and I know I previous told you about a young man who changed his field of study for a Ph.D. from astrophysics to biology because he couldn't stomach the lies the lefty deep state required him to tell to keep getting government research money. Gotta keep that evolution fairy tale thingy alive.

So now the lefty deep state has their bogus scientific research to use as "proof" that feral cats won't significantly affect rat populations to shut the people up so the deep state can justify continuing to kill feral cats while the rat populations continue to grow beyond pandemic to super pandemic levels.


For two obvious reasons the lefties have all but admitted to you. 1) Remember that, after the lefties set up their lefty commie global dictatorship, they have already publically said they want to "depopulate" the planet, you know, murder off better than 90% of the people on the planet and what better way to quickly murder off that many people around the planet than by spreading a deadly disease in a super pandemic rodent population?

Note that the pandemic rodent population that caused the Black Plague 700 years ago didn't kill enough people for the lefties so they are now trying to drive the rodent populations to super pandemic to kill more people faster but they gotta keep killing those feral cats to achieve that.

And 2) so they can continue to justify using the cat as an excuse to keep stealing public land by tens of millions of acres at a time to control the people because they know that, if they, the government, control the land, they control the people, you know, YOU.

Remember that, just before he got out of office and in one slick land grab, Obama stole 94 million acres from the American people with a righteous sounding reason, you know, to protect that land from us evil humans and evil house cats in spite of the fact that those poor, helpless widdle critters have been here for thousands of years without any of the lefties to protect them?

People, that is more land than is held by all but 4 of the 50 states in the US, which should tell you that in one land grab, commie Obama stole the equivalent of the fifth largest state in the US from the people. Think about that for a while. Commie Obama and the lefties stole the equivalent of one of the largest states in the US in just one land grab. That is horrific and should scare the crap out of you.

But, if the people stop the government from killing off free roaming feral cats to bring the rat populations across the US back down below epidemic levels, they will also find out that cats don't devastate ecosystems the way the lying lefties are telling us and the lefty plans suffer another huge setback. The lefties kind of don't want that so they created a little bogus science to stop it.

Just before I started to post this essay, I got a link from Mark to an associated story.

Remember that I told you that the homeless gathering in the big cities will eventually result in a disease epidemic or pandemic?

I got this story from Breitbart by Awr Hawkins:

"Health officials warn that an outbreak of flea-borne typhus is now taking place in downtown Los Angeles.

CBSLA reports that the Los Angles County Department of Public Health is investigating “several cases” of the typhus strain and warns that it is a 'disease that infected fleas can spread to humans.' Fleas carrying the disease are found on rats, areas where there is an accumulation of trash, and cats, but pets do not get sick from typhus.

Fleas with typhus are a danger in 'areas where there is an accumulation of trash,' as such an accumulation attracts wild cats, opossums, and other animals."

Do you know how to increase the flea population?

Hint: a law in biology says that, if you increase the food supply for a species, that species population will grow.

What is the primary food supply for fleas?

Blood from rodents. Therefore, if you increase the rodent population, you will also increase the flea population, which will increase the spread of such deadly diseases. Oops!

You just might want to stop killing free roaming feral cats to bring the rodent populations down.

Remember that I told you before that it isn't whether you will stop killing free roaming feral cats but when and why?

You will either stop killing free roaming feral cats to prevent a disease pandemic that will kill you or you will cause a disease pandemic that will kill you and then you will stop killing free roaming feral cats.

So, which will it be, will you stop killing free roaming feral cats before you die or because you die?

Just know that you will eventually stop killing free roaming feral cats, it is just when and why.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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