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I read today where one major brokerage firm has confronted the New York Times concerning the problems I warned you about facing the liberal media. Money!!! The family who controls the Times is using Class B stocks to have complete control over voting for the board of directors.

When a company has Class B stocks, the Class A stock holders don't have any say in who is elected to the board of directors, only the Class B stock holders do. In the case of the NY Times, the Class B share holders account for less than 10% of the shares in the company but have 100% of the control. In effect, the Class B share holders are using the Class B stocks to run and ruin the NY Times for their liberal political agenda at the financial expense of the Class A share holders.

Just like I told you years ago, this would go on so long before the share holders took a stand to protect their investments and they have a legal right to protect their investments. One major brokerage firm has challenged the Class B share holders to do away with the Class B stocks so the other share holders can have a say in the management of their investment. Of course, the Class B share holders are fanatical enough that they will want to not give up the absolute control and power of the media they have been abusing but, when you get the big brokerage firms fighting against you in cases like this, the brokerage firms have ways to get what they want and the Class B share holders will eventually give up their absolute control one way or another.

This is a really huge development because, when the brokerage firms step in to clean up the mismanagement of the media done to promote the liberal agenda, the media will get cleaned up and the liberals will lose their most significant form of power; the power of the media. It is also important to understand that Wall Street is much more conservative than the liberal media and politicians. After all, the liberals are whining socialists and Wall Street is pure capitalism.

This is going to be a very significant development and the timing couldn't be better. Wall Street will clean out the liberals to move the media right for marketing purposes and the liberal lies will come to a screeching halt while the truth will begin to be told just before the next election. You know the whining, lying liberals are going to go kicking and screaming but they won't have a choice because, just like I told you, ultimately, the bottom line has final say.

Mean while, in France, life is just beginning to inhale big time. They are facing two major problems they may not be able to keep from developing into a catastrophe. The first is that the Muslim population has grown so big that the country is in danger of becoming controlled by Islam in the near future. Fortunately, the French are just beginning to wake up to the truth about Islam, but is it too late?

Germany and other countries are also waking up to the threat and have a better chance of turning the problem around. Don't be surprised to see Germany and other countries deporting large numbers of Muslims in the near future to prevent a complete Muslim take over.

But it may already be too late for France and I am afraid that we could easily see France become the first western Islamic country living under Sharia law. If they are going to stop this, they will have to act in the very near future or it will be too late. We will see.

The other problem facing France, which can contribute to the Islamic take over of France, is their rapidly dying economy. Some experts now consider France to be the most socialist country in the world. Their socialism has already killed their economy, it just hasn't finished kicking yet. Their government was trying to begin to reverse some of the socialism in hopes of saving their economy but the French socialists rioted so bad that the government relented.

The economy is so bad that increasing numbers of the French capitalists are fleeing the country for anywhere but France. I think they see the writing on the wall and don't want to be anywhere near France when the economic shoe drops.

The people of France are not only not willing to permit the government to try and save their economy, they want more of the socialist poison which has killed the French economic dog. They are riding a dead horse over a cliff while trying to get it to grow wings and fly. They have a long way to fall and their butts are going to hit ground really hard. Their butts probably won't quit bouncing for at least a few decades. I expect the coming French economic bust to be so bad that it will make the depression of 1920's Germany look like a booming economy. I don't want to have any part of that mess.

Fortunately, all of the fool socialists in France will loose everything they have and learn to hate socialism and love capitalism. In the long run, it could be the best thing to happen to France.

Unfortunately, if the Muslims time it right, they can take advantage of this economic bust to gain control of France the way others like Hitler did with their countries. If the Muslims get control of France, they will also gain control of their weapons and technology, including a vast array of WMD's.

I just know that more young Americans are going to die to get the French butts out of another mess they got themselves into. This time, we should conquer France and annex it into the US so we don't have to keep wasting US lives to keep freeing it from its own stupidity every half century.

In Israel, that liberal fool, Olmert has decided to not attack Hamas hard in retaliations for the recent suicide bombing in order to protect the peace process.

What peace process? Is there a peace process in Israel? When did that happen? I must have been asleep that day.

Let me see, Hamas has repeatedly and openly declared war on Israel while repeatedly attacking her and training up more troops to attack her, Hizbullah has openly declared war on Israel, Syria has openly declared war on Israel, Iran has openly declared war on Israel, Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria, and Iran have been openly collaborating in war against Israel, and Olmert and his fool liberal buddies think there is a peace process in Israel? Really?

You know, I'll bet I can sell those fools another bridge! I have all kinds of bridges for sale for liberal fools. I have big bridges, little bridges, wooden bridges, steel bridges, and many more. Do you liberals like bridges or what? You sure keep buying an awful lot of them.

Somebody needs to tell those twit liberals leading (or should I say misleading) Israel that the peace Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria, and Iran want is spelled P-I-E-C-E!!! What they want is every little piece of Israel. Get a clue, fools!!! That is the only piece process going on in the Middle East.

It is like I said, Olmert and his liberal buddies will mess around until either 1) their very fragile government folds and a new and more rational conservative government takes its place, 2) the people stand up in revolt and take the government over to save their own butts, or 3) the military takes control of the government to save the people's butts. This will have to happen because fool liberals couldn't save their own stupid butts much less anyone else's.

Do you realize that everything I wrote today is about fool liberal ideas failing extremely badly?
And they think they know what is best for the rest of us?
They don't even know what is best for themselves!!!

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