This is an easy prediction. Any biologist using common sense could run for a touch down with this one. It is also important to note that, often, it is the little details that are normally just read right through which tell the most important stories.

I was reading on News Max about house cats moving into abandoned homes in Florida because of this depression we are in. They talked about how this one guy was making a lot of money getting rid of cats because their population was increasing in these abandoned homes and the government and business people didn't like having all those house cats around because the cats were turning their beautiful beaches into potty boxes. Get a pooper scooper, stupid.

Everyone is missing the bigger picture and story. Why do you think those cat populations are growing so wildly?

The answer is simple, if you increase the food supply for any species, you will increase the population for that species. In other words, the reason why these cat populations are growing is because their food supply is growing not because they have a bunch of really neat empty houses to move into, which is why the people involved in this problem think the cat population is growing. They ignorantly think the cat population is increasing because of the empty houses and not because of food supply. Wrong!!!

Without humans present in those homes, the insects which eat what is in those homes, including the wood, are going to increase in population because there are not any humans present to keep the insect populations under better control. Also the rodents which eat that wood and the insects will increase in population. Since house cats eat insects and rodents, their population will also increase because their food supply is increasing. The real problem is that house cats pose very little threat to humans but insects and rodents carry a large number of diseases which harm and kill humans. Killing the house cats without killing the insects and rodents will only permit the insect and rodent populations to grow even faster and more out of control. When the insect and rodent populations reach a certain density, it is only a matter of time before a pathogen or disease will get into their populations which will cause wide spread disease and death among the humans.

Myself an increasing numbers of biologists have been warning you for years that there is already a rodent and bird population density problem which will eventually cause a global pandemic which can easily kill off more than 50% of the people on the planet. This tiny bit of information tells you that this housing crisis is causing the rodent population to increase much faster posing a larger threat everyone is missing because they are focused on the symptom and not the cause and, therefore, their actions are the wrong actions because all they are doing is exacerbating the real problem and threat.

It is only biological common sense that these people are creating a potential pandemic for their area. If this continues, they will soon have a pandemic in their areas for which the only logical solution will be to stop killing the cats so the cats can decrease these currently increasing rodent populations. Soon they will stop killing off the cats and start paying people to feed and protect those cats because, when pandemic gets in high gear, there won't be an economy until the pandemic is stopped.

Another interesting little biological tidbit here is that killing off all those house cats and permitting the rodent and insect populations to grow even faster will cause there to quickly be very large populations of insects and rodents roaming all over the place. Now, which do you think will hurt their precious tourism worse, having a lot of cats roaming all over the place or having a large number of things like rodents and cockroaches roaming all over the place leaving their feces every where in every building? Think about that one, the idiots are making their problem even worse. They are massively jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Once again, wrong move by the people in charge for the wrong reasons. Sometimes I believe we humans have a population wide death wish to kill ourselves off with our own stupidity. History teaches this always happens when the corrupt upper class natural elite "intellectually superior" trash gets in control. Hang on because this part of history always hurts.

Now you know that the simple minded solution Ocommie will have is to just bulldoze the vacant homes. But I have already shown you that all that idiot idea would do is cause all of those properties to decrease in value, causing all of those banks to lose more money, causing those banks to go broke, causing more people to lose their homes, causing more people to leave their homes faster than stupid Ocommie can bulldoze the homes, causing the insect and rodent populations to grow even faster. In other words, his simple minded solutions would just make the problem worse.

Another typical commie solution would be to poison the rodents and insects (aren't these supposed to be the environmentally friendly twits?) but this has also always worked out wrong. By poisoning the rodents and insects, you will be poisoning their predators (cats) which will create a decreased predator population for the surviving rodents and insects (and many will survive, they always do) then their populations will grow even faster. The poison idea only works for the very brief short term and always causes the problem to get much worse for the long term plus you are adding huge amounts of toxins to your environment that are proving to also kill humans. I do believe I have written about how recent research has been showing that the insect and rodent poisons we are dumping in our homes and cities are killing us even though we are told they are safe because they are "biodegradable", meaning what? They break down into other chemicals which research is showing still kill us. The chemicals are still there, they don't go anywhere. They just break down into other chemicals (biodegradable) which are also killing us.

The right solution? First, stop killing the house cats and solve the problem naturally and, second, just give those homes back to the people who lost them which, I have shown, would solve most of our current financial problems. But you can not expect simple minded commie's to figure out, much less use, the right solutions for any problem. The reason for this is because most of what commie's believe is wrong and, if you try to make decisions based on wrong information, you will always make the wrong decisions. That is why commie's shouldn't be aloud to manage an outhouse much less a government.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often because you definitely need it!

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