This is a really fantastic story and exactly what I told you years ago would happen when I first began my series on the Liberal Crisis plus plenty more. A few months ago, VIACOM divested itself of CBS because they had been covering up the fact that CBS was losing money in order to promote their ultra liberal socialist agenda. After divesting, they finally admitted that CBS was bleeding money like a stuck pig. This is a very similar crime to what ENRON committed and both the executives of VIACOM and CBS can be investigated at any time for using illegal accounting practices to conceal from investors and minority share holders that CBS was losing money while making it look like CBS was making money. This constitutes fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud and could easily put people in jail.

The big picture is that, from a marketing perspective, exactly what I said would happen with the liberal media is happening. I have pointed out that both NBC and ABC have slowly and grudgingly made moves to the right in order to keep in the black but CBS has refused to make any moves to the right as the TV market is moving to the right. This has caused them to reach a point to where they are now in financial trouble and it is only going to get worse.

CBS's ultra liberal fanaticism is grossly effecting their thinking and decision making. To solve their problem, CBS replaced ultra liberal Dan Rather with ultra liberal Bob Sheiffer (sp) and it didn't do any good because replacing one liberal with another liberal to increase viewership in a market that is moving right is like trying to get a stuck pig to stop bleeding by sticking it again.

After this failure, they have decided to replace ultra liberal Bob with ultra liberal Katie Couric. Their strategy is to avoid moving right to stay in business by trying to steal liberals from both NBC and ABC. Even if this strategy succeeds, it will force both NBC and ABC to either move to the right much more to survive or to fight back for that decreasing market of liberal viewers. The former strategy will simply leave CBS stranded with a majority share of the rapidly declining liberal market while the latter strategy will cause them all to end up losing a lot of money, ticking off their share holders, resulting in the firing of everyone from the board of directors down, and replacing them with conservatives.

There are a number of potential scenario's here. None of them are good for the liberals. First, the SEC has laws to protect the minority share holders from abuses by the majority share holder(s). The majority share holders are required by law to manage a business in such a manner at to increase the value of the company's stock in order to increase the wealth of the minority share holders. If the majority share holders mismanage a company in such a manner that it will decrease the potential earnings for the company in order to manage the company for the pleasure or other gain for the majority share holders, this is illegal and the majority share holders can be both prosecuted and sued for damages.

Any or all of the existing minority share holders can bring charges and suit against the existing majority share holders and VIACOM for damages. This will be increasingly likely if the CBS staff doesn't willfully begin an obvious attempt to turn CBS around in the near future causing further losses for the share holders.

The big question here is, "will the insane and irrational obsession with promoting the liberal propaganda and agenda cause the management of CBS and Viacom to go to jail and get sued for damages?" But the liberal soap just keeps getting better.

Second, this suicidal blood letting is driving down the CBS stock and is making it susceptible to hostile take over as many current share holders will also want to follow Viacom's lead and divest. This is commonly called damage control. Will the conservatives learn that controlling the media is a very key aspect to winning back the country and cleaning up the worsening liberal mess?

If they have learned, then I would expect them to jump at the opportunity and buy up controlling shares in CBS stock, fire the liberal board of directors, hire conservatives to the board of directors, and have that board clean house on liberals all the way down to the lowest janitor. Imagine some one like Tom Delay getting elected to the board of directors for CBS and having the justice of firing about 25% of the people who ruined his career. That would be fun to watch. :-)

The thing is that the liberal media are in their death throws and are looking for a way of staying alive and in power without having to give up their liberal propaganda and agenda. We are now seeing them begin to turn on each other the way I said they would and will soon see an increasing battle for survival that will result in them moving increasingly to the right and maybe one or two of them ceasing to exist. The big question is whether the conservatives will finally learn to use the system to gain control of the media and begin fighting back against the liberal media. The sooner they do this, the sooner they will win the fight to regain control of the US and start cleaning up the big liberal mess.

Once again, the liberal fools have dug themselves into a very deep hole and are starting to try and claw their way out. They have even begun to try and use the other liberals in the hole with them to climb out at the expense of each other. This is going to be like watching a rat fight in a very deep hole. It will probably get bloody and it is, once again, because the fool liberals got what they wanted. This is just too much fun. And they are the brilliant people who know what is best for the rest of us? They don't even know what is best for themselves.

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