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Here we go again, the lefties are trying their best to keep their lie about cats devastating ecosystems alive so they can use that as an excuse to seize public land so it will be much easier for the upper class trash to control the people, you know, YOU.

You have to understand that the upper class trash learned thousands of years ago that, if they seized control of enough of the land, you people would be forced to live on their land and, if you stood up to them for any reason, all they had to do was kick you off of their land and you would become homeless. In other words, it puts you at their mercy, baby.

Also, by decreasing the supply of available land in relation to demand, it increases the price of land, and, with their land taxes, more and more poor people will not be able to pay their land taxes, will have to sell their land to pay those land taxes or commie rent, and will have to live on the upper class trash land, putting those people under the control of the upper class trash. Good old commie land taxes destroying people's lives. There absolutely should never be allowed any land taxes.

"But, hey, we need land taxes to pay the public school system to brainwash our children."

For the upper class trash, that is exactly what all of this conservationism is about, controlling you by seizing enough land that you will be forced to live on their land so you don't dare oppose them and their corruption. The European upper class trash got this down to a science more than 1,000 years ago and, just before Obama left office, he helped the upper class trash by seizing another 94 million acres of land in the name of conservation, you know, "to protect the environment".

To justify grabbing all of that land in the name of protecting the land, they need a villain to protect that land from and they chose the house cat to be that villain but increasing numbers of people like me are telling the truth that house cats don't devastate ecosystems, which means that, if enough of you stop believing their lies about house cats devastating ecosystems, the upper class trash won't have a villain to justify stealing public land so they have to keep the lie going about house cats devastating ecosystems so the upper class trash can continue to justify grabbing public land so they can increase their control over you.

I recently saw a YouTube video by one of those lefty propaganda sites proclaiming that "the house cat is one of the 10 best hunters in the world because it has a 40% kill ratio" meaning that its attempts at killing succeed 40% of the time.

Can't you just hear the next argument for continuing to kill free roaming cats, "Yeah, but house cats devastate ecosystems because they have a 40% kill ratio and are ranked as one of the ten best predators in the world so it gots to be true." I can just hear that argument being used by some twinky dink idiot snow flake to justify killing free roaming cats. After all of these years, you just know it is going to happen.

That tells me that myself and others are succeeding at getting the truth out about house cats and the upper class trash have had to add another lie or deception to their lie to keep the racket going.

BTW, the cats succeeding at making the kill 40% of the time should tell you what?

That the cats fail at making their kill 60% of the time or almost two thirds of the time.

I know, let's destroy this deception before it gets off the ground and keeps making things worse by doing the math, baby.

Why do house cats have such a high kill ratio?

Probably because better than 70% of their prey is bugs, many of which don't have wings to quickly fly away and definitely can't move across the ground anywhere nearly as fast as house cats and are very easy kills. That would be my first guess based on hundreds of hours of watching house cats hunt and kill bugs. Yep, that will definitely drive up the old kill ratio and that video didn't tell you that.

Do you see the deception in their lie to make house cats look like they devastate ecosystems?

They are trying to make it look like house cats are that good of predators in killing rodents and birds by not telling you about the bug thingy.

Let me give you a little clue about how much house cats "devastate" ecosystems based on a few recent personal observations. You should know by now that I have had a clan of free roaming feral house cats living on this land for at least 5 or 6 years to keep the rodent and rattlesnake populations down below epidemic levels, knowing that the cats won't completely wipe those populations out, they just keep them under control.

Just within the last 3 to 4 weeks, I have walked up on 5 rodent holes inside my property completely surrounded by a clan of house cats that were in plain open sight without me looking for such holes. Most of such holes are better hidden and you have to know where to look to find them.

The rodents dig these holes to live underground and eat seeds they find in the soil along with roots of living plants and bugs. Two of these holes are just outside of the waterline for a red tomato plant that is dying for some strange reason.

Gee, you don't think that tomato plant is dying because those rodents are destroying the root system, do you?

Probably. I am glad I planted more than one red tomato plant this year.

About 3 weeks ago I was watering my plants in plain open sight of my entire yard when, about 30 to 40 feet behind me in broad day light, one of my cats caught and killed a quail that had gotten past who knows how many other house cats.

