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I hope you realize that, when a Muslim says he is not associated with terrorists, it is a play on semantics or words. This is because, to Muslims, Jihadis are NOT terrorists, they are glorious warriors, so, in their minds, they are not associated with terrorists, they are working with glorious warriors or Jihadis.

This is why Obama refuses to say "Islamic terrorists", because, in his Muslim mind, Muslims CANNOT be terrorists, they can only be glorious warriors or Jihadis.

So, Muslims are not lying to you when they say they are not involve with Muslim terrorists, they are playing a word game with you because, in their minds, Muslims CANNOT be terrorists, they can only be glorious warriors or Jihadis.

It is all deception through semantics or word games.

Land Taxes

In the Bible, land ownership is revered very highly because God knows that people cannot be free without being able to own their land. This is so highly revered by God that the Jews, under Biblical Law, have what is called the jubilee for land every 50 years so that, if you bought land from a Jew within the last 50 years, you must return it to them at no cost to them during the Jubilee Year.

You see, under Biblical Law, you can't permanently buy land from a Jew (or Christian), the best you can do is rent it from them for a maximum of 50 years but you must return that land to them in the next Jubilee Year. Also, the state cannot take land from someone for any reason other than that person or family committing a serious crime.

Therefore, under Biblical Law, you cannot charge someone land taxes because that is the state effectively seizing control of the land and renting it to that person with the understanding that, if you don't pay the land taxes, the state can take your land away from you, which, under Biblical Law would be the government stealing the ownership of that land from you and only permitting you to rent that land from the government for the taxes.

Therefore, land taxes are against Biblical Law and stealing your freedoms so land taxes are Satanic. Think about that.

The government has no right to tax you for something you own because that tax is the government stealing the ownership of that something and forcing you to pay them an annual government rent or tax to use that something.

This also means that imminent domain is also Satanic because it is saying that you can never really own your land and the government can always take it away from you for anything they can "justify". Imminent domain is the government stealing land from you.

And you think common law isn't Satanic and we shouldn't return to Biblical Law? You still think liberalism, Marxism, socialism, communism, progressivism, or whatever they are calling it today is not Satanic?


Fidel Castro left at least nine children, none of whom are high in the Cuban Communist Party but Raul Castro, Fidel's brother, has a son, Alejondro, and son-in-law, Luis Alberto Fernandez Lopez-Callejas, who are both high in the Cuban Communist Party. This means, that, if any of Fidel's kids vie for power, they will have to contend with Raul Castro's now more powerful family. Don't be surprised if all of Fidel's kids still in Cuba end up dead, you know, purged, soon to remove that threat.

This could get very interesting, especially with Raul now in control and Fidel dead. History and the Bible teach that it is very common for siblings and other family members to purge each other when ruling parents die. Several of Fidel's kids fled Cuba to Florida and have been working against the Cuban Communist Party but most of them are still in Cuba and could easily have some interesting "accidents" in the near future.

Hey, monsters tend to raise more monsters. Some will rebel and turn away from evil but most won't.

Just remember that power mad and greedy people can never be satiated, they will always want more power and wealth.

Intellectually Superior?

You still think the rich are intellectually superior to you?

Definitely not the corrupt rich people. It is very common for rich people to get so greedy they forget about common sense. They love to believe that, once they have a significant lead in a market, they are invincible, when common sense says they are not.

I have learned that, even for the biggest, when doing bad business, it ALWAYS opens the door for competition to steal market share but the upper class trash never get this in spite of it being proved again and again for more than half a century.

For example, McDonalds rose to the top because they had a good product at a good price and then someone talked them into going public and the idiot greedy bean counters on Wall Street who got the right degrees from the right universities took over.

The easiest way the greedy Wall Street bean counters know how to increase profits is to decrease cost by decreasing quality while maintaining price in spite of the fact this stupid strategy has NEVER worked for the long term. Because of their superior intelligence and greed, the Wall Street bean counters have driven more businesses into bankruptcy than you could begin to imagine. I have watched them do this for decades.

So McDonalds was doing great until the greedy bean counters got control and decreased the quality of the food to increase their profits. Now people were paying a higher than normal price for a lower quality of food. This opened the door for Burger King to start stealing market share by selling a better product for the same price and steal market share from McDonald's.

Did I tell you that greed and a lust for power short circuit common sense?

Instead of McDonald's returning to the previous quality product at a reasonable price to compete and keep market share, the gee-knee-us greedy bean counters lowered their price to try and keep market share with the lower quality product and, as soon as they stopped bleeding market share, they lowered the quality of their product again to increase profits again because they were too stupid to learn from their previous mistake.

You see, history teaches that, when you lower quality to increase profits, prices will always chase the product quality downhill until the firm goes broke. If you lower quality to increase profits, you will always have to eventually lower prices to maintain market share, which will always DECREASE your profits in the long run.

