I have been watching our shoe blizzard and decided to share with you some of what I have been watching so you can also tell what is going on. There are a lot of shadows moving in the background telling me things are going on.

Things are confusing with conflicting behaviors such as Obama working both with and against both Iran and Saudi Arabia at the same time, but that is the very nature of Islam. You have to understand that every Muslim leader makes his daily decisions based entirely on what benefits them most RIGHT NOW. A few hours from now, stabbing an ally in the back and joining the enemy may benefit them most so they do that.

Islam is a back stabbing, throat slitting way of life where they are constantly making and breaking deals and alliances. In Islam, a man's words is completely worthless crap and you have to watch your back all of the time or you will end up dead. It is also accepted to help one group in one place while fighting the same group in another place with the people you are fighting in both places working to get you to come completely into their alliance. If you understand that, it is easier to understand Obama because Obama is a devout Muslim.

Obama made the deal with Iran (Shiites) and told the Sunnis they must fall in line behind the US/Iranian alliance, in other words, convert to Shia Islam or die.

So now Saudi Arabia is building a military alliance with other Sunni countries (there are now 10 countries with King Salman of Saudi Arabia talking to Turkey) while trying to buy nukes from Pakistan.


Remember that I told you that which ever side, Sunnis or Shiites, wins this war, the other side must convert or die and they both believe that, if they convert, they will burn in hell?

The Sunni vs Shiite war is to the death, the ultimate mortal combat, they have been butchering each other for almost 1,400 years and are not going to stop unless they absolutely have to OR an outsider (the Mahdi or Antichrist) gains control and forces them to coexist. BTW, which ever side produces the Mahdi, automatically wins.

Also, with everyone busting Obama's butt, trying to get rid of him or kill him, he is jetting off to play golf. He clearly isn't worried and believes he and his people have everything under control.

Then there is Obama completely caving to the demands of Iran to get what? What did Obama get out of completely caving to Iran along with giving them 12 billion of your tax dollars, if it was not nukes to use on the US?

Obama didn't get what he wanted by his deadline so he tried to bluff Iran and reset the deadline for June but Iran knew better and called the bluff. This forced Obama to completely cave into Iran's demands just a couple of days after the first deadline to get what Obama wants RIGHT NOW. Obama is clearly in a hurry.

That should tell you what?

Obama needs those nukes before June because Obama and his Muslim pals already have their plans set for sooner meaning that Obama has a deadline to meet. And note Obama's attitude in caving, which tells a lot, "Yeah, yeah, OK, whatever you want, just give me my nukes." Obama is in a hurry to get those nukes and Iran knew it and played their cards to get everything they could.

And, when you put all of this together, you understand Obama's logic. You see, Obama needs those nukes from Iran to stage false flag events in the US to declare martial so Obama can seize absolute control of the US weapons arsenal. After Obama gains absolute control of the US weapons arsenal, kills off the upper class trash, and replaces the US military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies with his CNSF (remember that God showed me that 20% of the people in the military and government are traitors and they will train the CNSF to use those weapons), if anyone causes Obama any trouble, he just kills them. He doesn't even have to keep the deal with Iran. If Iran doesn't do what Obama says, Obama nukes them. Obama's word will be international law and either you do whatever Obama says or you die. Obama will become Pharaoh Obama and god Obama.

Who will prosecute Obama for his crimes and hold him responsible for his actions? Who can throw Obama under the bus when he is the bus driver?

At that point, nothing else will matter and all of Obama's current problems will be solved. That is why Obama is not worried about anything.

Think not?

Facing all of this fallout, which would just about worry anyone else to death, Obama goes off golfing for the weekend and comes home in a drunken stupor, stumbling out of Air Force 1.

What should that tell you?

First, Obama clearly isn't worried about a thing.

Second, in Islam, it is a sin to drink, much less get drunk....unless you go on or are on a Jihad and are, therefore, guaranteed salvation regardless of what else you do because your sins no longer matter.

Remember what the Muslims did for weeks before they hijacked the planes on 9/11?

They drank, partied, whored around, and everything else that was a sin in Islam because they were about to go on jihad to earn guaranteed salvation so their sins didn't matter any more. Osama Bin Laden partied for months before he went on jihad and now Obama, a devout Muslim, is coming home staggering drunk?

Because Obama is on the biggest jihad in the history of the world and is very close to conquering the world. Obama's sins don't matter any more because he is guaranteed salvation for what he is doing and will soon do.

Remember that I told you years ago that a Muslim drinking, partying, and whoring around is a really huge red flag for a potential terrorist?

It takes a lot of little things to tell a really big story and I am watching that story unfold while most people don't even know there is a story. Keep an eye on it.

BTW, I hope you realize that nothing is free in this world. Therefore, when those politicians are raking in the big "campaign" dollars, what are they selling to their clients...uh...I mean donors for all of those big bucks?

They are almost all owned whores and none of them care anything about any of you. So, how is that democracy thing working out?

BTW, Obama has appointed another Muslim, Rashad Hussain, to head the Center for Strategic Counter Terrorism Communications. Note that Obama is now appointing Muslims to the very top positions and not just to the top three to five positions, you know, like the DHS and CIA.

You still think he isn't throwing the liberal commie traitor white crackers under the bus? Do you still think Obama is not planning on purging liberal commie white crackers?

He is replacing all of the liberals in the top government positions with Muslims.

If being a homosexual is not a choice, then I guess the lefties will justify bestiality, pedophilia, rape, and other sexual perversions as not being a choice? Hey, maybe even being a doper isn't a choice? I know, maybe nothing pagan is a choice? Are robbing, murdering, and other crimes then not a choice? Hmm, does that mean that "do as you will" is not a choice? Then I guess that only Christianity is a choice? Get the pagan picture yet?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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