While watering, I regularly get within about 10 to 30 feet of birds feeding in my yard in broad day light surrounded by house cats without a kill taking place. See my following article on birds.

Gee, it sure sounds like those house cats have devastated this ecosystem, doesn't it?

Not even close, baby, and I know from experience how bad this problem would be without the house cats. I have a nice size hole in my back yard caused by the land caving in because of rodents undermining it so much before I got the cats that a rain finally caused it to cave in. The hole is about 5 to 6 feet across (about 2 meters) and about 3 to 4 feet deep (about one meter.) Imagine that happening under your home or car.

"Hey, honey, why is there a huge hole in the floor of the baby room and where did the baby go?"

Here in the desert, almost everything that walks or crawls lives underground to get away from the heat and we have much more living in this desert than you could possibly see by just walking through it. There is a massive underground animal community in this desert and you have to know where to look to find most of those entrance holes. During the summer, they only come out of those holes when it cools off in the evenings, at night, and in the mornings and return when it starts getting hot.

Note that the cats can only kill those things when they come out of the holes and the cat must be nearby when they come out of the holes and definitely not sleeping.

Gee, that doesn't sound anything like what the lefty conservationists, PBS, Disney, and others keep telling you, does it?

Speaking of things that the conservationists, PBS, and Disney don't tell you, let me share with you things about those cute, sweet, innocent, harmless widdle birdies that the conservationists, PBS, and Disney won't tell you.

Cute Widdle Birdies

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate birds and actually like birds, especially some like Virden, meadowlarks, prairie falcons, and eagles. I also know that they ain't the sweet, innocent, helpless widdle creatures the lefties tell you they are.

Have you ever watched birds work your yard and I mean really watch how they work your yard and not just listen to their songs, watch them flit about, and go aw?

If anyone calls you a bird brain, that would make you smarter than most lefties. Even pigeons are not stupid and can do geometry in motion most humans can't do sitting still. I have no idea how many hours I have spent studying this stuff.

Most birds, especially sparrows, finches, and doves, feed in pairs or groups for security reasons. They will fly into your yard, land in the tops of trees or on pole lines and flit about...


Checking your yard out for predators, baby. There is a reason for all of that flitting about, especially if they know your yard has cats and they communicate with each other, especially when they see a threat.

First, you have to understand that both birds and cats learn young that the cat has to get within a maximum of 3 to 5 feet of the bird before the bird begins to fly or that cat ain't going to even make contact with the bird, much less make a kill so there is a distance dance the birds and cat play. Also, most of the time the cat does make contact with a bird, all they get is some claws full of feathers.

The birds will scope out the yard to find a place with food that is at least 8 to 10 feet from the nearest cat. One bird will drop down to feed while the other bird(s) stay high and keep a watch for cats getting too close to the feeding bird and they take turns feeding and watching.

Yep, those helpless cute widdle birdies ain't so easy for house cats to kill. But, hey, it gets better.

Have you watched "stupid pigeons" just suddenly take off and fly circles? What are they doing?

They are checking to see if there is a cat behind yonder tree or bush they can't see behind from their perch before they drop down to feed. They will usually take off in a small group for one or more circles and then go back to perch and then, if those didn't see a threat, a larger group will fly a circle or two, and then, if they didn't see a threat, some will drop down to feed while others stay high to keep an eye out for predators.

I have watched the bird/cat distance dance for hours. When a cat gets to within about 8 to 10 feet of the bird feeding, the bird will either fly back to a high perch or, if it has room, move away from the cat to maintain a safe distance for getting away.

I have watched birds like doves feed in my yard with half a dozen cats stalking them from different directions for as much as half an hour at a time with no kill while that "stupid bird" strategically moves about to move the cats to places so the birds can get to feed. Most humans are not that smart.

You see, it is easy for cats to kill lots of bugs but not so easy for them to kill birds, rodents, and snakes because those larger animals learn, adapt, and survive. Yep, my first guess at cats having such a high kill ration is because better than 70% of their diet is bugs but that isn't what that video made it sound like.

But, hey, while we are here, let's talk about pigeon circles because that is something interesting to study because them thar stupid pigeons is are be brilliant at using geometry to survive attacks by raptors. I have watched this phenomenon for up to half an hour at a time.

