Child Psychology 2

Now that you have had time to think about what I taught you in my essay, "Child Psychology", it is time to go deeper and this gets really scary. I am going to share with you what God has taught me about us humans.

By the late 1970s, from studying history and keeping up on current events, I had realized that what they were teaching us about Adolph Hitler being an anomaly wasn't true. I realized the terrifying fact that there are many Hitlers in the offing that never get their chance to murder and butcher people, at least not on that scale.

There are a number of proofs for this. The first proof is the accomplices of those who committed crimes like Hitler. The other sociopaths like to teach only about Hitler being the monster or sociopath who caused all of those crimes. I learned this isn't true because no one person can run an entire nation without the help of other people and for the ruler to commit crimes, the others helping them commit those crimes must be like criminals. Therefore, the people who helped Hitler commit his sociopathic crimes, had to also be sociopathic accomplices.

If not, then why did they try, imprison and execute thousands of Hitler's accomplices following the war?

Because they were all sick, demented sociopaths just like Hitler. Hitler was not an anomaly because there are hundreds of millions of sociopaths just like Hitler all around the world but, if they teach you that Hitler was an anomaly, then you will be less likely to realize the people teaching you this are also sociopaths. I mean, after all, "Hitler was just one of a kind", so they couldn't also be sociopaths.

And you think that all of those bad people were sociopaths because they had bad childhood experiences?

You see, that is one of the number of reasons why they don't teach you about the accomplices and only teach you about the leaders. If they were to teach you about the thousands and even millions of accomplices also being evil sociopaths, you wouldn't believe the childhood bad experiences crap because most of those people would have had normal childhoods just like you and you are not a sociopath. Suddenly all of that child psychology crap about people becoming evil monsters because their daddy beat their pet parakeet with a 2 X 4 falls apart. That many people in civilized nations didn't have childhoods any different from you and you didn't become a monster, proving their child psychology lame excuses wrong.

Over the last 100 years, there have been a lot of sociopathic leaders and they ALL surrounded themselves with other sociopaths to help them commit their evil crimes. Just take a good look at the people who surrounded Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, and Castro, just to name a few, and you will see that they were ALL sociopaths just like the leaders because the leaders chose like minded sociopaths to help them commit their evil sociopathic crimes by being leaders for other people, who were hand selected sociopaths to lead other hand selected sociopaths all the way down to the bottom.

Did you ever wonder why Castro, with a small guerilla force in need of men would regularly shoot his own men because he thought they would betray him?

It was because those people were not sociopaths like Castro, Castro found out about it, and knew they would not support his sociopathic dictatorship so Castro shot them as "traitors" to remove the threat of a rebellion. To Castro, because they were not sociopaths, they were traitors.

You see, those people Castro shot really were rebels who joined the fight to free the people from Batista's dictatorship and set up a democracy and would not have supported Castro's dictatorship. Eventually, they would have turned on Castro and his sociopathic followers, Castro found out about it, and shot them for "treason".

You think I am wrong? You think Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot and other butchers killed over 100 million people in just the 20th Century by themselves and they didn't have the help of other murdering sociopaths?

The only way those whackos could have murdered that many people is with the help of millions of other sociopaths. That is just common sense. Just look at the sociopaths who murder people by themselves. They murder 5, 10, maybe 20 people before they get killed. There is just no way so few sociopaths could murder so many people without the organized and structured help of other sociopaths. That is just common sense.

And you think all of those millions of sociopaths murdered more than 100 million people because they all had bad childhood experiences?

That child psychology crap only works when looking at a few people but, when you look at the big picture, the child psychology crap doesn't work. There have to be other reasons.

Even if you just very closely examine the child psychology crap at the individual level, history teaches it isn't true. With very few exceptions, the murdering monsters in this world have all been very privileged spoiled rich upper class brats who got everything they wanted and were never disciplined. The ugly truth is that the spoiled upper class brats are much more likely to become murdering sociopathic monsters than any poor person who had a rough childhood.

The second proof for there being tens of millions of sociopaths instead of just a few is in worshipping.

Who do people worship?

They worship their heroes because they wish they could be like their heroes. In other words, people worship and praise other people of like minds who have done what the worshipping people only wish they could do.

You don't worship great football players unless you like football and wish you could be a great football player. You don't worship great dancers unless you like dancing and wish you could be a great dancer. You don't worship great artists unless you like art and wish you could be a great artist. That is just common sense.

Then who are all of these people worshipping and praising evil murdering sociopathic monsters like Linen, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Che Guevara?

They are obviously the tens and hundreds of millions of like minded sociopaths who wish they could butcher millions of other people and set up a dictatorship just like the people they worship. Let that sink in for a while. You are surrounded by millions of sociopaths who want to murder you and, if they get their way, they will help others do that murdering.

Think I am wrong that there are that many sociopaths in the world?

These people worshipping these sociopathic murders like Che and Castro call themselves globalist, plan to set up a one world government or global dictatorship, and murder more than 7 billion people globally to "save the planet".

Have you noticed that sociopaths always have a great sounding, noble excuse for murdering millions of people?

These same people are right now showing they don't care about the planet with their behavior at the Dakota Pipeline. I pointed that out in yesterday's essay about the Dakota Pipeline. All these devouring brut beasts care about is themselves and their own pleasures. They are not planning and working to set up their global dictatorship and murder billions of people to save the planet. They just want the power, to steal your wealth so they don't have to work for a living, and not have to share "their planet" with you. That isn't caring about the planet or anything else except their selfish selves.

Well, so much for the child psychology crap. It just doesn't work with the big picture because almost all of those monsters had normal childhoods without daddy beating their pet parakeet with a 2 X 4. The biggest problem is the opposite, that they were over spoiled, never spanked and taught discipline, and taught to be selfish, basically, they are liberals or pagans.

How are the existing pagans or liberals seducing so many of our children over to the dark side, you know, to become murdering sociopaths?

The liberal pagans have gained control of the public education system, the universities, the media, Hollywood, and others to 1) teach the kids to hate Biblical Law, morals, ethics, and values and 2) teach them to want to be spoiled, lazy, rich brats stealing from others so they don't have to work. These kids are being taught to hate Christianity and love Satan's one law of "do as you will". They are being seduced to reject Christian morals, values, and ethics for pagan (including atheist) morals, values, and ethics of "do as you will".

Once they have been dumbed down and brainwashed into rejecting Christian morals, values, and ethics, it is still an individual choice we all must make based on our CHOSEN morals, values, and ethics as to whether we chose the light, God, or the darkness, Satan.

The proof that it is still a choice and not just child psychology and brainwashing?

Because, if it were just the child psychology and brainwashing, 100% of the children subjected to the brainwashing would choose evil over good. If just one child subjected to the brainwashing CHOSE good over evil, it would prove it is still a matter of choice and not just child psychology. There are millions of kids who choose the good over the evil even after the brainwashing, therefore, it must be an individual choice we each must make. Yep, that is right, you and I must choose between good and evil every day when we get up and several times each day. It is NOT something our childhood forces us to do. Only idiots believe that liberal nonsense.

Castro was a murdering sociopath because he CHOSE to be a murdering sociopath. Che was a murdering sociopath because he CHOSE to be a murdering sociopath. The people who worship these murdering sociopaths are telling you they have CHOSEN to be like minded murdering sociopaths and will help other murdering sociopaths murder you so pay attention to who the worshipers are.

The alter you worship at tells who or what you have CHOSEN to be.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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