I Told You So 28

A few years ago, I told you there would be a mass migration from the suburbs back to the cities by the middle class and a migration from the cities to the suburbs by the lower class. Information from the recent census is proving this to be going on right now. It has reached a point to where the lower class populations live more in the suburbs than in the cities and the middle class populations are living more in the cities than in the suburbs, just as I told you they would.

So, if you took my advice and invested in city property at that time, you are now making a killing. This is also going to have the affects on the prices of homes in both the suburbs and cities I projected at that time. Housing in the suburbs will continue to lose value while property in the cities will gain value.

It is also interesting to note that this migration is taking place for the same reasons I told you it would take place. So, are you going to take advantage of this opportunity before it gets too far along for the best potential profits?

You might want to reread that page to see what is going to happen next. :-)

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