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I found out from the Israeli news media why Israel cut their order of F-35s from 31 planes to only 14. They don't work. Israel still needs the stealth technology but the planes don't work and it is for a number of reasons.

1. The F-35 won't be able to fire its guns until 2019 or later because they will not have the Block 3F software required for the guns to work until at least 2019, probably later.

2. Even when the GAU-22A four barreled rotary cannons do work, they will come with such a "pitiful load of ammunition" so the the guns will be practically useless. The cannon is capable of firing 3,300 rounds per minute but the Air Force's version of the plane only has 180 rounds and the Navy and Marine versions will only have 220 rounds. One squeeze of the trigger will empty those puppies.

But, hey, the Pentagon geniuses insist on repeating the same mistake their predecessors made prior to Vietnam. They have decided they won't need guns on fighter planes because they have missiles. That concept failed in Nam and will fail again because these over paid twits seem to not be paying attention to some important developments in fighter plane technology. The Russians and Chinese are very close to developing their own fifth generation fighter technology just like the F-22 (Note that the F-35 is fourth generation and won't be better than the Ruskie or Chicom planes, which is another good reason why Israel decreased the number of F-35s it is buying.)

"Why does that matter", you ask?

Because the stealth capability of the F-22 makes it more difficult for radar homing missiles to get a lock on the F-22 and makes it easier for the F-22 to break any radar locks establish, all but making radar seeking missiles useless against the F-22....and Ruskie and Chicom stealth fighters. The F-22 also has exhaust suppression which will make it more difficult for heat seeking missiles to get a lock on F-22s and easier for F-22s to break the lock on heat seeking missiles, which will also make heat seeking missiles all but useless against the F-22....and Ruskie and Chicom fighter planes.

That means that the only way the F-35 will be able to kill Ruskie and Chicom fifth generation fighter planes is with guns and the twits in the Pentagon have limited our F-35s to one shot in a dog fight? They didn't learn anything from history, did they?

That won't even do any good for a strafing run supporting our ground troops. And they are replacing the A-10 with the F-35? Too much brass, not enough brains but we can thank our corrupt politicians for most of it.

3. For a fighter plane, the plane doesn't fly worth crap. Pilots have stated such things as it doesn't turn very well, accelerates too slowly for dog fighting, and that the plane was designed as a platform to launch missiles over the horizon. One thing that most people don't know is that stealth technology decreases the turning and handling ability of planes, making them terrible fighter planes. The F-22 flies better than the F-35 but not as well as the F-15, F-18, and F-16. As a matter of fact, the F-16 is still the best handling fighter plane in the world but is being used primarily for attack and other operations because we are not fighting a military with a good fighter plane so our F-15s are still doing fine as our main dog fighting plane.

4. They are still having problems with the F-35 engine. One just destroyed an F-35 on take off.

Basically, the plane doesn't work but, hey, it is less expensive than the F-22, which does work, so it is still a great deal or so our genius politicians think so. I told you we are going to regret not buying more than 186 F-22s, that do work.

My first thought is the liberal commie traitors are forcing a plane on our military which won't work so the commies won't have to take the plane away from our military to keep the military from stopping the commie coup. Keep an eye on that one.

Then why is Israel even buying 14 F-35s?

Obviously, they want the stealth technology so they can reverse engineer it, re-engineer it to work, and make their own F-22s for deep penetration missions to take out enemy radar, missiles, and such. You can also bet those 14 F-35s will be working within a year or less and probably better. Plus 14 is probably the minimum order they can place.

Before we leave Israel for other matters, I have a food for thought question: What do you think is going to happen when Israel realizes she will be better off without the US and Europe, especially with us holding her back in fighting the terrorists?

Remember that I told you that a number of countries including, but not limited to, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, and India are building a military alliance to defend themselves from China because they can no longer depend on help from the US and Europe?

I just read that Israel just made an alliance with Japan and I had told you before she already had alliances with India and some of those other nations.

Guess what Israel is getting ready to do?

Go it without the US and Europe. Keep an eye on that.


China seems to have an increasing problem. Her atheistic communist party only has 85 million official members and the fastest growing religion in China is Christianity with more than 100 million members. Just like in the US, the commies are increasing the persecution of Christians.

They are estimating that Christianity is growing so fast in China that China could become the world's largest Christian population in another 15 years. The greatest growth is taking place outside of the state sanctioned churches.

Hey, maybe Chinese Christians will take over China and help save our butts from our commies.

Here is food for thought: The Chinese rulers are concerned about 100 million Christians who are not waging war against the Chinese government when some 300 to 400 million Muslims in China are waging war against the Chinese rulers. Is that stupid or what?

