The US military just declassified a new EMP super weapon system for public knowledge the military calls CHAMP.

I do not talk about classified weapons until the military declassifies those weapons to the point of them being made public knowledge or lower and then only to help people better understand the potential for those weapons in order to help prevent the spread of ignorance and myths.

First, I believe that the US military declassified this weapon system as a strategic move because things are quickly getting so bad, because of US traitors tearing the US military down and trying to destroy the US and making the US vulnerable to attack by others, that the US military doesn't have another choice. It is a strategic act of desperation and a warning to the world, "Don't mess with us!!!"

Know that there are even worse weapon systems hiding in Uncle Sam's black closet you won't know about until it is necessary. One of the most important rules for declassification of a US weapon system for public knowledge is that the military will not even let the public know about a weapon system until the military has at least one weapon system which can blow that to-be-declassified weapon system out of the water. In other words, if you know about it, we have better.

You also need to know that, when the US has been destroyed to the point of no return, in other words, the nation and people cannot otherwise be saved, the US military is REQUIRED BY LAW to declare martial law, seize control of the nation from our criminal or negligent civilians and fight whomever is destroying or poses a threat to the nation and destroy them before rebuilding the nation or building a new nation, you know, like God showed me in one of my dreams. When the US has reached the point of complete failure, the US military is required to save our butts and they have plans for all such contingencies.

This is why Obama and his commie and Muslim traitors are trying to destroy the US military. They know this.


CHAMP = Counter-electronics High-powered microwave Advanced Missile Project

You will see that this weapon is far more powerful than nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons COMBINED!

News Release: The Air Force has Chosen Lockheed Martin's long-range Joint Air-to-Surface Missile to carry a pulse-generated beam weapon capable of destroying electronics and computers from miles away. CHAMP can destroy electronic equipment with bursts of high-power microwave energy. Basically, CHAMP is an EMP warhead on a missile.

This is a new EMP super weapon which can do far more damage than ALL WMDs combined. With one properly designed attack, it can take out ALL of the electricity and electronics in a nation causing the deaths of more than 90% of the people in that nation within weeks.

Please note the timing for the release of this information in relation to everything going on, you know, like the commies and Muslims destroying our nation, China just threatened the US with war, and the Jade Helm thingy. I believe the US military making this weapon public knowledge at this time under the current conditions is a desperate warning to the rest of the world saying, "if you try to take us down, we will take you down with us." There is almost no counter attack to this weapon because almost all of the enemy's weapons, communications, and other technology will be destroyed by it. There will be little, if anything, left to counter attack with. CHAMP is the "Chi" weapon China has been looking for and the US owns it.

This is clearly a warning to Russia, China, Mexico, and the Muslim nations that, if they try to take over the US, we will destroy their nations and send them back to the cave within weeks with less than 10% of their current populations remaining.

One example of the way this weapon can be used is, if the Muslim countries persist in taking us down, we can completely destroy their nations, returning them to herding camels and goats, and leaving their oil intact for us to use.

By releasing the information of the existence of this weapon system, the US military is telling all bad guys, "Be afraid, be very afraid to tread on us!"

Things just got real, very real. We have reached critical mass and the US military is getting ready to make its move but, first, wants to warn the rest of the world, "Hands off!" You know, while we do our house cleaning.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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