The three most common raptors or birds of prey that hunt this area are the prairie falcon, sharp shinned hawk, and red tail hawk. When one of these raptors attacks a flock of pigeons sitting on a pole line, the flock will fly off at 90 degrees from the angle of attack, usually all in the same direction and in a tight formation, to make it more difficult for the raptor to make the kill. At this point, the pigeons start to fly a circle causing the raptor to begin to fly a circle in pursuit at about half to a quarter of the circle circumference behind the stupid pigeons.

At this point, the raptor AND the stupid pigeons start monitoring the geometry of that circle while in motion and this is great stuff. The raptor will set its radius for a quick intercept of the pigeons and the pigeons will read that line of intercept and wait until just before intercept to suddenly change the radius of their circle to cause the raptor to miss to either the inside or outside of their circle's circumference by about 3 to 5 feet.

As soon as the raptor misses, often without breaking formation, the stupid pigeons will start a new circle, sometimes in the opposite direction, to put the raptor back at about half to one quarter of the circle behind them.

People, these "stupid birds" are doing complex three dimensional geometry on the fly that most humans can't do sitting still. Most humans can't drive a car in a two dimensional plane as well as these "stupid birds" fly in a three dimensional plane.

This is exactly the same kind of complex geometry that the best fighter pilots are trained to use and these "stupid birds" have no training to do this but do it very well. If you want to watch a good fighter pilot dog fight, watch a good bird fight and most people who see this have no idea what is going on. Birds were doing this before man knew how to fly.

And talk about maneuvering during combat in extremely tight and complex formations without breaking ranks and not regularly crashing into each other, most fighter pilots can't fly as well as these "stupid pigeons".

One valuable trick I have learned from watching these bird fights is that the pigeons don't fly the smallest radius they can for the speed they are flying at so that, just before the enemy engages them, they can suddenly pull into a tighter radius to cause the enemy to miss and fly by, putting the pigeons behind the raptors, where the raptors can't make a kill.

So, how would I use this as a fighter pilot? If I know my plane can't out turn my enemy's plane and his plane can out turn my plane, how do I use this move to win the dog fight and stay alive?

I fly a loser radius for my speed than my plane can fly to permit the enemy to close on me sooner (if his plane can out turn my plane, he is going to close on me anyway), then, just before he can bring his guns to bear and shoot me down, I suddenly pull into a tighter radius to cause him to miss and fly by me putting me on his tail to kill him, you know, just like those "stupid pigeons" do.

Now, the sharp shinned hawks and red tail hawks won't play this circle turning game with pigeons for more than a few minutes before they give up and fly off to find easier prey. I have watched the prairie falcons play this game with those stupid pigeons for up to half an hour before giving up and flying off to find easier prey.

Then, understanding that birds read geometry and lines of attack, the sharp shinned hawk uses geometry to help it make easier kills using sucker punches. I first realized this sitting on my covered porch with tree branches over the porch roof when, to my surprise and amazement, a sharp shinned hawk launched from the top of a tall mesquite about 200 yards away, flying straight at my face without ever bobbing so much as an inch in flight. I knew it wasn't about to attack me so I watched closely to see what it was going to do.

He got about 8 to 10 feet in front of my face when he suddenly hit the old air breaks by suddenly turning vertical and opening up his wings and tail in an absolutely beautiful display of his entire underside at very close quarters, and shot up over my porch roof to get a bird in the branches above the porch roof. By setting his flight geometry to make it look like he was going to fly under my porch roof, he caused the bird he was after to think he was not going after that bird until it was too late for that bird to get away.

Later, I saw another sharp shinned hawk do the same thing to get a bird on a telephone pole by setting his line of attack about 3 to 5 feet to one side to make the bird think he was going to fly by to that side and then suddenly change his flight at the last second to get the bird on the pole.

And you think cats have an easy time killing birds, rodents, and snakes?

Believe me, the high cat kill ratio isn't from cats killing birds, rodents, and snakes like that video made it sound. It could only be from killing mostly bugs. Cats do very well at killing rodents, birds, and snakes but not well enough to devastate ecosystems.

Truly, our God is a great and brilliant God and we can learn a lot from His incredible creation.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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