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Well, the cat war continues with the cat haters putting out more bogus science to scare people into wanting to round up and kill free roaming house cats. You see, the cat haters were losing the argument to the cat lovers so the cat haters suddenly staged "new scientific" research, which, by the strangest coincidence, proved that house cats are actually killing twice as many birds per year as previously stated. The cat haters suddenly went from claiming that free roaming cats are killing 500 MILLION birds per year to one BILLION birds per year. That is a huge and very convenient increase in their estimates.

Basically, this is nothing more than psychological warfare. If cats killing millions of birds per year is not scaring enough people, then you go to a larger number, you know, from millions to billions, to scare more people. It is a proven fact that bigger numbers scare more ignorant people.

The trouble is that there are still some really huge holes in the cat hater claims, which only biologists can easily see. First, the cat haters are claiming that cats are causing the bird population to decline, when no one knows just how many birds there are in this country and they even use really neat and authoritative looking made up graphs to prove it.

But hold it, how can you know the bird population is declining if you don't know what the bird population is?

Well, they kind of sort of guess and it is a wild hairy butt guess. They guess or speculate that there are from 10 billion to 20 billion birds in the US.

Hold it, any time you double the low end estimate to come up with the high end estimate, that is a very wild guess telling you that they have no clue as to how many birds there are in the US or they are covering up the true numbers to keep people from realizing they are being lied to. Therefore, they could not possibly know that the bird population is declining at all and all the charts and graphs in the world can't prove any of it or they are covering up the truth.

Second, on the other side, we have real scientists telling us that there is a growing bird population pandemic in the US that is so severe that these scientists are extremely concerned and even stating it is inevitable that a deadly disease will get into the bird population, quickly spread across the US killing millions of people AND these scientists have some significant evidence proving their estimates are valid.

Remember the West Nile Virus?

When this bird borne disease entered the US on the east coast, these same scientists estimated that the bird population pandemic was so severe that the West Nile Virus would quickly spread across the US in just three months. These same scientists were all horrified when the virus spread across the US in less than 30 days, not only proving their theory right, but also proving that the bird population was three times worse than even they had estimated. This is very significant proof that the US has an extremely serious bird population pandemic.

Is this what the cat haters are covering up?

Now, you can either have a bird population pandemic or an unhealthy declining bird population but you cannot have both at the same time. One of the two claims has to be wrong, the cat haters have no evidence their "theory" or bogus science is correct, and the other scientist have significant proof their theory is correct proving the cat hater science to be bogus science. But it gets better.

Remember that the cat haters' bogus science states that the cats are now killing one billion birds per year with a minimum population of 10 billion birds and that number of kills by cats is causing the bird population to decline and, therefore, we should round up and kill all free roaming cats?

Not even close to reality, because?

The cat haters are still not telling anyone the reproductive rates for birds because, if you knew the reproductive rates, their lie quickly falls completely apart. We are talking not even a good strike out much less a hit anywhere in the ball park.

I know, let's do the math. I just love math.

Let's start with a ridiculously low estimate for the reproductive rate of any bird species in the US, which will still devastate their claims and then I will show you just how absurd their claims really are. When I am finished, you will KNOW you are being lied to by the cat haters and their lie is blatantly obvious to any good scientist.

We will start with the ridiculously low reproductive rate for bird species A as being one clutch of eggs with only two eggs per clutch. Even here in the high desert of Alamogordo, New Mexico, where the birds don't have as an abundant food supply as birds have throughout most of the US, they reproduce at a higher rate than that.

When species A produces its one clutch of two eggs, they go from two birds to four birds, doubling their population. Let's say that species A has 100 birds as their normal population within our test area. When they reproduce, every year their population will go from 100 birds to 200 birds. It should be obvious that, in order for the species A population to be stable or remain the same at 100 birds, 100 birds or the equivalent of their normal population must die or be killed. For that bird population to be declining, more than 100 birds must be killed every year.

In other words, for a bird population to be stable or remain the same, the mortality rate for that population must equal the reproduction rate of the population. For the bird population rate to be declining, the mortality rate for that bird population must exceed the reproductive rate for that bird population.

Gee, I wonder why they don't tell you about the bird reproductive rates?

Therefore, if we have a national bird population of just 10 billion birds with the ridiculously low reproductive rate of species A, for that bird population to remain stable, 10 billion birds MUST die every year and for the population to be in decline, more than 10 billion birds MUST die every year. Therefore, for house cats to be causing the decline of a bird population of only 10 billion birds, they must be killing a lot more than one billion birds per year.

When you consider that almost all birds in the US are currently reproducing at least two clutches of eggs with at least four eggs per clutch per year and the young from the first clutch start mating and reproducing as soon a they leave the nest, which will cause the bird population to increase during the year (with zero predation) by a factor of 9, then you realize that the house cats would have to be killing 8 times the normal population of the birds just to keep the bird population stable and more than that to cause the bird population to decline. This means that, with a national bird population of 10 billion birds, the house cats would have to be killing at least 80 billion birds per year to cause the bird population to remain stable and more than 80 billion birds per year to cause the bird population to decline. Of course it would be twice as bad if the bird population were twice as large, you know, 20 billion birds.

