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The cat war is something for which I could easily write an entire series of essays about because of the research I have done on the topic. Unfortunately, almost all, if not all, of your conservationists, animal rights people, and other warm fuzzy feel good people are well meaning but poorly educated people believing very simplistic lies. Most probably couldn't pass freshman college level biology and that is no exaggeration because it has been known on college campuses for more than half a century that most college graduates, better than 90% who get a degree, couldn't pass freshman college biology, especially almost all who get a degree in the soft sciences, including most soft science college professors with Ph.D.s in the soft sciences. From what I have seen, almost none of the people involved in the warm fuzzy feel good industry of conservationism and ecology have studied any college level biology. These are incredibly ignorant people who are given a semblance of expertise simply because they belong to such "caring" organizations and not because they actually know anything worth remembering.

A really great example of their ignorance and stupidity is the current feel-good fad of believing that, "if you are cold, they are cold", meaning that, if you are cold, your pets are cold. If you just think this through with a little common sense and no science at all, it quickly falls apart showing that these people are not only ignorant but lacking in common sense.

First, how many times have you seen one human running around in cool to cold weather wearing shorts and a T-shirt while another human is wearing a jacket and feeling cold?

If you are around other people at all, you will regularly see this in cool and cold weather. This should tell you that it is not possible for one human to tell whether another human is cold by how the first human feels, whether cold or hot. It is only common sense biology that, if you cannot tell whether another human is cold or hot by how you feel, how can you expect to be able to tell whether another species is cold or hot by how you feel?

You can't. The only thing you being cold tells you is that you are cold and nothing else. The only way to effectively tell whether another human or member of another species is hot or cold is by close observation of that organism.

Just think about it, what are these idiots who believe this going to start doing, taking all polar bears, penguins, and arctic seals indoors because the idiots feel cold?

Those organisms feel just fine long after a human would die from hypothermia.

I could easily write one or two really good essays on just that one topic but back to the cat wars.

After I wrote the last essay on the cat wars, I remembered something very interesting. Decades ago, there was a very severe problem on one of the Christmas Islands in the South Pacific. The problem was that some rats got onto one of the islands from a visiting ship, there was an abundant food supply for the rats and zero predation. The island was completely covered in heavy vegetation such as trees and bushes and the only other significant occupants of the island were a number of tropic birds which did not pray on the rats.

Of course, with abundant food supply and zero predation, the rat population quickly exploded into a pandemic but the bird population also began to implode at the same time. It seems the rodents were raiding bird nests destroying eggs and young very quickly causing the bird population to implode, just as quickly as the rodent population was growing. Most people don't know it but rodents, especially rats and mice regularly raid bird nests and can do so more easily than house cats because the rodents are smaller and can reach bird nests on weaker branches than the cats can climb on.

People from near by islands and scientists tried everything they could think of to get rid of the rats and save the bird population including trapping, poisons, and hunting the rodents with weapons. Absolutely nothing worked to even just decrease the rodent population. In a final desperate move they decided to introduce feral cats to the island to kill off the rats because the bird population was already facing extinction. The scientists thought the cats would kill of all of the rats and finish off the birds, they could eradicate the cats, and reintroduce the birds.

To everyone's absolute amazement, the cat population grew rapidly, the rodent population declined rapidly, AND the bird population recovered completely, even with all of those feral cats on the island. What they learned was that rodents are a far worse problem for birds than cats because, just like my observations with my feral cats, cats are not as good of birders as we have been taught. Cats actually get relatively few birds and feed mostly on rodents and bugs than we are told while rodents get many more birds in their nests than we are told. When a house cat gets a bird on the ground, it kills one bird. When a rodent raids a bird nest, it takes out the entire clutch of offspring and, sometimes, one or both adult birds, especially if the rodent raids at night when birds don't like to fly.

If the bird population were actually declining, as claimed by the warm fuzzy feel good industry, which I seriously doubt, my first thought would be to see if there is a rodent epidemic or pandemic, you know, like I have been warning you for more than a decade we currently have in the US from coast to coast. If the bird population is declining and we do have a rodent population epidemic, then killing off the free roaming house cats, which hunt the rodents that raid the bird nests, is the worst thing we can do.