Chikungunya Virus (chicken-goon-ya virus)

When I first told you about the different diseases being brought into the US by illegal aliens, there was this very nasty little African virus I may or may not have mentioned because it was only in Florida and all of the experts with the right degrees at the right universities said it wasn't going to spread in the US because it can only be carried by a certain tropical mosquito. So I have been keeping an eye on this nasty little protist and, sure enough, the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, and grossly over paid experts were wrong. This virus has already spread throughout the US Gulf coast and no telling where else this baby is going. Oops!

The African name means to become contorted because it describes the stooped appearance of sufferers wracked with joint pain. It is rarely fatal but is an extremely painful and fast developing disease. The CDC reports that there is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat chikungunya. Once you get it, it just has to run its course.

You can thank Obama and his commie pals for that one. Just another free gift from your commie pals who just keep on giving, whether you want it or not. I wonder if Obamacare covers this? Probably not, huh.

BTW, I am wondering how long it will take for the mosquitos and our bird pandemic to spread this one across the US. In just a few months it has already traveled half way across the US to Texas. Another month of two to reach Commiefornia?

Anyone want any free roaming house cats to help get the bird and rodent populations back down to a healthy level from their pandemic levels?

Al Capone Sharpton

Remember that I told you that I would not be surprised to see the Sony people pay off Al Capone Sharpton's back taxes to keep from being torn apart with black riots?

The New York Post just wrote an interesting story about Al Capone Sharpton telling about how that is exactly what Al Capone Sharpton has being doing with major businesses for years. It seems these major businesses pay large sums of money to Al Capone Sharpton's non profit corporation, National Action Network, to keep Al Capone Sharpton from calling them racist or to just shut up. It is called extortion and is a federal felony.

The National Legal & Policy Center Ken Boehm told the Post, "Al Sharpton has enriched himself and NAN for years by threatening companies with bad publicity if they didn't come to terms with him. Put simply, Sharpton specializes in shakedowns." It is reported that one person who has worked with Al Capone Sharpton said that, "He just keeps asking for more and more money." That is pretty typical of a shake down artist.

If you think about it, Al Capone Sharpton is also selling out blacks by accepting hush money to not expose rich bigots and solve problems being caused for blacks. I guess Al Capone Sharpton doesn't care about anyone but himself, but no surprise there.

The Sony hackers claim they will next hack the news media. Now those will some interesting e-mails to disclose, especially from the liberal media. Could it be that a lot of liberals are already being thrown under the bus?

BTW, I have told you and explained in detail that the Nation of Islam and New Black Panthers have standing armies trained up by former US soldiers and this was confirmed to me by law enforcement and military intelligence. The message by the New Black Panthers telling the black street punks that the punks need to get trained and "visit" a rifle range was a recruiting message to the street punks to soldier up, join these standing armies, and get ready for war because the liberal commie traitors and black Muslims are right now staging their hostile take over of the US government. It is kind of like the old "Uncle Sam needs you" recruiting message. Based on my observations, EVERYBODY is ramping up for war, you know, especially all of those peace nick liberal commie traitors.

It is really looking like this will be the year that a boat load of fecal matter hits the fan. You just might want to buy a rain coat.

Did you notice that the Commie and Muslim protestors failed to disrupt New Years celebrations? Is the movement failing as did their previous movement against the "1 percenters"?

Linen must be rolling over in his grave. The American commies just can't do anything right.

Has anyone noticed that intellectually superior Jonathan Gruber with all the right degrees from all the right universities isn't doing so well? Did the genius outsmart himself? It must be very difficult to be so superior to the rest of us.

Speaking of the intellectually superior upper class trash, McCain is very busy purging conservatives from the Arizona GOP, you know, like all of the other commies have purged. And you think he is not a liberal commie traitor?

They are finally starting to uncover some of the corruption of the upper class trash such as them keeping sex slaves. You know, members of Europe's Royalty. Yeah, they sound like Christians to me.

Then we have a group of US female celebrities who seem to think it is cool to wear burkas and such while in the Middle East. I think it would be even more cool for those brain dead liberals to be required to wear those burkas for life. You think that might take the fun out of it for them?

Speaking of commies, I am wondering if these actions against North Korea by Obama are just a diversionary tactic to distract us from everything else Obama is screwing up or is Obama getting ready to invade North Korea? Keep an eye on that one.

Mean while, Russia is considering building a base on the moon to mine rare earth minerals by 2030. Well, our liberal commie traitors shut down our space program so the only country with a significant space program is Russia. If you think Putin taking over Crimea was a big deal, wait until he takes over the moon. The man in the moon will be Putin.

Does that also mean there will be a Russian bear in the moon?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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