Suddenly, you realize that, if the house cats really were killing only one billion birds per year with only a national population of 10 billion birds, it would not really be a significant number of birds killed and the only thing the house cats could possibly be doing is having a minimal effect on a declining bird population, meaning something else would have to be causing the bird population to decline. When you realize that most bird species, such as the sparrow, reproduce at much higher rates than even that, then you realize that cats killing even one billion birds per year is only a small bite out of the bird population. In other words, the cat haters are grasping at very weak straws while blatantly lying and covering up the truth. To have any claim that cats are causing the bird population of just 10 billion birds to decline, they would have to lie and state that cats are killing more than 100 billion birds per year, more than 100 times what they are currently claiming.

Do you see how blatantly bogus their science is?

And it gets better.

It has been documented for more than a decade that better than 70% of a feral house cats' diet is bugs, you know, things like cockroaches, spiders, grasshoppers, flies, and moths. Everything else feral cats eat combined is less than 30% of their total diet. That doesn't leave room for one billion birds to be eaten by feral house cats.

Then I have been doing my own field research (I am trained to do both laboratory and field research) on feral cats. I have a small clan of feral cats on my land on the edge of the desert and I have learned some very interesting things about feral cats, especially their hunting and feeding habits. It turns out that feral cats are MUCH worse "birders" than you are being told. Of the remaining less than 30% of their diet, I already conservatively and safely estimate that almost all of that is rodents. In the last eight months, I have witnessed only one bird kill and it was a nest kill at night in which the adult Verdins escaped with only two young being killed and evidence (groups of feathers left from the feasting) of four other bird kills while witnessing dozens of failed efforts at bird kills.

I wasn't seeing much bird killing activity so, a few months ago, I bought a bag of bird seed and spread it around the back yard to draw more birds into the area (greatly increasing the bird population and potential kills, especially during the winter when there is not as much normal food available) so I could see just how effective the cats hunt and kill birds. I was amazed to find that birds are much smarter than we are told, cats are not as great at killing birds as we are told, and there has not been one observed bird kill or even evidence of another bird kill since my yard was seeded, even with an increase in the bird activity. The closest I have seen to a bird kill was when one cat missed a bird by about one foot, which is a pretty good size miss.

I have learned that cats cannot get to a bird on the ground before the bird gets out of reach, if the cat starts its attack with more than 3 to 5 feet of open space between the cat and bird and the birds know it. The cats also learn this very quickly. If there is not adequate cover permitting the cat to get within at least 5 feet of the bird before the bird detects the cat, the bird can easily get away. This means that the only places where cats can do a significant amount of bird killing must have abundant grass at least six inches tall and bushes close enough to where birds feed, that a cat can regularly move undetected up to within a maximum of five feet of the feeding birds before the cat attacks.

Because of this, I have watched the birds work the cats to get some of the feed. The birds will flit about from one tree to another to draw the cats around the yard until the cats give up and stop moving about. Then the birds will find a place in the yard with seed in it which is at least 10 to 20 feet from any of the cats and at least 10 feet of open ground, drop to the ground, and start feeding while watching the cats. So far, the birds have won this game 100% of the time. Not very good for the cat-causing-bird-population-decline fairy tale.

Because of this, I figure that the few kills for which I have found evidence had to be because either 1) the bird didn't see the cat and landed too close to the cat getting the bird killed (it probably became careless), 2) the bird got too close to cover, such as a bush, in which a cat was hiding, or 3) the bird simply didn't see the cat attack coming in time, but the birds watch very closely so the latter would be rare.

I am sure there are many places in the US where it will be easier for feral cats to more consistently kill birds because of increased vegetation and bird populations but then it would also be even easier for the cats to make more rodent kills because of increased rodent populations so I don't expect the numbers to change that much with location. It is only under the right conditions that cats can kill significant numbers of birds.

During this same time, I have seen significant evidence of mouse kills including cats carrying mice and the evidence of rodents in my yard drying up and even saw one 4 month old kitten make a mouse kill. I have also watched them hunt my yard dry of grasshoppers and other bugs but this is also winter and most bugs have also gone into hibernation but their witnessed bug kills have been in the dozens, especially grasshoppers. At this time, I am conservatively estimating that, of the less than 30% of their kills which are not bugs, almost all of them are rodents, which are much easier kills for cats and more energy efficient than bird kills. I have watched cats not even be interested in birds on the ground with more than 20 feet of open space between the cats and birds, though the cats will calmly watch to see if the bird gets careless.

It should be blatantly obvious to anyone with just the right information, which the liberals are intentionally hiding, that the cat haters "science" is just lies and propaganda or bogus science (A.K.A. fraud - if they are using government money to commit those frauds, it is a federal crime). When you consider the evidence supporting the scientists who claim we have a growing bird population pandemic in relation to bird reproduction rates, it is extremely easy to believe that we do have a bird pandemic and the bird population is not declining as the cat haters are claiming. Even with a population of just 10 billion birds, the birds must be producing at least 100 billion offspring each year, which could easily turn into a pandemic, especially if we reduce predation by killing off free roaming house cats.

So, why are the cat haters suddenly increasing their propaganda about cats "devastating the bird population" at the same time they are moving tens of thousands of disease infected illegal aliens into the US? UN Agenda 21?

There are just too many coincidences for it to be anything else. It is just too obvious they are trying to further decrease predation by killing off free roaming cats to increase bird and rodent populations to increase the potential for a disease pandemic killing off millions of people in the US. This is premeditated murder using your tax dollars to murder you.

Once again, if you do the math, the liberal lies fail.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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