Also, if we do have only 10 billion birds in the US and they are producing 100 billion offspring every year, as shown in my last essay, then decreasing predation on the birds by just 1% would cause the bird population to grow in the first year by one billion birds to 11 billion birds. This would be a really huge increase and would increase the number of offspring the following year to 110 billion birds because such sudden population growths are exponential and not linear. If the predation were to remain the same at 99 billion birds taken per year by suppressing predation growth, you know, by killing off free roaming feral cats, then the increase in bird population the second year would be 11 billion birds or twice the then existing bird population to 22 billion birds and you would have a bird population epidemic and the third year, the bird offspring population would increase to 220 billion birds or better than twice the rate of reproduction for the first year. You now have a bird pandemic because, with a sustained bird predation rate of only 99 billion birds per year due to predation growth suppression, you will end up with a total bird population of 142 billion birds by the end of the third year and more than 1.4 trillion offspring produced in the fourth year. That is how you quickly get a bird or rodent pandemic via predation supression.

When you see how long we have been killing off free roaming house cats in the US, you realize that there can be no doubt that we have both bird and rodent population pandemics in the US. This is why the lefties don't want to talk about bird and rodent reproduction rates and I do.

Barn Cat Myth

The lefties terrify people with their barn cat myth where they say that farms having a dozen or more barn cats are devastating the local bird populations.

Here again, they leave out important information. They conveniently forget to tell you that farming greatly increases the food supply for that area which will also greatly increase the bird, rodent, and bug populations for the same area. Remember that, if you increase the food supply for a species, the species population will grow. To offset this radical increase in food for these species and prevent population pandemics for all of the species, the farmers know they must also significantly increase the predation for those species by having a large number of barn cats. If the farmers didn't have a large number of barn cats, the bird, rodent, and bug populations would quickly grow to pandemic levels devastating the farm and its produce putting the farmer out of business and we would have a severe famine in this world.

Did you know that food production companies are permitted to have so many mice per unit of produce in your food?

That is because the rodent pandemic in this country is so high that they can't keep mice from being ground up in your food when the food is processed. With more free roaming house cats around the food industry facilities, you would have to eat fewer mice.

One reason why the food industry has to use so many chemicals on your food to kill things like birds, bugs and rodents is because the lefty nuts have managed to limit the natural use of free roaming feral cats to help control those populations which causes one to wonder, "Are these chemical companies funding the lefty war against feral cats to increase chemical sales of poisons for our food?" Think about it, if you don't have the free roaming feral cats, you must use poisons to control the populations of their prey species, you know, birds, bugs, and rodents.

Don't you find it interesting how the lefties always conveniently forget to provide you with such critical information when lying to you?

That is because, with that information, their lies quickly fall apart.

Habitat Loss Myth

Some of the habitat loss problem is true, especially for very limited habitats. But most of their "habitat loss causing population declines", when we obviously have pandemics of those populations, is myth.

Did you know that less than 2% of the land in the US has been developed?

Better than 98% of the land in the US is open land, farms, and ranches on which birds, rodents, and bugs still have free range and, in the case of farms, increased food supply and decreased predation.

One of the tactics of the left is to get their lies established as facts by causing most people to accept those lies as being true. At that point, the lies become the key talking points in debates giving the lefties the ability to distort the truth even further. This is why it is so critical to expose the lefty lies and replace those lies with the truth.

This brings us to another problem with today's technology. With today's documentaries, you can't even believe your eyes because the vast majority of the scenes you are shown on TV, especially shown on PBS and Disney, are artificially staged to get specific results, you know, confirm the lies they are telling you. They are not real life scenes and can not be depended on showing the truth, especially when the story accompanying those scenes is lies. It isn't that your eyes are lying but that their cameras and editing rooms are lying.

Years ago, I came to the realization that PBS stands for Propaganda and Bull S**t. By the 1980s I came to the realization that, if you believe just 10% of what you see on TV and out of Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed and it was absolutely terrifying when I realized that most of our population gets better than 90% of what they believe from TV and Hollywood. This is why democracy can no longer work, too many people have been brainwashed with too much bull crap.

Do you want them voting on your future?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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