This caused Burger King to return to stealing market share until they got so big the greedy Wall Street gee-knee-uses persuaded the Burger King owners to go public and the greedy Wall Street bean counters took over control of Burger King and began doing the same thing they did with McDonald's in spite of the fact it failed with McDonald's because they were too stupid to learn from their mistake.

This opened the door for Wendy's to steal market share from both of them.

How do the greedy Wall Street bean counters get so rich by mismanaging so many businesses?

Because they milk those businesses to death until the businesses go under from bankruptcy caused by their mismanagement.

Don't believe me?

Just watch all of the Wall Street managed businesses that go bankrupt every year while being mismanaged by the same Wall Street gee-knee-uses who got the right degrees from the right universities.

To show you just how stupid the upper class trash are, let's further analyze their marketing practices.

Remember that they lowered the quality of their product to increase profits by decreasing the price of the materials for making that product. Then, when competition began to steal market share, they lowered their prices decreasing their potential profits. Then they began giving away "free" toys to get the kids to badger their parents to go to McDonald's with the cost of those toys further decreasing their profits by increasing their overhead.

Common sense would have told them to spend the money they were now spending on cheap toys to increase the quality of the product.

They also got their sorry excuse for a burger down to where, at one time, it only cost you 50 cents for a burger while local to region burger businesses were still selling their better quality burgers for about $2.50 each.

Now, using a little math and common sense, who was making more money per customer, the idiots selling burgers for 50 cents each or the people selling burgers for $2.50 each, especially with the idiots selling their burgers for 50 cents each also giving away free toys?

You see, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out, just common sense.

You see, McDonalds was making less profit per customer and, therefore, losing millions of dollars per year in profits because of their idiot bean counter strategies they are still using today.

Gee, I wonder why McDonalds had to declare bankruptcy a few years ago? What do they teach at those right universities?

So, now we have Twitter, which has become extremely popular by providing a better service than Facebook and stealing market share because the all-knowing, all-wise, highly edumacated, grossly overpaid gee-knee-uses at FB knew it all and refused to listen to their customers.

Now the all-knowing, all-wise, highly edumacated, grossly overpaid gee-knee-uses running Twitter, thinking themselves invincible, begin to persecute their conservative customers by denying them free speech, you know, by censoring their conservative customers.

See, I told you the liberals have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending.

So, what has happened?

This has opened the door for a new business, Gab, to steal market share from Twitter by not censoring their customers and permitting their customers free speech. Right now, increasing numbers of Twitter customers are fleeing the oppression of Twitter to the free speech of Gab.

Do you think the invincible feeling, power mad, gee-knee-uses running Twitter have learned their lesson and will make amends to stop bleeding market share?

Of course not because the upper class trash have been inbreeding too long, using too many drugs, got them thar right degrees from them thar right u-knee-ver-cities, and are too power mad and greedy to have any common sense. They are now insanely increasing their censorship of conservatives because the arrogant fools mismanaging Twitter don't have enough common sense to realize, much less admit, that they are screwing up and destroying their own business.

Do you think the upper class trash will ever learn to manage businesses right?

Of course not, they are too power mad, greedy, using to many drugs, got them thar right degrees from them thar right u-knee-ver-cities, and have been inbreeding too long to have much intelligence or any common sense.

You think I am wrong?

Look at all of the mainstream media they are right now driving into bankruptcy to increase their power because of their insane lust for power.

How do these power mad nut cases deal with competition now that they are bleeding market share to satisfy their lust for power?

They abuse the power of government by bribing politicians and bureaucrats to eliminate their competition through things like business regulations, controls, and censorship called crony capitalism.

Hey, if you are too stupid to compete, use corruption and brute force to eliminate the competition.

And you still think these jerks are more intelligent than you just because they have more money than you?

You still think I am wrong?

ESPN just lost over half a million subscribers because of the management's intellectual superiority causing them to attack their conservative customers.

Maybe they are just too smart for their own good?

You still think liberal college professors are smart just because they have a Ph.D.?

One such gee-knee-us recently posted to FB that "a bunch of them" were going to arm themselves, raid the NRA headquarters, and make sure there were no survivors.

There is nothing like being stupid enough to announce to the world that you are about to commit a crime. Whether this was a joke or not, it was really stupid AND it was done by one of those all-knowing, all-wise, highly edumacated, liberal college professors.


Remember that I told you about 16 nations in Europe who decided they want to play nice with Russia leaving the US, Britain, and the EU governing body all alone in being hostile towards Russia?

Now Britain is wanting to play nice with Russia leaving the US and EU as the only entities which want to be hostile towards Russia as long as Obama is still in office but, when Trump takes office, the EU will be alone in wanting war with Russia.

Gee, I wonder why the EU is wanting to build its own military?

The trouble is that, if the EU decides to go to war with Russia, on whose land will they be fighting from and will they also be fighting against 17 European nations and the US?


Do you really think the EU can last too much longer? Do you really believe the upper class trash are more intelligent than you?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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